this is just a one shot i would like to say. Not a STORY

Susan slowly smoothed her hands over her dress and ran a hand through her hair, it had been a long day. But it was worth it.

Her parents and cousin and sister and brothers were to be arriving soon. They were coming on a train to come and pick up these ridiculous rings they had been jabbering on about, and to stay a few days at her newly bought house. She had just washed every bit of it, the ceilings, the floors, even the rafters. But it was all worth it, Mother and father had been so proud when Susan had called to tell them she had finally raised enough money to by her own house. They had declared they would throw her a wonderful house warming party as soon as they arrived.

She sat down on one of the kitchen stools. They should be arriving very soon. Susan thought suddenly. Actually supposed to be here an hour and a half ago... Something must be wrong.

She stood up worriedly half wondering if she should go to the station and wait for them, and the other half arguing to stay and wait them out.

Suddenly her newly gained motherly instinct kicked in, and she swept up her coat and flung open the door; to run out into the cold wet streets.


People passed her on the streets. Some people with hankies to their eyes, others with grim and solum faces. Yet still others whispered: "I'm sorry." or "I give you my condolences."

Susan looked at these people strangely. They must have me confused with someone else. She thought; confused.

Very soon she was nearing the station, a fire truck and a few ambulances were parked outside. How strange. Susan thought as she drew nearer and nearer.

Her heart jumped into her throat as she entered the destroyed station. Crying and wailing reverberated around the under-ground station. There had clearly been a train wreck. Susan frantically searched through the gathered crowd for the familiar faces she was seeking but she found one she was looking for. In the most terrible way she could imagine.

On a stretcher, with paramedics inspecting him.

Susan screamed. She dropped her hat and wailed in pain. She pushed past everyone, until only the police barred her way.

"Please! Please, let me through! You have to, YOU HAVE TO!" She screamed frantically at them. The police looked at her sympathetically and they exchanged glances and let her through.

"Only for five minutes!" The policeman yelled after her.

"NO!" Susan screamed again and again as she held his clammy hand close to her heart.

For there the High King Peter, lay dead on a stretcher.