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A/N So this is the last chapter. Hope you enjoyed it. One of my favorite reviewers mentioned that I must have strong women in my life to write Bella like I do. I do. I love strong women. My two favorite movie characters are Alice from the Resident Evil series and Selene from the Underworld series. Actually I base how I think Bella should act on my oldest daughter. Not the adult parts obviously but personality wise. Quick story. When my daughter was 12 my wife was unloading groceries from the car and had left the garage door open. It was dark. I heard her yell and run into the house saying two men had just walked into the garage from the street. I grabbed my gun and ran to the garage. I suppose they had already left when my wife screamed. I heard the door open behind me and told her to call 911. Only it wasn't my wife who opened the door. It was my 12 year old daughter standing next to me. She had grabbed a big kitchen knife from the kitchen drawer and was standing there staring into the dark. She finally looked up at me and asked where they were. That's my daughter. Little girl never backs down from a damn thing. I wouldn't have her any other way. I pretty much based Maddie off of her in Protecting Maddie. So I write Bella the way I think my daughter would react to a situation (except the adult parts of course. That's just my imagination being corrupted by my readers.) Anyway I hope you enjoyed this story.

Chapter 18

Peter POV

"You think she will call this week?" I asked. It has been a year. Bella calls or answers our calls about once every couple weeks. Garrett and I both finally gave up calling when we figured out she wasn't going to answer if she didn't want to talk.

It has been a difficult year. Garrett and I still lived in the house in Chile. Waiting.

On the bright side we have learned to keep this place clean. Wash clothes. Pay the bills we often forgot that Bella kept up with. We didn't go back to hunting humans. We wouldn't want her disappointed in us. The place was empty though without her.

"I don't know Peter. You know she calls when the mood strikes her." He said sadly.

When she did call it was like she never left. She told us both that she loved us. She asked what we had been doing. We asked what she had been doing. After police received an anonymous tip about the identity of the Lithuania killer and where to find him and the evidence against him, she moved on to Germany.

A string of killings was stopped two weeks after she arrived by police. She did the work. Figured out his pattern and stopped him in the act. Police found him tied up in an alley after his would be victim ran to a phone. She claimed a pale angel with dark brown hair and gold eyes saved her.

There was a string of killings in Moscow that had all the marks of a vampire gone wild. Burnt bodies every night found in dumpsters. The vampire was on a feeding frenzy. Bella called us on the way to Russia and said she was doing fine. The killings stopped a couple days after she landed. Police did not make an arrest in that case. I have a feeling they would have needed a dust pan to pick the guy up.

She was currently in London, last we heard. Two days ago Scotland Yard followed up on a tip and raided the house of a guy who was copycatting Jack the Ripper in the Red light District.

Being alone gave me and Garrett a long time to think and talk to each other. We had worked out sharing her. We never worked out her sharing us though. If she ever gave us a chance again, we would fix that. We needed to be what she wanted as much as she was what we wanted. He regretted being so needy. I regretted being such an ass.

The house phone rang. It was the one Bella called. We didn't get many other calls. Maybe Jasper might call us occasionally. Other than that we knew it had to be Bella.

Garrett hit speaker phone.

"Bella." I said, trying to hold the desperation in my voice.

"Hey Peter. Is Garrett with you?"

"Yes. I'm here Bella."

"What are you guys doing?"

"Watching TV. Keeping up with the news." I told her honestly.

"Let me guess. London news?" she laughed.

"Yes." Garrett confirmed.

"Yeah, he was bat shit crazy. Crazier than normal. He was a little trickier to track down than most though."

"So what have you been doing Bella? What killer are you going after next?" Garrett asked casually.

"I'm guessing since you two are watching television one of you remembered to pay the electric bill?" she asked with humor in her voice.

"Yeah. Me and Garrett split up the bill payin responsibilities. Household chores too."

"You two keeping the grass cut?"
"Yep. We take turns doing that." Neither one of us really liked it. We had to move so slow when doing it.

"You two ever going to try to leave me behind again?"

That caught my attention. This was the first time she asked anything about our relationship.

"Nope." I answered quickly.

"No Bella." Garrett agreed.

"Good. Then it's time to talk."

The door opened and there she was.

Garrett POV

I couldn't take a breath if I wanted to. She looked the same but somehow was even more beautiful. She was wearing a short black dress and high heels. She was smiling.

"Bella." I finally whispered.

She walked between Peter and I and sat on the couch.

Looking around she nodded.

"The place looks good, boys."

"Thanks." Peter said. Neither of us would take our eyes off of her. We hadn't seen her in so long it was surreal seeing her in the living room. You would think after two hundred years, that one year wouldn't make a difference. This had been the longest year of my existence.

"I'm moving to Philadelphia." She said casually.

My heart just sunk.

"What is in Philidelphia?" I whispered.

"Rose got me a new ID. I used it to get a job teaching night classes at Temple University in their criminal justice department. The psychology of serial killers and mass murderers."

"That sounds great Bella." Peter said slowly.

"I start in one month." She was smiling.

"Congratulations." I smiled. If Peter could fake one so could I.

"So the big question. You boys want to come with me?" She looked serious. I think she was serious.

"Yes. We would both very much like to come with you Bella." I answered without hesitation.

"We going to be equals?" she asked seriously.

"I don't know." Peter said causing me to whip my head around and hold off on slapping him.

"Why is that?" Bella asked staring at him and not looking happy.

"You killed Dracula. It may take Garrett and I a while to rise to your level of bad ass." He grinned.

Bella laughed.

"I'll give you credit for killing the Volturi guard and a shit load of werewolves and we will call it even."

