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Even after a whole year, I couldn't believe what had happned. I had lost my family, friends, and everyone I knew,or had known, was gone. After the Nasty Burger blew up, the thermos exploded in a green flash. Dan escaped, laughing as he started to burn Amity Park. I suddenly felt a pain in the back of my head, and blacked out. When I woke up, I groaned. "What hit me?" I was suddenly hit by the wave of emotion as I remembered what happened. I felt like I was underneath something, and went intangible, I heard the sound of falling rocks as I rose up out of the , whatever it is I'm in.

I looked behind me as I flew out and got confused 'Rubble? where did that...' The thougth died with me as looked behind the rubble. All of Amity Park was in shambles. There was bodies everywhere and scorchmarks from some type of energy. I turned around and flew upwards. As I looked around, I saw a white blur flying around. I flew towards it, 'It's Danielle, maybe she saw who did this'

As I got towards the blur, it started to slow down. It suddenly dived and plunged through a building. As I got closer, I saw that it was my house it dove into. I flew closer and my blood chilled. The body of Valerie was speared on the ops center antenna, and there was many students from Casper High laying in the streets around my house. I flew inside, and was met with the bodies of several of my classmates strewn all over the house. I heard noise in the basement and went to investigate. I flew down and gasped. "YOU!" He turned around and smiled, baring his fangs.

"Yes, Daniel, ME! Let's take this outside." he flew up and through the ceiling. Danny was quick to follow. He and Dan started to throw ectoblasts at each other, and suddenly Dan charged. "You will become me, it is too late now. I. Am. Inevitable." Dan seemed to get larger, and backhanded Danny. Danny flew back, and hit a tree, or what was left of one. Danny got up and breathed in a breath of air. "Ah, ah, ah. Not this time." Dan said, covering Danny's mouth in ectoplasm. He then bound him in ecto ropes.

He flew at Danny and grabbed him. He took Danny to the Nasty Burger, and threw him in front of the boiler. There was charred remains surrounding it, bits of cloth, metal, and blackened bones. Dan Started to go on about how Danny was going to, no matter what, end up turning into him. he smirked, and kicked Danny in the chest. Danny felt a few ribs break as he started to work his way through the ectoplasm on his mouth. He felt blood spreading under his jumpsuit, as dan punched him in the side of the head. Danny started to see stars as Dan proceeded to beat him within an inch of his afterlife.

Dan smiled, and saw the Guys in White's Choppers in the distance. He smirked, then looked down at Danny. He had managed to knock the teen out. He slung him over his shoulder, then put him behind the Nasty Burger, and changed to a version of his younger self. He shifted into his ghost form, and took off. He made sure the GiW saw him fying away laughing, and let a shot fired from a chopper hit him. He pretended to fall to where Danny was and got rid of the gag and ecto rope. He then flew away invisible as he went back to his older form.

Year Later

Danny looked up as the door opened. He tugged on his ectochains helplessly as the man approached with a scalpel. 'Not again' Danny thought. The wounds weren't even scarred over from the last one. The GiW had kept invented a device to keep him in ghost form, and had been dissecting him, and experiementing on him for the past year. He had scars all over his chest where his organs had been exposed, and samples had been taken to study. He had Y - Incisions on his chest, where they never let it heal completely.

He had many smaller cuts all over his body where they constantly drew more blood and fluids. After another Y - Incision, the man left. Danny's eyes started to glow. 'Soon, soon he would be free'

1 Month Later

Danny finally started to do it. After a year and a month, he would be free. He had planned his escape on Christmas, when most of the personnel would be on break with their families. 'A luxury I no longer have, 'Family, Friends, All of it' Not anymore' He breathed in a gulp of air and released his ghostly wail. The building started to shake as he managed to bring down the electricity.

The ecto proof handcuffs released, as he started to tire. He stopped, and ran out of the door. He ran down a hallway labeled labs, and saw tanks full of . . .him? He realized that they wanted clones of him to turn into weapons. He shot the life support and saw a cage bursting with ecto energy in the corner. He got closer, and gasped. "Danielle! They got you too? How did they find you?" The aforementioned Danielle looked up, ter tracks on her face, a he finished. "Your alive." she said bluntly. "I thought you were dead. I'm so glad to see you." She said.

Danny smiled, for the first time in a year. He shot the locks with ice, then kicked them and broke the locks. He was hit by a blur as he stumbled backwards. "He saw a file cabinet and walls of thousands of vials of blood, ectoplasm, and mixes of the two. He went over to the cabinet, picked out all the documrents, then threw the cabinet at the vials. They walls of vials came crashing down and started to spread. Danny found a massive duffel bag and crammed all the documents into it. He grabbed another and filled it with lab uniforms and lab coats. He gave another to Danielle and took the last one for himself.

