So, what did the guards at the village gate think of my failed attempts to leap onto every boulder and tree branch? Who knows. This would be my best guess.

Paul had seen some odd things going on in Broken Valley in his time, and his much coveted post as Broken Valley Village Gate Guard had given him many a queer sight to behold over the years; which he had to admit that he rather enjoyed reminiscing about with the villagers in the local tavern. Since the only one around for him to talk to was Joris day after day after day, no explanation was necessary in justifying his need for a break from the monotony; he craved the unusual.

But the lady in the torn and worn leather armour he spotted not more than a few minutes ago? Well, she took the cake.

At first glance he noticed that the woman seemed to have some difficulty navigating the small cobbled path leading up to the Village Gate. A step, a grunt, followed by an awkward leap straight up in the air with arms swinging and knees bent resulted in another grunt when her feet hit the ground a toenail's distance from where she had first made the attempt to get ahead. Once would have been considered very odd, that. More than a few dozen times was downright weird. Walking (key word being walking) a straight line would have made her trip to the village less time-consuming, in his opinion.

Now, standing in front of a wooden gate with a slew of goblins, wild boars and whatnot running amok within a spear's throw wasn't the easiest job in the world, but at least he could throw a spear. And perform one of those fancy schmancy whirly-type jumps while doing so. He wasn't so sure she would be up to the task.

He thought about calling out to her, to warn her of the two goblins ransacking the corpse a little to the left of the bush she was rummaging about in, when out of nowhere popped out not one, but two nasty wild boars. There was no way he was messing around with those lousy, smelly, foul-tempered fiends unless he absolutely had to, so he stepped back against the wall behind him. To watch. Just in case.

His surprise was no less than the foremost boar's when it swallowed a ball of fire a moment later. Then got its brain bashed in with a clumsy swipe from an old, rusty mace. The second boar didn't get the good luck to be internally incinerated before the bashing started. It took quite a beating before it finally gasped its last bloody breath. Paul felt rather sorry for the poor little bugger.

He was about to step away from the gate once the immediate threat of wild boars was over, but stayed his feet when he spotted her trotting over to the corpse still being goblin-handled. By two goblins, no less. With long, sharp swords. A few minutes later, once the screaming (on her part) and running around in circles (led by her) was done, he witnessed another of those amazing fireball to the mouth tricks, and more grisly mace-bashing of heads. Only then did she finally decide to approach the Village gate; which was when he espied the silvery eyes, causing a cold chill to run up and down his spine. His throat tightened up, and his mouth became very, very dry.

A Slayer.

He turned quickly to Joris, to shush the idiot up before he could open that damn fool mouth of his. But too late.

"Good day, Dragon Slayer." Joris chirped a greeting to her. "Welcome to Broken Valley!"

Those silver eyes glanced at Joris for a moment. Whether she was going to return the greeting or not would always remain a mystery, as she was suddenly distracted by several bunnies innocently hopping around her leather boots and sniffing at the blood dripping from her mace. Her head turned left, then right. She spun around and stared at the ground, then raised the mace high over her head, and swung down. Hard. From where he stood Paul could hear the splat followed by a faint yet high-pitched squeak.

"Damn rodents," she snarled, kicking at the brown and bloody bundle of fur lying lifeless at her feet. "The infestation stops here!"

Paul almost blurted out a warning about The Legend of the Giant Rabbit, until he gave it a second thought. Who was he to stop a Dragon Slayer from slaying? He nodded his greeting, and let her pass into the village.

She'd learn soon enough not to be messing with the bunnies.