"So I guess we should get online and start looking for a place to live?" I offered.

"Yeah. We can do that tomorrow. First we have something to take care of."

"What is that?" Peter asked. I was a little worried.

Bella stood and pulled the shoulder straps of her dress down. She shimmied out of her dress. She was naked underneath. She turned to walk to the bedroom. At the bedroom door she stopped and looked back at us.

"First one here gets to decide who does what." She winked and walked into the bedroom.

I never looked at Peter. Apparently he didn't look at me either. We hit the doorway at the same time causing plaster to crumble on both sides of the door.

Bella was on her back propped up on her elbows. Her high heels were on. She was laughing.

"You two tied. Guess I will have to decide who does what."

Rose POV

We had given up on the high school thing. Carlisle still practiced medicine. Bella had been ridding the world of evil. It was time for us to make some plans. Emmett and I had discussed opening a garage. Alice opened up a boutique. Bella was right. If we were going to live, we may as well do something with our lives.

Edward was still in Alaska. He may come out of Tanya's room in the next century. None of us are holding our breath though.

Despite giving up high school there was definitely one college class I had to take. I watched as she came into the room. Blonde hair. Green eyes. Glasses. Dressed in a long skirt and a simple white button up shirt. She looked every bit the professor. Despite her glasses and conservative clothing she couldn't hide her beauty. Every male in the classroom and one female instantly took notice. She looked up and winked at me, causing quite a few males to turn in my direction and start staring. Bitch did that on purpose. Jasper was sitting next to me. He chuckled. I guess he was enjoying the lust he was feeling in the classroom. Gross.

Bella walked up to the podium. Conversations died down.

"My name is Dr. Isabella Hale. Welcome to class. Now everyone shut up."

Belle POV

That got their attention.

I smiled to put them at ease. Didn't want to run off everyone the first day.

"Okay. That's the last bit of bitchiness you will see from me this semester. I am passing around a roll sheet. Sign your name. Your grade in this class will be based on attendance. Don't have a friend sign you in. Trust me. I will know. You will not be writing papers or taking tests in the course. Mostly because I don't feel like grading them. But you will listen. You will learn. You will discuss. Studying the psyche of a serial killer or mass murderer is an imprecise thing. I can grade you on the facts of serial killers lives all semester. You won't learn a damn thing about how they think though.

We will discuss the thought processes of several serial killers in this class. Bundy, Richard Ramirez, the Zodiak Killer, the Green River Killer, Jack the Ripper, BTK, Dahmer. That's just a few."

A hand shot up already.


"The Zodiak Killer was never caught. Will we be discussing unsolved cases?" an eager young man in the front asked.

"Yes. Thank you for reminding me he was never caught." I need to look into that in my spare time.

"Will we be studying the Wolfman killings?" The same kid asked.

"The what?"

"The wolfman killings? They started about a year and a half ago in New York City? The killer made his kills look like werewolf attacks? Can we talk about what happened to Bella Swan?"

"Who is that?"

"The profiler who was involved in the case? Her car was found outside the remains of a building, police believe held the bodies of the killer and his cult? Her body was never found, only her blood soaked car."

I looked at Rose who was smirking.

"Yes. I remember now. The big mystery. Did Bella Swan die? Did she burn down the building? Did she go missing to hide from the killer's cult? That Bella Swan, right?"

"Yes ma'am. That would be the one." He smiled.

"What is your theory?"

"I think she was wounded but escaped and went into hiding to stay away from his cult. You know there were killings in Romainia not long after that, with her name written in blood on the walls asking her to come out of hiding."

"Really? I do seem to remember something about that now that you mention it." Damn this wig itched. The contacts were irritating my eyes. May as well get used to it.

"We may touch on that subject but the werewolf killer never really lasted long enough to merit much attention. Now open your books to…"

"Dr. Hale?"

I took a deep breath. I need to remember to blink while I was at it.


"Do you have a theory? On what happened to Agent Swan?"

Did I? Good question.

"Yes. I like to think that dead or alive, Bella Swan took down the killer. I believe she went out a winner. She still is. Wherever she is. Now class, open your books to chapter 23. We are going to start with Bundy. Who can tell me about Bundy?"

Rose and I walked in my door two hours later. Our house was really nice. The guys had put a lot of work into the yard. It was a fixer upper, around 60 years old. Peter and Garrett seemed to enjoy restoring it so it worked out for all of us.

Peter and Garrett were smiling.

"What's up guys?" I asked instantly on alert for some sort of fucked uppery these two pulled. Peter stepped up and kissed me followed by Garrett like they did every night. Sometimes Garrett went first.

"I hacked into the police database." Garrett grinned.

"Okay. Congratulations?"

"Darlin, Garrett found out about two murders in Philly recently. Both victims were 24 year old white males. Middle class college kids."


"The ring finger was cut off on each victim, Bella." Garrett said, looking way to happy. I had to grin though.

"You boys want to catch him don't you?"

"We were hoping you could show us the ropes." Peter smiled. Garrett was practically hopping up and down.

"You two will have to be sneaky." I said doubtfully.

"We've gotten better at sneaky Bella. I promise." Peter said.

I looked at Rose who was grinning.

"You up for a field trip Ms. Hale?"

"Lead the way Dr. Hale." She answered.

"Garrett, where are the crime scenes? Can you pull the forensic reports from the police database?" I asked.

Looks like we were going hunting.

The end.


That's it folks. I hope you enjoyed this. Thank you to my reviewers and followers. You guys are awesome. I guess Bella turned out to be the winner. See you soon. Probably in a day or two. I have an idea. Before you ask, no, there won't be any threesomes. Naughty girls.