Then he led Danielle to the exit, and looked around, and ran to the Recruits Quarters. He ran in and filled his with spare clothes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other basic needs items. He also grabbed a tent or two, some bedrolls, a flint and stell, pack of matches, and hatchet from the equipment closet on his way out. He gave this one to Danielle and took the last one. They rushed to the room labeled kitchen, and filled the left side of the duffel with 30 bottles of water, and threw canned goods, bread, cheese, easy reheatable meals, and various other foods into the leftover space.

Danny then ran into the hallway, and saw the training room across the hall. He saw benchpresses, weights, and a shooting range several yards away. Danny ran to the shooting range and grabbed one of each gun, and put them into the outsie pockets of the duffels and squeezed on or two pistols in with the clothes. He then grabbed all the ammo, and put it into the inner pouch on the flap of the duffel bag full of food. He started to destroy all the guns, and, after grabbing a few 10 pound weights, destroyed the equipment as well. They ran out of the training room after grabbing some ropes from some of the machines, and adding it to their supplies. They saw that the entrance had fallen in.

"That explains why there was no agents in there". He then saw some personnel running to them From where they had been. He turned around, ready to wail, when Danielle suddenly jumped in front of him. She started to wail, and held it up for a few seconds. She stopped wailing, and collapsed, breathing heavily. She looked up, and smiled. The agents had been knocked out further down the hallway.

They then phased through the rubble, and started to fly away. "So where can we go? They will just continue to chase us?" Danielle asked. "I don't know." Danny responded.

After many weeks of sleeping in the woods. The cousins had been doing random, short term jobs to pay for food, extra equipment, clothes, and clean water. They had been traveling from town to town. They finally ended up in Wisconsin, and decided to go see if Vlad had managed to perfect the clones, and if so, destroy them. They set up camp, and flew towards the castle in the distance. As they approached, the place was in shambles. Dan was starting to fly away from it, and saw them. He smiled, and started to approach.

"Oh Daniel, How nice to see you. It's been so boring without you." Dan said. Danny merely looked at Danielle, and nodded. The two had gotten close, and gotten to recognize certain signs. They both had been training their powers and working out, as well as practicing with the guns so they were a lot stronger than when Danny last faced Dan. They both breathed in and wailed. Dan flew backward, shock all over his face. The pair stopped wailing, and flew towards him. Danny Divided into 7 while Dani divided into 3. He was still stronger than her due to his experience with his powers.

(Danny can divide. Watch the episode with Pariah Dark, also Danielle is now Dani because Danny knows her better now. - Zgogery)

They flew at him, the 10 Danny/Dani's gathering ecto energy in their hands. they all shot ectoblasts at Dan, and paused to see what would happen. Dan got up and turned around, right into the ectoblasts. He put up a shield, and managed to block 8 of the ten blasts. He then gathered a massive ecto ball in his hand and absorbed his shield. He threw it at the two halfas, and, as they dodged, it hit the ground. It exploded in a burst of ecto energy and sent the two flying.

Dan flew towards Dani, and slammed her into a tree. He grabbed Dani and flew upwards, then flew at top speed at the ground. He turned intangible at the last second, but made sure she couldn't. She screamed in pain as her legs crumpled like a piece of paper. Dan laughed, but that was short lived. Danny screamed in anguish, thinking Dani to be dead. He rushed Dan and punched him in the face, hand covered in ice. He then shot Dan with Ice and froze him. He then got out a fenton thermos and pointed it at Dan. Dan burst free of the ice and Danny pressed the button. Dan started to get sucked into the thermos, and Danny suddenly capped it, he had not sucked Dan up completely, but now Dan seemed to be panting.

You see, among the equipment they grabbed while at the GiW HQ, modified fenton thermoses, as well as regular ones were in a box underneath a table. The modified thermoses drained a ghost's power, and used the ecto energy as fuel for the next drain. These were one of many weapons that the GiW had tested on Danny and Dani. Danny then iced Dan again, and got out a regular thermos. He then sucked Dan up as the ice started to crack, and put it into a expandable containment unti, courtesy of the GiW.

Danny went to where Dan had left Dani, and let out a sigh of relief. She was still alive, if barely. He rushed her back to their camp, and got out a first aid kit, and a needle. He put the needle in his arm and drew some blood/ectoplasm mix. One of the benefits of a clone is no hassle for blood transfusions. He injected it into her arm, and started to bandage her up.

When she awoke, She saw Danny tending the fire, and Dan's Thermos in the containment unit. The GiW had used the plasmius maximus (if you don't know, look it up, im not a danny phantom wiki) in the creation of these new thermoses. It made a ghost's power obsolete once inside. He made sure that she would be ok, that she was conscious, and that she could defend herself, before flying towards the castle. As he approached he saw something shifting the rubble near where Vlad's lab would have been.

