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So… resolution phase. Sorry if I sound so scientific… I didn't feel like sleeping yet. I
looked at my bedside clock. Eleven past two o'clock am. Good thing it was Friday-
no, formally speaking it was already Saturday morning. I wasn't gonna fall asleep
anytime soon.
"Hai?" he answered languidly.
"Gonna sleep yet?"
"Not if you don't want me to- aren't you tired?"
"You- always thinking about sex… I didn't mean it that way! I'm tired too… just not
sleepy… I have a mild case of insomia."
I stood up, looked for my underwear and put them on.
"What is this? Reversed strip tease?" Youji chuckled asi tossed his boxers at him.
"Put them on." I settled down beside him again.
"What for?" He asked, putting them on anyway.
"Because… sleeping naked- it just doesn't click to me." And that was that. He didn't
ask about it again, and he never forgot to do it.
As he lay back down, I turned my back to him. He moved closer and coiled his arm
around my midsection. Translation: hug. Summation: cuddle. Do I like uddling? Hm…
depends on my mood- and the weather- and skin conditions. Absolutely no cuddling
on hot days. And damn it, I hate sticky skin! Also, I'm not the one who does the
cuddling. Cuddling isn't my 'thing' and it's all because of a glitch in my limbic system.
Schatten's classification of LS: Alex: hyperactive, Marshalle: normal, Asuka:
glitched, Vincent: not functioning. Hey, but I'm not sure about these. This is just
what I have concluded from behavioral observations. I doubt they'd let me do lab
tests on them. But I think Vincent has had frontal lobotomy.
Back to story. So, it was a hug. I didn't mind, He had smooth skin- and it slided,
not dragged over my own… It was quiet. The CD that had been playing stopped
ages ago. A few minutes passed. I listened to his breathing until it was even.
Asleep? I turned my head a bit to get a peek. Eyelids relaxed, muscles relaxed. But
"I'm still awake."
I mumbled in acknowledgement. And the best actor award goes to…
"So… do you wanna talk or something?"
I agreed, knowing he wouldn't be able to pry anything from me.
"And so we talked. It was more of a which-do-you-prefer sort of thing where he
asks and I answer and I ask and he answers. A bit pointless, really. At some point
of time, we finally got to the sleeping part. But of course, I was still awake. And
when I was absolutely sure he was asleep, I went back to work on my painting.
Amazingly, I finished it that same night- morning- whatever. The sleeping Youji had
the look I had been trying to capture: peaceful, sated, content, ethereal. Okey,
ethereal is going overboard… anyway, when I was finished, I finally felt like sleeping. I hid my masterpiece, crawled into bed, and dozed off.
I awoke when I felt some shifting beside me. Opening only one eye, I watched as
Youji pulled the blanket over the two of us. The blanket was not the only thing he
wrapped around me, his arm did too. And again, I didn't mind. It was cold since
the air conditioner was on. As he was about to lay back down, I closed my eyes
and pretended to be still asleep.
And then… I felt him breathing on my shoulder. Soft and regular. It annoyed me
because it tickled. A shiver went down my spine. Pissed off, I opened my eyes and
glared at him. He just stared. I looked him in the eye and forgot that I was irritated
at all, too lost in the depths of his jade pools.
"Ohayou…" and a kiss.
I pushed him away, "Hn… no kisses yet. I must taste like shit."
"If shit tastes like you, I wouldn't mind eating it every morning…" He said, nibbling
gently at the corner of my mouth.
"Youji, that's so corny!" I laughed a little, "But if you say so…" I then offered my
lips to him.
My trip to lala land was suddenly interrupted by the persistent ringing of my cell
I had two options, to ignore it or to pick up. I chose the latter. Growling, I crawled
out from underneath Youji, stalked to my desk, picked up the phone and checked
the number. It was Marshalle.
"Fuck off!!!" I shouted into the receiver before hanging up.
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. RING! I picked up.
"Good morning to you too, sunshine!"
"Cut the crap, Maxwell!"
"Quit bitching, Lachesis!"
"And?" I yapped my foot impatiently.
"We were called."
I gritted my teeth. Of ALL the great timing! Vincent said something in the
"Vincent told me to tell you to get your arse here, pronto!"
"Well I'm telling you to tell Vincent that she can kiss my pretty little ass when I get
there!" I hung up on her again, not waiting for a response.
I turned to Youji, "I have to go, Maiki's calling." There he was, sprawled on the bed
like a cat, amused expression on his face.
"What are you ogling at, Kudou? Didn't you hear what I said.?"
"Hm… I heard you just fine… But your pretty little kissable ass is quite distracting."
"I'm serious. Don't you have anywhere to go to at ten in the morning?"
"Mou… that's so mean! I'm no hobo! Actually, I'm already two and a half hours late
for work. Ran's gonna bite my head of when I get to the shop- but the trade off is
more than worth it. "
"Work, eh? Get going then! I'm gonna take a bath and when I get out, I shouldn't
find you here!!" To the bathroom I went to perform my morning cleansing rituals.
But when I opened the door, after I was done, there he was, leaning on the
doorframe, already dressed and groomed, shades in place, his arm blocking my way.
I held my towel in place and scowled up at him. "Are you doing this on purpose
just to spite me, Kudou?!!"
The impassive expression on his face didn't change as he lifted his shades, pulled
me towards him and gave me a long bruising osculation. (a what? translation: kiss)
Finally, he let me go.
"Ja…" Unaffected was the word I thought of as he put his sunglasses back on,
spun around and walked away.
At first I couldn't speak, but as he was near the door, I called out to him. "Hey…"
"Yeah?" he didn't bother to look back at me.
"My project's not done yet. Come back tonight… At around eight." White lie….
Youji took a step towards the door, then another. Was he ignoring me?
But then, as he was about to close the door, "I'll be here. Count on it."

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