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Okay so this is a Bella and…I don't know. Maybe Peter. Maybe Garrett. We will see. I suppose it will be up to Bella. This takes place 6 years after Edward left Bella. Only this time Edward came back to see if Bella was alive after the cliff dive with Alice instead of going to the Volturi. He asked her back and she grew some self-respect and turned him down. Enjoy. As always I have no clue where this is going. But after the dark humor of The Major and Demon and the emotional stuff in Fresh Start I feel like being very sarcastic. That means my characters will be too. Enjoy.


My phone was buzzing. I could ignore it. I should ignore it. I wanted to relax in my PJs and watch a little TV.

The whining. The begging. The pleading. If I don't answer it won't go away. It will keep going and going. Call after call. I'm on call tonight. I can't just turn the damn thing off.

I took a deep breath.

"Hello Edward."

"Bella. It is so…"

"What do you want now Edward?" He called at least once a week. Sometimes as much as three times a week. Sometimes more. I ignored most of them. Changed my number. He always found the new one. Fuck it.

"I just wanted to see how you were doing. Are you being safe? Your job…"

"I am as safe as can be Edward. I carry a very large gun. I am very good with it. I even wear a bullet proof vest occasionally."

"You don't have to do this job, Bella. It is so dangerous."

"I went to college for this job. I trained for this job. I beat out a lot of candidates for this job. I know exactly what it is. What do you want Edward, besides reminding me of what my job is?"

"What have you been doing lately?"

"Not much. Saw a good movie last night."

"Were you with someone?"

"Yeah. Two albino guys and an Asian girl. I brought them home afterward and fucked the hell out of them. I think there was a midget swinging from the chandelier and a clown riding a unicycle as well. But that could have been just a hallucination induced by the Ecstasy I had taken."

"Bella please…"

"What Edward? You know I'm not a virgin. I'm pretty sure I remember Jake telling me about a conversation you had with Paul. I'm sure Paul showed you all the gritty details of every single time I visited his house. I am 24 years old. Don't be surprised if I am having group sex involving albinos, Asian girls, unicorns and midgets."

"You didn't mention unicorns Bella."

"Must have slipped my mind. Ecstasy is a hell of drug Edward."

Torturing him was the only real fun I had since I started work two years ago. It's the only reason I answer his calls. I lit a cigarette. May as well make myself comfortable. Edward does love to chat.

"I see you are still smoking."

"You better mean you can hear it. If I find out you are stalking me again…"

"No! I meant that I heard it. Speaking of hearing things, did you hear that Paul is getting married to Rachel Black?"

"How the hell did you hear that? You guys still slumming around Forks?"

"No. But I like to keep up with the local newspapers."

"Why?" I asked. That was weird.

"Sentimental value?" He offered.

"Edward you need to get a life. You are like one of those guys who still relive their high school years because they were literally the best ones of their lives. The problem is you literally relive high school. Why don't you get a job or something? A nice succubus to settle down with? Or at least get laid."

"You know you are the only one I love Bella. That will never change. Whether you love me or not."

"That's sad Edward. I'm a woman. You are a teenager. What would my friends say if they saw us together?"

"You don't have friends Bella."

"I have a lot of friends Edward. I'm a friendly lady. Ask the albinos."

"Whatever Bella. So what do you think? Does it upset you? We can talk about it. I will listen."

"Does what upset me Edward?"

"Paul. Getting married to Rachel Black. I know you loved him."

"I didn't love Paul, Edward. We liked each obviously. We still do. But love? No."

"Bella you had…sex with him for over a year."

"Yep. More like 5 months actually."

"You must have loved him, Bella."

"Paul is a cool guy but he is also a hot headed, arrogant ass."

"Why else would you have been intimate with him if you didn't love him?" Edward sounded confused.

"Have you seen him?" I asked. Duh…


"Yeah, broad shoulders, ripped abs, large…eyes."

