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Andrew: "A woman needs to know that she's desired as well as loved. I know you love her. You know you love her. And she knows you love her. My point is; does she know that you also want her?"

Hence, Darien's attempt at showing Serena in... 'Let Me Show You'

Let Me Show You (Part 1: Wanting)

The Arcade

Darien sat at the counter talking to his best friend while waiting for his girlfriend to join him for lunch. He glanced at his wrist watch and sighed. Serena's late again and he has to be back at the hospital in twenty five minutes.

Andrew raised his brow. Serena's late even by Serena's standard. "I'll just prepare your usual. That way when she gets here, you could just quickly eat and get back to work," he offered.

"Isn't that what you usually do though, Drew?" Darien asked, sighing yet again.

Now frowning, Andrew decided to voice his thoughts, "Is everything okay with the two of you?" he asked, concerned.

Darien grimaced. "She's been...distant," he said, distracted. Worry evident in his eyes.

"Distant? Isn't that...more your thing though?" Andrew asked without thinking.

Darien frowned at this. "What do you mean, it's my thing?" he demanded. Before Andrew could answer though, the arcade door opened to let a girl in.

Looking at her, Andrew's jaw dropped.

Darien turned in his sit to see what had caused his best friend to be so stumped. His own jaw dropped and even as he felt his heart stopped, his blood boiled at the sight in front of him.

"Rena?" Andrew asked in disbelieve.

Standing in front of them was Serena, but not the sweet, innocent Serena that they both know and are accustomed to seeing every day. This Serena does not look sweet or innocent. Oh, she still looked beautiful, there's no question there. Her hair is loose and reached past her knees instead of in their usual buns. She wore a loose, sheer see through white shirt that left little to the imagination as she had nothing under it but her lacy black brassiere and her black mini skirt is so tight and short that the blouse is actually longer than the skirt. She had done something to her eyes and they look smoky and made her look older and extremely sexy.

Andrew gulped. This is RENA. She's like a little sister to you! Stop staring at her! He scolded himself.

Darien jumped from his sit and took off his jacket. He immediately went to his girlfriend and put the jacket over her shoulders.

"What are you doing, Darien?" Serena asked seemingly calm. Inside though, she was a jumble of nerves. I'm going to kill Raye, Mina & Lita if this doesn't work! Oh, why on earth did I listen to them? Then, as if remembering her boyfriend's spontaneous actions just now, she strengthened her resolve and innocently took his jacket off her shoulders. "I'm not cold. In fact, I'm feeling kind of warm," she purred, cringing inside by her current behaviour.

Darien's hands by his sides fisted and he bit his bottom lip to keep himself from losing his temper.

"What are you wearing, Serena?" he asked tersely.

"Oh this? Mina and Raye picked it out for me. They said you'd love it. Why? Don't you?" Serena answered with her own question, still playing the innocent.

"No. I don't," was Darien's tight answer and he deftly put his jacket on her again, this time slipping her arms in all the way. I'm going to kill those girls was his murderous thought.

Serena's lips trembled. This went unnoticed by Darien but not by Andrew. A defeated look entered her eyes and she lets Darien cover her with no further protest. A look of understanding dawned on Andrew's face and was confirmed when he saw a longing look crossed Serena's face as she silently watched her boyfriend buttoned up the jacket from top to bottom.

"Are you done then?" Serena asked quietly.

Darien looked into her eyes. His expression softened at her dejected look. He ran his hand through her hair before stroking her cheek. "What's wrong, Serena?" he asked worriedly, completely baffled by her behaviour.

"Nothing's wrong," she said, "We'd better hurry up and eat or you'll be late for your afternoon shift."

And then, changing her mind all of a sudden, "Actually, I just remembered. I have to see...someone...at...the University. Oh, I'm going to be so late! I better go!" She gave Darien a quick kiss on the cheek and waved goodbye to Andrew before dashing out of the arcade, leaving behind a completely flabbergasted Darien.

Darien turned to Andrew. "See what I mean?" he asked exasperatedly.

