A/N: I've been kinda on a roll writing about Dean and his on-going love affair with his car and this little ficlet was written for the SPN_Bigpretzel theme: OTP

Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You

He pulled at the cloth that covered her and breathed in a gasp of ecstasy at seeing her in all of her glory. She shimmered in the dim light, as beautiful as ever, her dark curves just as smooth and shapely as he remembered. He ran his hand across her body and lamented the time he had been forced to be separated from her.

It had been a long time - far, far too long since they had been together and after months of being apart, he felt a thrill reach from the bottom of his feet straight to his heart seeing her once again.

"Hey, Baby …miss me?" Dean asked.

She was silent in her response, but none of that mattered. After the long string of bottom-scraping substitutes and cheap rides that couldn't hold a candle to his girl, he felt a longing inside of him that had been dormant, but never forgotten as he looked upon her now. He could barely hold back his want … needing to be inside of her once again, relishing in the wanton freedom and wild abandon he could only feel when he was with her. He wondered again how he had even gotten by without her.

"Need a minute?" Sam asked, slightly rolling his eyes, but somewhat understanding of his brother's angst.

Dean sniffed in a deep breath and nodded.

Sam laid a hand on Dean's shoulder, "'Kay… I'll just wait outside." He said before turning and leaving him alone with her.

Dean made sure that Sam was completely out of eye-shot before he leaned over and laid his cheek against her, "I'm sorry I ever left you, Baby." He whispered, remembering the absolute thrill he had felt the first time he found out she was all his, all of the good and bad times she had seen them through, and the numerous escapes that wouldn't have been possible without her. He had nearly lost her more than once, but each time he patched her back up, she came back better than ever and he could only pray that he wasn't making a colossal mistake by putting her in harm's way once again.

Knowing that Sam would probably begin to wonder what was taking him so long, he finally stood up straight and admired her one last time before turning and leaving her once again.

He approached the two figures standing outside with trepidation.

Sam shifted uncomfortably on his feet, looking at Dean with pity, knowing just how much Dean was sacrificing. To Sam's right, Meg placed one hand on her hip haughtily and held out the other, palm facing up, fingers waggling impatiently.

"Will you just give me the damn keys already, moron. We don't have time for this."

Dean glowered at Meg. He hated this plan and hated the idea of letting that skanky demon bitch touch his car as a diversion while they went after Dick Roman, but they didn't have many other options available to them.

Reluctantly he reached into his pocket and pulled out his key ring, dangling them over Meg's hand as he pointed a finger at her, "Be careful with her," he admonished.

Meg rolled her eyes and snorted, "It's just a car, Dean."

Never had Dean wanted to punch Meg's lights out more than he did at that moment, but dammit … they needed her to pull this off, so he let his deadly glare do the talking instead.

"Okay …jeez …" Meg grumbled at she grabbed the keys, "I'll try not to destroy it completely."

Meg took off before Dean could change his mind about this idiotic plan and call her back.

At the same time, Dean felt a hand squeeze his shoulder sympathetically, "Look on the bright side, dude. At least the car has a better chance of surviving this than we do," Sam commiserated, "Then again … with a demon behind the wheel -"

Dean cut his brother off quickly, not wanting that image in his head to haunt him, "Shut up, Sam."

The End