"You are not the type of girl to have sex with a man you don't love, Bella."

"I had sex with guys in college as well. A few drunken trysts with some sorority girls. Didn't love them either."

"I see. So it doesn't bother you at all that he is getting married?"

"Paul? Nope. Does it bother you?"

"I suppose not. I just thought you may need someone to talk to."

"Sorry to disappoint you Edward. So how has the family been?"

"The same I suppose. They haven't been the same since you left us."


"You left me. We have had this discussion. Don't put that on me!"

"I wanted you back. You said no!"

"Yeah I did. But you left me first. So I don't want to hear it. Just because I didn't crawl at your sparkly feet when you came back doesn't mean you can put that on me."

"I wasn't. I'm sorry. I just…"

"Look Edward, either talk about something else or I am hanging up. My cigarette is almost finished, Letterman is going to come on, then I am going to take a bath and rub one out since I don't have any midgets here tonight."

"Bella please! Do you have to be so crude?"

I couldn't hold in my laughter. He was such a prude but so fun to fuck with.

"Don't act like I didn't give you material for your spank bank Edward…" shit my phone was buzzing again. I looked and saw…

"Gotta go to work, Edward. Looks like you will be the only one rubbing one out tonight. Later."

I hung up the phone before he could say anything.


"Swan, it's Bosco. I'm texting you the address. Get down here. It's a bad one."

"We got a pattern, Bosco?"

"Same as the one in Brooklyn and the one in Queens."

"Same symbol on the wall?"


"On my way."

Time to go look at a dead body and figure out what the hell the person who did it was thinking.

Peter POV

"Talked to Charlotte lately?" Garrett asked.

"Not in a year. You know that."

"No I didn't. I don't know every conversation you have. It's not like we live together."

"We live near each other Garrett and you know as well as I do that we tell each other everything the other does because who the fuck else do we have to talk to." Asshole. At least I had an ex. What did he have? Nothing.

"So you think she is still with…" Garrett started.

"Yes. I suppose she is."

"How long has it been now since you caught her…"

"I don't want to talk about it."

"I understand. If I had a wife and caught her scissoring Kate Denali I wouldn't want to talk about it either. That's rough losing your woman to another woman."

"Least I had a woman to lose. Why do I hang out with you again, you asshole?"

"Like you said, who else do we have Peter? It beats having no one to talk to." He responded. He had a point.

"We should find a place to hang out other than New York City." I hated being around all these Yankees.

"But Peter. The prey is abundant. Plus there is always something going on. Look over there. Look at all the red and blue lights. Let's go check it out."

Before I could disagree he was gone. I shrugged my shoulders. May as well. The closer we got to the police cars and the gawking New Yorkers I could smell it. Garrett did as well judging by the way he stiffened. He turned to look at me.


"Werewolf." He nodded.

What the fuck was a werewolf doing in New York City? I looked up. Yep. Full moon.

We took to the roof of the neighboring building. Everyone was so focused on the crime scene, jumping to the top was easy. We walked to the edge and sat down. Looking down below I could see it was a mess. Blood everywhere. The body of a female with dark hair lay on the ground. Female and dark hair were the only descriptions I could give because the rest of her was unrecognizable.

"What a fucking mess." Garrett understated.

"Yeah. The cops are going to have hell with this one. Hey, look at the writing on the side of the building."

"It's not writing. It's a symbol drawn in blood. How the hell did a werewolf turn human and have the sense to draw a symbol in the victim's blood?"

"Must be a very fucking old werewolf." I commented.

"I feel sorry for the cop if he ever actually catches the wolf. Could be a mess."

"I think you mean her. Look at the gal in the jeans and the FBI jacket. That guy looks like an agent too."

"Why would the FBI…damn she is hot." Garrett whispered. I looked closer.

Damn. She was fine as hell.

"She has a look to her, doesn't she?" I said casually.

"I think I am going to ask her out."

"You don't even know her." I pointed out.