"She's been like this all week. Extremely affectionate one minute and withdrawn the next! I don't know what's wrong with her!"

Andrew looked at his best friend. His green eyes stared long and hard into Darien's deep blue ones. "Can you not commit fully to her, Dare?" he finally asked quietly.

"What are you talking about, Drew? I'm already fully committed to her! I have been with her for FOUR years! There hasn't been anyone else since her!" Darien answered, bewildered by his best friend's question.

This of course is true. He had met Serena five years ago when her test paper had landed on his head. He had turned to scold her and found himself face to face with a beautiful blonde angel instead. He was completely taken off guard by her clear cerulean blue eyes and angelic beauty that he had lost not only his heart but also his head that day. He had ended up calling her 'Meatball Head' and for a whole year, the two would argue continually and it had become their daily ritual. Another established ritual was her running into him, literally knocking him off his feet almost every morning. Not that he minded, especially not when he got to hold her in his arms for that precious few minutes every morning. It had taken them a whole year to admit their feelings for one another and a group of meddling, persistent friends, but that, is another story.

Now four years later, he's become a successful surgeon at a nearby hospital and she's currently studying to become a psychologist and they are still seeing each other, still every bit as in love with one another as they were all those years ago. In fact he loved her more now than he did then, if that were possible, because he truly did love her so incredibly even all those years ago. So it truly frustrated him when something was clearly bothering her and he had no idea what that something was and how to fix it for her.

"A woman needs to know that she's desired as well as loved. I know you love her. You know you love her. And she knows you love her. My point is; does she know that you also want her?" Andrew's solemn respond brought Darien out of his reverie.

"What kind of question is that? Of course I want her! Of course she knows that I want her!" Running both his hands through his hair now, Darien is still oblivious to the meaning behind Andrew's question.

Andrew sighed. "Who is it that you are trying to protect, Dare? Yourself or her?" he asked.

Even more bewildered, Darien stared at Andrew incredulously. "What are you talking about?"

"Serena's nineteen years old, Darien. She's not fourteen anymore. She a fully grown, completely desirable woman!" came Andrew's blunt respond.

That stopped Darien short. Andrew's meaning becoming clear to him. "That's not...we're not...like that," was his flustered respond.

"Tell me something, can you imagine your life without her? Are you planning to let her go sometime in the future?"

At this, Darien vehemently shook his head. Andrew nodded his. "I thought so. So, why are you so afraid to take the next step in your relationship? Are you going to forever be at this stage? You said so yourself, you've been with her for four years and there hasn't been anyone else since her. Do you think there will be someone else?" Andrew pressed.

Another fervent shake of the head, "Never!" came the forceful denial.

"So I ask you again, what are you so afraid of?"

"She's too good for me," was the weak reply.

Andrew sighed. Besides Serena, he knew Darien better than anyone. Well, in this particular matter, he knew Darien better than Serena. In fact, in this particular matter, he knew Serena better than Darien did as well.

"It's you she wants, Dare. You holding yourself back is bound to make her feel like she's not good enough. You holding back is clearly confusing and hurting her. Now answer me honestly, are you trying to protect her or yourself?" Andrew asked, already knowing the answer.

"Both," was Darien's honest reply.

"What if I hurt her? What if she decided one day that I'm not good enough?"

"I'm sure you'll both hurt each other quite a number of times in the future as you have in the past. Loving someone gives them that kind of power over you. It makes you vulnerable. But the point is, you can't hurt someone you love without getting hurt yourself. And I've never known anyone who loves each other as much as the two of you nor have I ever known anyone as crazy in love as the two of you. And right now, you're hurting her and doesn't that hurt you as well?"

Darien nodded absently. He had a lot to sort out. One thing he was sure of though, was his love for the meatball headed beauty who had owned his heart since the first day he met her.

Darien's Apartment (A week later)

Darien opened the door to his apartment. It was completely dark but as her eyes shifted down the hallway, Serena's eyes could see a sliver of light coming from underneath the closed door of Darien's bedroom. Darien turned to lock his apartment door and deftly put his hands over Serena's eyes. He gently guided Serena towards his bedroom.

