Is it Too Late?

Not Getting the Job

Author's Note: Why this story isn't part of Remuneration has been asked several times. There are multiple reasons. One is that I really don't need another ongoing serial. Another is the fact that I actually already have a Harry as DADA Professor story. A third is I've got a lot of different ideas on how that story could continue, and I have no intention on settling into one. So instead you get this collection of one shots that could be the continuation, but aren't; could be an ongoing series related to each other, but may not be; and a very irregular production schedule.

Quite frankly, I have way too many works in progress, so this story is going to allow me to toss a few ideas that don't fit in the story that I am doing for Harry as DADA Professor without making me feel like I have to do more on yet another story.


No matter how Dumbledore praised it, Snape's new position was a step down. True, the pay was up, and he'd have less interface with the dunderheads that had inhabited his potions classes for the last decade. There had been a time when Snape had actually enjoyed teaching even the First Years. Within the last few years, his enjoyment had been limited to a few select classes. Too many of his classes had those dunderheads who could melt a caldron with the most unreactive ingredients known to wizardry.

He'd wanted to move to Defense Against the Dark Arts since day one. He'd been disappointed ever year. It wasn't like such moves were unprecedented. Quirell had been Muggle Studies Professor. It wasn't like he was unqualified. Only Lupin had come close to Severus's qualifications in knowledge of the Dark Arts, and only Moody, if Moody had been actually the professor, had exceeded him in Defense qualifications. The less said of Umbridge's qualifications, indeed her teaching ability, the better. Lockhart had been better. Then again, it was well known that the higher you got in the Ministry, the more incompetent you were.

Now Snape was not even Potion's Professor, though he still maintained the title of Hogwarts Potion's Master and Head of Slytherin. Slughorn hadn't wanted those administrative duties. He had to share the Master's Lab with Slughorn, but that really wasn't so much of a problem. Slughorn was good, and wasn't shy about giving advice on projects. Thanks to Slughorn, Snape had actually managed to brew liquid luck himself for the first time.

That was the only good part about his new situation. Dumbledore had bestowed upon him every unfilled title that the old man could think of. Officially Snape was now Potions Master, Head of Slytherin, Adjutant Professor for Potions, Charms, and Transfiguration, and most annoyingly, Hogwarts Administrative Assistant. His new office was right across from the Headmaster's gargoyle. He'd kept his old quarters next to Slytherin House.

It was being the Administrative Assistant that was really grating on Snape. He'd had to make up all the schedules for all the students, to ready for each head of house, and have them ready for them to pick up before breakfast. The new Head of Gryffindor and Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor had just knocked on the door. Snape cursed the fact that Minerva had discovered the clause that allowed the head to play Quidditch on the House teams.

"Good Morning, Severus," Potter said. He'd been told to call all the professors by their first names, despite the age differences, and seemed to take a perverse pleasure in calling Snape by his first name. "Are the Gryffindor schedules ready?"

"Yes, Potter," Snape said, handing the stack over "Do try not to make a mess of them. You're the last, again." Since Potter had arrived at Hogwarts two weeks before term, that had been a constant.

"I took a little early morning fly, this morning," Potter said. It was hard to tell that, with the way Potter's hair was always a mess.

"Fell off the balcony, again?" Snape said dryly. Potter had one off his quarters. The only other quarters with one were the Headmaster's. Snape preferred his quarters in the dungeon, but the fact that the youngest professor in Hogwarts history, a title that once was Snape's, got a balcony grated on him.

"No such luck, Professor," Potter smiled. "You're not getting my job any time soon."

Snape scowled as Potter left, before picking up his own stack of student schedules. He was going to kill Dumbledore for this.