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Let Me Show You (Part 3: Knowing)

Darien's Bathroom (Where we left off previously)

Serena felt odd as she wrapped the bathrobe around her freshly scrubbed body and a towel around her head. Different. It's not something that could ever be explained to a man; at least she doesn't think so. She studied herself in the misty mirror. She looked different too, she decided. It's the same face that she had seen countless times in countless mirrors. But there's a softness there that wasn't there before, in the eyes, around the mouth. Love had been responsible. The love she holds in her heart, the love that she had just tasted the first time with her body.

She closed her eyes. He wanted her. A gorgeous man with a brilliant mind and a kind heart wanted her. Long, slow ripples of delight filled her. She felt so aware of herself. So stripped of everything but the flesh and soul. The moment was overwhelming and precious.

She stepped into the bedroom and saw him. He had changed the sheets on the bed and now stood with his jeans unsnapped. Candlelight simmered in his eyes. He was looking at her the way she imagined a lion might look at a lamb just before he pounced.

"Serena, what a picture you make," Darien said staring at the vision standing in his too big bathrobe. Don't frighten her idiot! He warned himself and fought back the urge to devour. His muffled groan had her smiling uncertainly. She slowly made her way to his vanity and sat herself on the seat in front of the mirror, slowly releasing her hair from the towel and reaching for a hairbrush. He crossed to her and took the brush. "Let me do that," he said softly. He turned her to face the mirror and began to draw the brush through her hair. "So perfect," he murmured, bending down to nuzzle her neck.

They stayed like that for awhile. Him brushing her hair. Her looking at him through the mirror. Comfortable silence. It shocked her to realize how intimate it was to have him tend to her hair. The way his fingers would comb through after the brush. Soon, much more than her scalp began to tingle.

When his eyes lifted and met hers in the mirror, excitement arrowed into her at the flash of need she saw in his eyes. He sat the brush down and Serena slowly stood up, started to turn towards him.

"No, not yet," he held her as she was.

"Watch," he murmured as he slid his hands to the belt of her robe. "Don't you wonder how we look together?" His eyes stayed on hers through the mirror as he unbelted the robe and drew the lapels apart.

The idea was so shocking, it left Serena speechless. She couldn't say anything. Could only watch as his hands trailed up lightly over her breast, making her shiver. She continued to watch as his hands moved over her, felt the heat spread under her skin, over it. Her legs seemed to melt away so that she had no choice but to lean back into his chest. As if in a dream she watched him remove the robe from her shoulder, pressed his lips to the bared skin. As the tip of his tongue teased the curve of her neck, she felt a jolt of pleasure, a flash of heat. Her heart already brimming with love, overflowed.

Darien had never seen anything more perfect, more elegant, or more fragile. Suddenly his hands felt big and clumsy, his fingers rough. He wouldn't hurt her. He swore it. His breath tore raggedly through his lips as he touched her. Though his fingers barely skimmed over her skin, he was terrified he would leave bruises behind. Fascinated, he watched his hands skimmed over her, tracing her shoulders, sliding down her arms and back again, carefully, gently, brushing over the soft skin of her breast.

"So pale," he said in a husky voice. Eyes dark and intense, he rubbed his thumbs over her nipples, felt her tremble and heard her moan.

It was wonderfully erotic to watch her body curve back, to feel the soft, yielding weight of her leaned against him as she went pliant with pleasure and surrender. Almost experimentally, his hand glided down her torso, feeling the muscles quiver under his fingers. The scent of her hair and skin filtered through his senses.

He wanted to give, to give to her as he never wanted to give to anyone before, to soothe and excite, to protect and inflame. And she, he thought, pressing his lips to her throat again, is so perfect, so outrageously precious.

"Serena," his breath stuck in his throat, yet he held on until her clouded eyes lifted once more to the reflection of his. "Watch what happens to you when I take you up."

She started to speak, but his hand glided down smoothly, cupping her, finding her already hot and wet. Even as she choked up his name, half in doubt and half in disbelief, he stroked her, gently at first, persuasively, his eyes fierce with concentration.

It was staggering to watch his hand posses her there, to feel those long slow strokes that called an answering pull and tug in her centre. Her own eyes showed her that she was now moving against him, willingly, eagerly, almost pleadingly. Any thought of modesty forgotten, abandoned as she lifted her arms to hook them back around his neck, her hips responding to his increasing rhythm. She was like a moth pinned by a sharp sweet stab of pleasure.

He lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bed, watching her face as he laid her down. He slid down her slowly with open mouthed kisses, whispering fingertips. With torturous patience he lingered at her breasts until they were achingly full with pleasure. With her fingers clenching and unclenching in his hair, he moved down, gradually down. He could hear her soft incoherent pleas, gasping sighs as he trailed his mouth down her torso, nipped teasing teeth across her hips. She felt his breath against her thighs and cry out, rearing up as another hot wave slam into her. He couldn't get enough. Every taste of her was more potent than the last. Grasping her flailing hands, he drove himself mad by pushing her to peak again. When her body went lax, when her breath came out in gasped, he brought his mouth back to her.

She was willing to beg but she couldn't speak as sensation after sensation tore through her. Desperate for him, she grappled with his jeans, tugged, and dragged both denim and cotton over his hips, too delirious to notice the effect of her urgent fingers on him. She would have screamed with frustration if his mouth hadn't seduced her into a groan. Damp flesh slid over damp flesh as they both pulled the jeans aside.

"Wait." The word sounded harsh as he fought to hold on to the last of his control. His fingers tightened in her hair. "Look at me." And as she opened her eyes to look into his, he repeated, "Look at me. I want you to know. I want you to remember." He slipped into her. Her eyes glazed but remained on his as they set an easy rhythm. As he filled her, she knew she would always know. She would always remember. He wanted her.

When the sun came up to pour golden light though the windows, she was in his arms. It was so sweet, so natural. It felt incredible to him that her head would be resting on his chest, her fingers fisted over his heart. She slept like a child, deeply and curled into him for warmth and comfort.

He lay still. Loathed to wake her though the night was over and morning had come. It was so quiet he could hear the rustle of trees and the early morning chirping of birds from his opened balcony. He clung to the peaceful interlude.

She sighed and nestled closer into him as he stroked her hair. He remembered how generous she had been in the dark sleepy hours. It was as though he had only to think, to wish, and she would turn toward him. Again and again they had loved, in silence and perfect understanding.

He wanted to believe in miracles. And yet, she still hadn't answered his question. Frowning a little, he looked into her sleeping face. Though he felt far from a prince, he tilted her head to wake her up with a kiss.

"Mmmm..." she smiled but kept her eyes closed. "Can I have another?" Her voice, husky with sleep, sent desire tingling along his skin. He forgot to be careful. He forgot to be patient. His mouth took her a second time, urgent and desperate and had her system churning before she was fully awake.

"Darien," she locked her legs around him, pleading. Before she could beg, he was already inside her, already dragging them both where they wanted to go. The ride was fast, shooting the both of them up, where they clung, breathless and giddy.

Her hand slid off his damp back. "Good morning" she said opening her eyes. "I just had the most amazing dream."

Though he was still light headed, he braced himself on his forearms and looked down at her. "Tell me about it," he teased, pressing his lip to her brow lovingly.

She moved her hands deliberately over him. "Waking up was better," she informed him cheekily.

Darien laughed. He rolled to reverse their position. She dropped a kiss on his shoulder and propped her chin on his chest, studying him thoughtfully.

"What is it?" he asked, slowly running his hands over her back.

"Ask me again," she requested. A twinkle in her eyes.

Darien groaned. "I've asked you fifty times," he answered. Exasperated, terrified, charmed.

Serena pulled herself into a sitting position. Darien followed suit. "You haven't answered. Not once." His eyes were pleading with her.

"Ask me again," she repeated. Quietly this time.

Darien took a deep breath. They were both kneeling on the bed now, facing each other. He took both her hands in his and stared deep into her cerulean blue eyes.

"Darling Serena..." he began gently, using one hand to push the tendril of her hair behind her ear, stroke her jaw, all the while still keeping both of hers in his other hand.

"Marry me. Be my wife. Go to bed with me every night. Wake up with me every morning. Give me all your tears and worries. Share with me all your laughter and joys. Give me all your tomorrows and I'll use all of mine to show you just what you mean to me. My love, my heart, my everything," A request, a pledge and an oath came out of his mouth, shone in his eyes and radiated from his being.

Serena searched his face for a moment. A sombre expression on hers which couldn't, however, shadow or compete with the joyous radiance in her eyes. Slowly, she lifted herself higher and put both her hands on his shoulders. Gently, she kissed his forehead, both his eyelids, his nose, his chin.

With her face just a breath away from his, she answered him, "Yes."

One word. And their lips met. Each secure in the knowledge that they belong together, with each other, for each other, always.


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