"Darien, what's all this?" Serena asked breathlessly.

"You'll see," was Darien's soft reply.

He opened the door to his room and slowly ushered her inside. As she stepped inside, Darien took his hands off her eyes. Serena gasped. There were candles everywhere. Red and white roses spilled out of a half dozen vases and petals covered the floor and the bed. Gentle music came from somewhere.

She folded her hands so that only she knew that they trembled and asked softly, "Why?"

"To show you that I want you. To give you time to decide if it's what you really want. To help convince you that it is."

Serena's lips curved ever so slightly, her eyes skimmed over the room, suddenly nervous. Guilt slipped in. "You didn't have to. I made you feel obliged," she said quietly, suddenly embarrassed by her insecurity.

"Don't be silly." He moved to her. Gently, he pulled the first pin from one of her buns, putting it aside on the side table. "Do you want me to show you how much I want you?" he asked staring deep into her cerulean blue eyes.


"I think I should show you, at least a little... so you can decide how much you'll give," he continued before she could finish her sentence, taking the pins out of her hair one by one before finally combing his hands through her silky tumbling hair murmuring, "You're so beautiful," awe in his tone and wonderment in his eyes.

His mouth skimmed over hers, gentle as a breeze. When her lips trembled apart, his tongue slipped in, teasing hers, playful yet gentle.

"That should give you an idea," moving his lips along her jaw, up to her temple and back again to nip at the corner of her mouth.

"Tell me you want me, Serena. I want to hear you say it."

"I do want you Darien. I can't think. I need..."

"Just me. You only need me tonight. And I only need you." He smoothed his hands down her back, murmuring coaxingly, "Lie down with me, Serena," lifting her, cradling her and walked the two steps to lay her on the bed where the sheets and quilt had been pulled down invitingly.

Her hair spilled like gold and honey over the pillows, subtle waves of it catching glints from the candles. Her eyes clouded with both doubts and needs.

Looking at her, his stomach tightened, from both, desire and fear.

He would be her first. No matter what happens after this, she'd remember tonight, and him.

Serena closed her eyes. "I don't know what to do." She was completely embarrassed, entranced, enchanted.

"I do," he said soothingly, lying down beside her, dipping his mouth to hers once again. She was trembling beneath him and for a moment, panic tightened his gut. To calm them both, he pried her nervous fingers apart and kissed them one by one. "Don't be afraid, Serena."

But she was afraid, not just over the pain she knew would come with the loss of her innocence, but more afraid of not being able to give him pleasure. Afraid he was only doing this out of obligation.

"Think of me," he murmured, kissing her, deepening the kiss slowly, swearing to himself that he'd get rid of any remnants of doubts and insecurities she had.

"Think of me," he said again, knowing he needed this moment as much as she.

Sweet, she thought hazily. How odd that a man's lips could taste so sweet and be so soft and firm all at the same time. Slowly, her muscles uncoiled as his taste seeped into her. Hesitantly, her hand travelled his strong back. He stiffened and bit back a moan when they barely skimmed over his hips. He was already hard and shifted slightly, worried that he might frighten her. Taking a deep breath, he rested his brow on hers and then took her mouth and swallowed her lovely soft sigh. She melted beneath him, the trembling replaced by pliancy.

Distracted by the mouth that feasted so sumptuously on hers, she wasn't aware that he had unfastened her blouse. When his fingers traced the soft swell of her breast above her bra, her eyes flew open. His deep blue eyes were steady on hers, so focused it brought her trembles back. She started to panic, to make some sound of protest but his touch was so alluring, just a skim of fingertips against flesh.

It wasn't scary, she realised. It was as soothing and wonderful as the kiss. Even as she forced herself to relax again, those clever fingers slipped under the cotton and found the sensitive point.

Serena's first gasp ripped through him, the sound of it, the sensation of her body arching in surprise and pleasure. He was barely touching her, he thought as his heart raced and his blood roared. She had no idea how much more there was and he was desperate to show her.

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