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Let Me Show You (Part 2: Feeling)

Darien's Bedroom (Where we left off previously)

"Relax." He kissed her as his fingers continued their gentle caresses. "Just feel it."

She didn't have a choice. Sensations were rushing through her, tiny arrows of pleasure and amazement. His mouth swallowed her strangled breath as he removed her clothes and left her bare to the waist.

"You are so beautiful." The alabaster skin, the small breasts that fit so perfectly into the cups of his palms had nearly been his undoing. Unable to resist, he lowered his head and tasted.

She moaned, long, deep and throaty. The movements of her body under his were purely instinctive, not deliberately designed to claw at his control and yet it did. He took a deep breath to maintain that control, to please her gently and found his own pleasure growing from hers.

His mouth was so warm. The air was so thick. Every time he tugged, pulled and teasingly bit, she could feel an answering flutter in the pit of her stomach. A flutter that grew into something too close to pain, too close to pleasure, she couldn't separate the two.

He was murmuring to her, soft lovely words that circled like rainbows in her head. It really wouldn't matter what he said, she would have told him if she could. Nothing mattered so long as he NEVER stopped touching her.

Craving the feel of flesh against flesh, Darien tugged his shirt over his head. When he lowered himself to her again, she gave a soft sigh and wrapped her arms around him.

His mouth roamed lower, over torso, over ribs and slowly, her skin heated, her body quivered under the gentle administrations of his lips and hands, lost in sensations so new to her.

Carefully, Darien unhooked her slack, slowly baring new flesh, exploring them ever so gently. As her hips arched in innocent agreement, he clamped his teeth and fought back the urgent need to take, just take and satisfy the demand in his taut body.

Her nails dug into his back, drawing a groan of dark delight from him as his hand skimmed over her now bared hip. Serena stiffened slightly and Darien prayed for control.

"Not until you're ready," he promised, bringing his lips patiently back to hers again. "But I want to see you, all of you."

He shifted, pulled back slightly and could see the fear in her eyes, the quiver of suppressed need in her body.

He couldn't steady his hands or his voice, but he kept both gentle.

"I want to touch all of you." His eyes staying on hers, he unsnapped his jeans. "All of you."

When he stripped, her gaze was drawn inevitably down. Her fear doubled.


"Your skin is so soft." Keeping their gaze locked, he skimmed a finger up her thigh. "I've wondered what you'd look like but you're so much more than I imagined. So much more."

Unsettled, Serena crossed her arms over her breast. Darien left it there and went back to where he had begun. With soft, lingering kisses and gentle, exploring caresses. Helplessly, she yielded beneath him, relaxing once again. Her breathing quickened when his hand roamed over the flat of her stomach towards the glorious heat below.

Yes he thought, fighting delirium. Open for me. Let me. Just let me.

She was damped and hot where he cupped her. A groan tore from his throat when she writhed and tried to resist.

"Let go, Serena. Let me take you there. Just let go." A plea and a promise in his voice.

Serena was clinging at the edge of a bottomless abyss by no more than her fingertips. Terror welled inside her. She was slipping. Losing control. There was too much happening inside her inexperienced body all at once for her burning flesh to hold all of them in. His hands were like a torch against her already heated flesh, searing her without mercy until she has no choice but to tumble free into the unknown.

"Please," she sobbed out. "Oh, please," pleading for something she knows not.

The pleasure came. Came in a flood that washed through her, over her, stealing her breath, her mind, her vision. Her eyes rolled back and for one glorious moment she was deaf and blind to everything but the velvet shocks convulsing her.

She poured into his hand, making him moan like a dying man. He shuddered even as she did. His face against her skin, he took her soaring again.

He waited until she was at peak, straining against the chain of his own control. "Hold me. Hold on to me," he murmured, dizzy with his own needs as he struggled to ease gently into her.

She was so small, so tight and it took every ounce of willpower he had left not to thrust greedily into her when he felt her heat closing around him.

Serena gasped and clutched at the bed sheets. Darien took a deep breath. "Don't be afraid, Serena. I swear we fit together perfectly."