Danny flew down and saw a human Vlad climbing out of the wreckage. Vlad looked up, and his eyes seemed to soften slightly. "Daniel, I thought you were dead. Where have you been?" Vlad asked. Daniel replied with,"The GiW captured me, tortured me, and kept me there for 13 months. I escaped a few weeks ago. I have been on the run, and since I am camped nearby, I decided to come by and see if I could set back any cloning plans you had." Danny offered bluntly.

Vlad sighed, 'Would Daniel ever learn?' "Well it seems that you won't be the one to destroy my labs this time. Now since you haven't left yet, what do you want?" Vlad remarked. "You once offered to help me in the past, and now I am hoping you will extend that offer again." Danny replied. "Vlad smiled, thinking that he would finally have his perfect half ghost son. "Well of course Daniel, how could this possibly be better. Now, as to where we should . . ." He was cut off by Danny, who said,"Not so fast Vlad, I need help, not a home. There is a way you can help me, but not in that fashion."

Vlad looked confused, wondering what Danny meant, but that was soon answered. "I want a credit card, with a loaded account. I found a old lot in a city in California, and figured that I may as well try a fresh start. So, what do you say? You get to be involved in my life, at the cost of a bit of money. Where the alternative is I fall back under your radar. Dan is captured, the ghost that attacked you. If you refuse, you may never be able to find me ever again. "

Vlad seemed to stew on that for a second, before sighing. "How much do you need?"


Daniel looked at the fully constructed building in front of him. The sign was at a slight tilt and Danny smiled. He and Dani had elected to open up a shop in the city.


He and Dani were flying invisibly towards a city to restock on food, water, and other supplies. They saw the name of the city as they flew in, 'JUMP CITY' . They made there way to the supermarket, and bought various bage full of food, and then headed to a sporting goods store and got some more propane for their camp stoves. On their way out, they saw a building marked for demolition, with a for sale sign up.

They got closer, and saw that the lot was pretty cheap. A man saw them looking at thee sign, and approached. "Hello good sir, would you perhaps be interested in buying this lot? My wife was in a car accident a month ago, and I can't bear to live in this house anymore. I was hoping to make some money to fund a funeral by selling this place instead of just leavng."

Danny looked at Dani, and she nodded. He smiled and said, "We accept. We will be back sometime within the next month with the proper payment. Sorry for the delay, but we must talk to our . . . guardian about this arrangement. Is that ok?" The man seemed deep in thought for a second before repliying positively. The pair shook hands with the man and walked away.

"It seems like a good idea." Dani said. Danny stayed silent for a second, before replying almost silently. "Maybe it is time to start over. We've been on the run for so long, I never really thought about settling down. It's fine, I guess."


Dani walked up to him, and smiled. A smear of paint on her cheek. The two had changed their names to James Mclain and Crystal Mclain, masquerading as brother and sister. They were already that close had changed his look to a black dress shirt, a pair of incredibly dark, almost black, blue jeans, and white converses. He had left his hair black, while growing it out a bit so it was just barely out of his eyes. Dani had started to dress in a loose grey t - shirt with latin on it. ' Scientia Sit Potentia ' in english, it's 'Knowledge is Power" She also wore the same jeans as Danny, but in a different size, with a celtic design stitched onto the legs of the pants in white. She wore deep red sketchers, and had dyed her hair blonde.

No one could have recognized the two. They had also changed their ghost forms as well. Danny's new ghost form had been dubbed Shadow, while Dani's was Inferno. Danny's ghost form had taken a 180. He now more black combat boots, specially made kevlar pants, made to be durable, resistent, ghost proof, yet confortable. He wore a dark trench coat, with a black leather cuirass that was hardened, and again, ghost proof, but also ghost proof with a white jump suit underneath that. His DP emblem was on his back, on the underside of each boot, and on the center of his chest. He had a hood, and cape, that was help at his throat by a clasp, which was one of Clockwork's time medallions. He had his hood pulled up, only his neon green eyes penetrating the darkness from within the hood.

He had been directed to an obscure corner of the ghost zone by Clockwork. There he had met a ghost named Amdier. The ghost was apparently older than Desiree, who was from a time when sultans still had harems and ruled most of Asia. He had been a smith in his life, and was a smith in his afterlife. He had read a letter Clockwork had sent Danny with, and had merely smiled. He had then gone into a back room, and come out with a thin box. Inside was an amulet similiar to Prince Aragon's dragon amulet. It was a small black scythe, on a chainlink necklace, with a smaller box in the center of the box. Danny went to take the box, but Amdier stopped him. "Clockwork will tell you when the time is right."