"So? I can get to know her."

"You are a vampire. Do you know how stupid it would be to ask her out? She is FBI!"

Garrett looked at me. He knew.

"You want to ask her out as well, don't you?"

Garrett POV

That little fucker. I see a hot fireball who doesn't look like a socialite or a hooker in this city and he thinks he will take her.

"Maybe. I mean she does seem…"

"I don't think she would be your type Peter."

"You don't even know her Garrett."

"No, but she doesn't look gay."

"Fuck you!" I may have said a bit too loudly. We both jerked back before heads could look up at us.

"I called it first. She is mine Peter." That will shut him up.

"No she isn't. You can't call a woman. I have as much damn right to ask her out as you do."

Asshole. I admit Peter Whitlock was a good looking guy. Not as hot as I am by any means but a potential challenger.

"Peter you had a relationship. I have never had a real one. Lay off okay?"

"Can't take a little challenge?"

God he knew how to get under my skin. A challenge. A challenge?

"I just don't want to see you get hurt when she turns you down, Peter."

"I'll take my chances."

"I suppose I will take mine as well." I responded. I'll be damned if I was backing down to him. She looked interesting. I didn't see that often. Especially in vampires. They were all in relationships or crazy as hell.

"Fine. What are the rules?" Peter asked.


"Yeah rules. If you are going to try to date her and I am going to be dating her there have to be rules."

"Since when are you into rules, Peter?"

"I just don't want you trying any underhanded shit."

"I'm shocked you think I would do anything not above board."

"Fuck you Garrett. I know you are going to pull some sneaky shit."

Damn it. He knows me to well.

"Fine. We will not interfere in each other's efforts. If she says she isn't interested in one of us, that one backs off. No pestering. No following. No getting in the other's way."

"That's it?" Whitlock asked.

"Yep. That should be it."

"Fine. I have one. We have to actually get to know her. No stalking. No sneaking around trying to find her interests without asking. None of that shit."

"Is that what you did with Charlotte?"

"Yeah why?" Touchy subject.

"I'm just wondering how you missed the part where she was interested in girls?"

"You are fucking asking for it, Garrett."

"Anything else Peter?"

"Yeah. No turnin her and then telling her you were meant to be or some stupid vampire cliché like that."

"I can't believe you would think I would do that, Peter. I agree to your conditions. Now let's watch my future wife work."


"What a fucking mess." I commented to Bosco as we stepped up to the body.

"Can I help you?" A grey bearded guy in his forties wearing an overcoat walked up.

"FBI, behavioral science unit." Bosco showed him the badge. I didn't bother. I had the jacket. He could fucking read.

"We didn't request the FBI."

"Did I say we came at you request Detective…" May as well lay down the ground rules here.


"Detective Rodgers whoever wrote that symbol in the victim's blood on the alley wall called us."

Just like we had been told, the bloody symbol was there. Three feet in circumference, a circle with an X and an inverted cross hanging down through the center of the X.

"Any ID on the body?" Bosco asked.


"She is…was wearing what looks like a party dress." What was left of it. "Anybody checked the clubs around here?"

"The scene was called in only forty minutes ago. There are ten clubs around here. We can't exactly go showing that picture around."

"You know what the dress looked like. Get your men to start canvassing. Ask door men if they have seen the girl wearing a dress that matches that description. Those guys notice every girl going in and out. Slim, 5'2, maybe 110 pounds, straight black hair, past her shoulders but not quite to the middle of her back." I told him.

"And if they want to know her eye color?" He smirked at me.

"Then tell them her fucking face is gone and we don't know her damn eye color. This is an FBI investigation now. Hand over whatever forensics your team has to our guys. They will be here in three minutes. We will take over the scene. Get to canvassing and taking witness statements. Find out who called in the scene."

"You know what lady? Fuck it. You can have this mess. Enjoy." He walked off, hopefully to give his men instructions. Probably to pout.