Serena smiled at him. She lifted a gentle hand to his cheek. Finally completely at peace with what's about to happen, fear gone, wanting it, wanting him. "I'm not afraid, Darien. Not anymore. I've never felt like this before. It's amazing. I want more, Darien. All of you. I want all of you."

Darien inched his way deeper into her. Pleasure was building at such a ferocious rate, he was losing all control. She was so tight, squeezing and gripping him, the friction like hot velvet fist pumping him dry. He thrust deeper. He had no other choice. It was that or risk death.

"Only for a second. I'm sorry, Serena. Just one second, then it will be good again," he promised her.

She took him in, gasping with pleasure, when he had been so worried. He had been wrong. It never stopped being good. She felt him break the barrier of her innocence, felt him fill her and felt nothing but joy.

"I love you." She arched up to meet him, to welcome him. Darien let go of his fears and took the ride, thrusting deep, tilting her body until she could take all of him. He moved the way he wanted, the way he needed, hard and fast and deep, joining them together in a rush of heat, completely unaware of anything but Serena and the way she gave herself so completely to him. She came over and over, crying out, clutching his arms, lifting up to him as eagerly as he surged into her. With something perilously close to pain, Darien emptied himself into her, her name on his lips.

Completely spent, completely sated, lungs burning for air and heart thumping wildly, he sank onto her. Her body soft and welcoming beneath his, her hands gliding over him, subtle touches exploring, discovering, testing as if she was memorising the feel of his body. It was a perfect moment in time.

He was still inside her, couldn't bear to separate himself from her. He knew he should ease away and give her time to recover. No matter how gentle he had been there was bound to be some discomfort. Yet he feels so content and she seems so content. So he tightened his arms around her possessively instead, shifting to take most of his weight off of her small body. Looking into her cerulean blue eyes, he softly murmured "I love you too," kissing her brow ever so gently.

Her beautiful smile enchanted him and Darien fell in love all over again. He realised he wants this everyday of his life. Go to sleep with her in his arms every night. Wake up buried deep inside her every morning. Be the one to make her happy and the one to soothe her tears and fears, everyday.

Shaking himself out of his thoughts, he slowly pulled away. "Are you okay?" he asked, both in concern and also to still his heart.

A blush stole across her cheeks. Her smile never faltered though. Slowly, she raised a hand to push his hair of his face before resting it on his cheek.

"It was beautiful for me," she said. "You made it beautiful for me." Her voice still husky with the remnants of passion. He pressed his lips to her forehead, her brows, her eyelids, her cheeks and finally her lips, lingering over each kiss before forcing himself to pull away completely.

He got up and casually walked to a drawer. Turning to look at Serena with a fresh pair of boxer in his hand, he chuckled softly as her cheeks went a deeper crimson colour. Not uncomfortable with his nakedness, "I'll draw you a bath," he said, putting the boxer on before walking back to her to press another gentle kiss on her temple before heading into the bathroom.

Sighing, Serena allowed herself the leisure of falling back into bed for a moment. She then pulled the quilt around her before standing up. Glancing at the bed, she grimaced slightly and another blush stole across her cheeks at the sight of the stain of her innocence on the bed sheet. The sight of her all flushed up wrapped in the quilt greeted Darien as he came out of the bathroom. She had never looked so lovely to him. Walking up to her, he put both his hands to her cheeks and pressed his forehead to hers. He loves the blush that covered her cheeks. He loves everything about the woman in his arms. "I'll change the sheets while you're having your bath," he said understandingly, kissing her softly yet again, lingering contentedly over the taste of her.

"Marry me, Serena. Be mine." He heard himself say.

He had wanted to wait. Wait until she graduated. Wait until the right moment. He realised he didn't want to wait anymore. That this is the perfect moment.

A moment of silence. Darien held his breath. Waiting. Waiting for his ever after.

"I am yours. I've always been yours. Haven't I shown you that every day?" came her soft, earnest reply.

"So you'll marry me?"

Serena couldn't help the grin that was forming nor the carefree laughter rising up her throat. Uninhibitedly, she threw her arms around him, kissing him senseless.

"You still haven't answered me," Darien said breathlessly between the sweet, sweet kisses.

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