Zer0 had partly been looking forward to a pit filled only with himself, a blade, guns, and rushes of bandits trying to destroy him. The fridge's slaughterhouse had proven to be a moderate test of his skills at best, however; and the assassin was less then thrilled with battle's conclusion. Zero was more in tact then he had been expecting, and although another man might be praising his luck the assassin was not. His experience had not gained him a challenge, as he had hoped. Only a mild head ache and annoyance.

On the other hand, an expression occasionally used by Axton came to mind, sense he was returning relatively unharmed Maya would not feel the need to act on her threat.

The siren had not favored his determination to enter make-shift arena alone. She'd glared at him as if the assassin were a child spawned from a heated night between Moxxi and a thresher.

"This is an idiotic and suicidal idea." She expressed with no attempt to hide her distaste.

"He'll be fine." Axton laughed. Although avoided slapping their teammate on the back, as was his custom when offering reassurance. For the sake of one's health, one avoids a piss off siren. Their team had learned that, thankfully the easy way, with in an hour of meeting Maya. "The guy's, like, a ninja. Or something. What's a few waves of dozens of bandits going to do to him?"

"I can think of a few things."

"You have concerns, which are appreciated, if unwarranted." Zer0 had earned an even uglier frown at those words. The siren's bright eyes slanting. Her expression similar to the one that had invaded Maya's features upon hearing Handsome Jack's voice coming from her own tongue.

"You do something stupid-" The woman eventually soothed with a hue that contradicted the definition of soothed. "-I'll make sure you go the rest of your life with out a challenge." With her threat made Maya turned on her heal; joining Salvador whom was sulking a few yards away. The shortest member of the group disappointed he wouldn't be contributing to carnage Zer0 was about to induce. Axton lingered a second longer, eyeing the assassin up, then down once before shrugging.

"Woman." He offered before wonder off to join the other two. A following breath, most likely not meant to be heard, reaching Zer0. "God damn tall, dark, mysterious types."

Zero swept blood from his blade before returning it to a leather sheath at his back. The movement lacked a usual vigor however and he didn't linger to utter a witty haiku in triumph.

A fractioned minuet passed before his blade was once again out and gleaming. The assassin's body turning with swift elegance. A moment later an overlooked, freshly decapitated bandit slumping to join the other's Zer0 had left in his wake.

As the heavy mass thumped against concrete Zer0 briefly noted blue and black. The shades short-lived, minute and transparent. Upon turning to overlook where Axton and Salvador had been heard cheering their teammate onward the assassin further noticed Maya's siren marking dully illuminated. And although the woman's back was to the area, her features mostly hidden, her muscles were tense. Painted fingernails digging deep and harsh into her elbows.

So three things needs to be said. This is not my best work. I feel the character's personas are a bit off. And omg writing/ speaking in haiku is hard and the ones I came up with probably suck. I apologize for all of the presiding. Other then those issues thankies if you made it this far and please review!