"You got away with the locals Swan."

I ignored Bosco's comment. I began to detach myself from the fact that this was a person who had a family and a future and look at her as a problem that needed to be solved.

Her body was in one piece. She had a sequined short dress on that was torn in the front. It appeared large sharp objects had raked down her body, starting at her forehead and continuing down. Massive internal injuries. Blood everywhere.

"I swear this looks like an animal attack." I whispered.

"An animal attack in Manhattan? Identical to two prior attacks in separate boroughs of New York? An animal that takes his victims blood and draws a weird symbol on the nearest wall similar to something you would see from the Blair Witch? Plus the last one was inside a house. It isn't an animal Swan."

I rolled my eyes.

"I said it looked like an animal attack. I didn't say it was. But what the fuck can kill a person like this?"

Bosco said nothing. He began walking the scene. I suppose I should as well. The first body I saw like this, my first thought was vampire. But there was too much blood. A vampire would never leave this much blood behind. My second thought was wolf. But the La Push guys were way too big to walk around New York without being noticed. If there were other shape shifters in the world I suppose they would be just as large.

I looked at the sky.

Full Moon. Damn it. I was going to have to call Edward and ask if he knew anything about werewolves that only came out at night. The chances of this being a human killer were lessening. But it wasn't a typical feeding. Only one body each time. Seclude location or house. A symbol drawn like a typical serial killer. No. This was not a random killing.

I walked to the symbol on the wall. Taking my flashlight I looked at the ground. There.



"That look out of place to you?"

"Looks like hair. Victim?"

"Same color. I would bet so."

"How did her hair get over here?"

"Maybe he had it in his hands when he walked over to practice his graffiti."

"Yeah. Maybe. Let me get the tech guys to bag it. Maybe we can get some sort of DNA off of it besides the victims."

I walked the scene for two hours, soaking up every detail. The method of death was a rage killing. The location was one of opportunity. Almost as if she was stalked, probably out of one of the nearby clubs. So either a prior target followed or one of opportunity. We wouldn't know anymore until we identified our victim and tried to track links between the other two. So far all women. All in their early twenties. Hair color was not the same. Build was not the same. All attractive but different. This is the first one that appeared to be clubbing. First one found by the river with the symbol painted on a nearby container. Second found in her home. Symbol on her bedroom wall above her torn body on her bed. No evidence of rape with either victim. Now this one.

I walked off from the scene and lit a cigarette. Bosco walked up.

"Scene is processed. Want to come over and…have a drink?"

I laughed lightly. Only Bosco would spend hours at a scene of grisly death and have his mind immediately on sex the moment he walked out. We had only fucked a couple times. He was cute, but I didn't like mixing business with personal distractions. Great body though.

"No. I'm going to go home, get a few hours sleep and be in the office by noon. Hopefully by then we will have an ID and we can start seeing how the newest victim fits into the profile we had from the first two."

"Yeah. Cool. Hey did you notice the moon. We either have a cycle killer or maybe your animal attack theory is correct. Maybe we have a werewolf. You want me to bring some silver bullets tomorrow."

He was smiling. Asshole. Cute asshole but still an asshole.

"No. I don't think that will be necessary. But judging by the method of death and the full moon it is possible that someone thinks he is a werewolf. Or wants kill like one. Wouldn't be the first time."

"Good point. We still don't know what type of weapon killed the victims. Maybe we will get something with this one."

"It looks like someone took a garden rake and planted large claws on it."

"Yeah. You sure you don't want to come over and work off some adrenalin?"

"No. Thanks for the offer though. This isn't exactly an adrenalin rush for me. If we get into a shootout with this guy when we catch him I may take you up on it." I winked at him. Snubbing out my cigarette I walked to the car. Taking one last look at the scene I stopped when I gazed at the roof of the building on the right side of the alley. It looked like two people were there.

I blinked and they were gone. If they had ever been there. It was 5 AM. I needed sleep.