Danny had merely sighed, and taken it, thanking him. He had flown back to Clockwork and shown him the necklace. Clockwork picked it up, then suddenly, he was holding a full size scythe in his hand. He then handed it back to Danny, and it shifted back into a necklace. "It's yours, Danny. The box isn't ready, I'll tell you when it is."

He had sent Danny away with that cryptic statement. Later on, a week after Danny and Dani escaped the GiW, Clockwork showed up. He had told Danny that the ring was for Dani, and that she would discover it's abilities. He then left, leaving Danny to give Dani her gift. The ring allowed Dani to generate objects using ectoplasm. She could generate a sword, key, and various other objects. A week or so after Dani recieved her ring, Danny went into the ghost zone, and went to ghost writers library.

He had felt bad about destroying his book, and had decided to apologize. He had ran into Skulker on his way, and got out his scythe. He charged skulker, and slashed him. Skulker disappeared in a flash of black energy, and Danny shrugged, then kept on going to Ghost Writer's library. On his way back, after making amends with Ghost Writer, he ran into Skulker again. "Well Whelp, I don't know how you sent me back to my island, but your pelt will still rest at the foot of my bed!"

"Uh . . . Ew." Danny said. He then froze Skulker, not being in the mood, then flew away before the ghost hunter could unthaw. He slowly built friendships with various ghosts in his travels to ghost writers library over the course of the next month. He had made a deal with ghost writer. He would help write a book, containing lists of ghosts. Danny had to go around, listing hundreds of ghosts, all the while fighting his enemies.

Anyway, back to the present. Dani had changed her costume to a leather jacket, fingerless gloves, combat boots, a duplicate of the jeans she had in human form, but with real ghostly flames licking up the tips of the legs. She had styled her hair into a ponytail, which faded away into smoke. She looked like a ghost that had died in a horrific motorcycle accident. She tended to fight more brutally, and more frontally (is that a word?) than Danny, while Danny tended to stay in the shadows, and strike after you were focused on Dani and had forgotten about him.

The two had stopped with the heroics after the Teen Titans formed a month after they moved into the city. Now they were two not so ordinary co business owners, living above their shop. They looked at the sign, and smiled. "This was definitely a good idea." Dani said. Danny looked at her, and said "Indeed, this will be interesting, and a new experience."

They both looked at the sign of their bookstore/cafe.


"Let the fun begin"

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Update on my progress in taking over Dragon Age:

Isabela - Captured at Docks

Merrill - Captured in Forest

Fenris - Bought from Tevinter Slavers

Morrigan - Location Unknown

Sten - Location Unknown

Warden - Location Unknown

Hawke - Location Unknown

Zevran - Captured while Drunk

Leliana - Location Unknown

Aveline Vallen - Captured by Hired Mercenaries

Shale - Captured by being Tricked into Path Of Freeze Ray

Alistair - Captured by losing a bet, then not expecting a trap at set location

Oghren - Captured while Drunk

Wynne - Location Unknown

The Mabari Warhound - Location Unknown ; Known to be with Warden

Hawke's Dog - Location Unknown ; Known to be with Hawke

Bethany Hawke - Location Unknown ; Known to be with Hawke

Anders - Location Unknown

Nathaniel Howe - Captured at Brothel

Loghain - Location Unknown

Justice - Location Unknown

Velanna - Location Unknown

Sigrun - Captured by being ambushed by stolen Golems in Deep Roads

Mhairi - Captured by ambush of Hired Mercenaries

Varric Tethras - Location Unknown

Carver Hawke - Location Unknown ; Known to be with Hawke

Sebastian Vael - Location Unknown

Orson Haver - Location Unknown

Sketch - Location Unknown

Tug - Location Unknown

Silas Corthwaite - Location Unknown

Brogan Dace - Captured by rogue Bloodmage who was sent after being offered a safehouse

Jerrik Dace - Captured through mind control of Brogan Dace

Runic Golem - Rebuilt and Under Control

Finn - Location Unknown

Ariane - Location Unknown ; Known to be with Dalish

Tallis - Location Unknown

Antor Banris - Location Unknown

Bavain - Location Unknown

Cerlais - Captured by Darkspawn , then freed by mercenaries, and taken prisoner

Derandt - Location Unknown

Ravi - Location Unknown

Varence - Location Unknown

Marsa - Location Unknown

Lukesh - Location Unknown

Janara - Location Unknown

Korznik - Location Unknown

Ardum - Location Unknown

Martine - Location Unknown

Ryanth - Location Unknown

Protagonist From Dragon Age Journeys - Location Unknown

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