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Sam turned over, shielding himself from the sunlight pouring through the window. His head was pounding. He knew he wasn't that great a drinker, but ever since Dean had let out everything in his head after the Specter case, he somehow couldn't stop blaming himself. He had his reasons for quitting. Just like Dean had his reasons for Benny. He knew they would have to solve this soon, but a large part of him would rather just hide behind a bottle.

He made a motion to get out of bed, but the next second, he was groaning in pain, his head searing and the room spinning out of control.

Dean sat on the other bed, fully awake, still holding the letter. He had hardly slept the night. He was berating himself for being such an ass to Sam. And the run-in with the vengeance-crazy specter didn't help matters much. He could imagine Sam writing every word, maybe a bottle in hand. Dean slipped the letter back under his pillow and covered his face with his hands, trying to compose himself. Sam could not see him like this. He saw Sam turn away from the morning light coming at his face. Dean followed the light and saw the curtain partially open. He'd have to fix that. Sammy could use all the sleep he could get. Being on the receiving end of a hangover numerous times, he knew it wasn't a pleasant experience.

Dean walked over to the window and reached up to pull the curtain closed, then winced when the fastenings squealed loudly against the curtain rod. Behind him, Sam moaned and rolled his face down into his pillow, clutching the soft fabric to block out the light. Dean immediately abandoned the curtain and sank down on the mattress beside his brother.

"Aw, shit. Sam? Did I wake you up? You all right?"

Sam squinted, looking up at Dean in confusion and blinking through the hangover.

"Yeah. Fine. What's wrong?"

Dean stole a glance at the letter, the edge of it still visible underneath his pillow. "N-nothing. I just… You messed yourself up pretty good there last night, huh?"

"I guess." Sam rolled over and made a move to sit up, pushing the blanket off with a trembling hand.

"Ugh. Damn. My head."

"I'll get you some Tylenol."

Sam looked at him. "I'm not an invalid, Dean."

"Let me get it." Dean stood up, setting a firm hand on Sam's shoulder.

"What the hell, man? What's with you?" Confused and slightly annoyed, Sam shrugged Dean's hand off and stood up, swaying slightly, and shoved past Dean on his way to the bathroom.

Dean followed, biting the inside of his lip, trying to find the words to let Sam know that he was here. That he regretted so much of the distance that had grown between them, for however much of that was his fault, and that he'd never wanted Sam to feel as alone as he'd felt when he'd written the words he'd seen on that piece of paper.

Sam rummaged in their duffle for the little white-and-red bottle and fumbled unsuccessfully with the childproof cap. Dean wordlessly took it from him and easily untwisted it, shaking out two pills as Sam leaned back miserably against the wall.

Sam moaned. A pained expression crossed his face. "I'm gonna…" He lurched for the handle of the bathroom door and closed it behind him, and Dean could hear the unmistakable sounds of his brother retching.

A good twenty minutes passed. Dean hesitated outside the door. He knocked tentatively. "Sammy? You all right in there?"

Sam moaned through the door. "Lea'me alone, Dean, 'm fine."

Yeah, right. He was just about to barge in when Sam opened the door and nearly walked into him.

"Whoa," they both exclaimed.

"Sorry," said Sam and Dean at once.

"Here, take these." Dean shook the pills in his hand and held them out to Sam. "Trust me, they help."

Sam eyed Dean suspiciously. Why was he all mother-henning over him now? He hadn't even bothered to look at him straight for the past few weeks.

"Um, thanks." Sam quickly gulped down the pills. He made his way to the small coffee table at the centre of the room to put down the glass and sensed Dean behind him. Hovering. Again. Yeesh, what's wrong with you Dean? Thought Sam, annoyed. He turned around, and was about to tell Dean to give him some space when he froze. The letter. He could see the yellow paper sticking out from under Dean's pillow. Anger, hurt, panic rose in his chest.

Dean was hovering. He knew he was hovering. But seeing Sam in this state activated all his alarms. He could sense Sam was annoyed and his thought was confirmed when Sam turned around apparently to bitch at him. What Dean did not expect was finding himself flung to the ground, his jaw hurting like hell. Sam had turned around, and punched Dean.

Without thinking, he spun around and landed a solid punch. It flung Dean to the ground, and he automatically brought a hand up to feel his jaw, now hurting like hell.

"Dude? What the hell?" he exclaimed. He scrambled to his feet and seized his brother by the shoulders.

Sam lunged at Dean again, but he ducked out from under him and instinctively struck back with a punch of his own, sending Sam staggering a few feet away. Sam quickly turned around.

"How could you!?" yelled Sam, managing to land a punch against Dean's temple.

Dean backed away. The blows he had taken from Sam were making his vision swim.

"How could I what? Why the hell are you hitting me?"

Sam let out a bull like roar and charged at Dean, sending them both to the ground. Sam tried to land every punch, Dean managing to block most of them. Dean managed to maneuver himself on top of Sam, trying to get Sam to stop hitting him.

"Sam! Sam! Stop!"


"Dude, arrghh….shit, cut it out man!"

Finally Dean managed to catch hold of Sam's hands and held them against each other in a vice like grip.

"Sam! Can I please know what the fuck I did wrong?"

"What you did wrong?" asked Sam. Giving out a pained laugh.

"Dean, why were you so concerned all of a sudden? Why were you hovering? You read the letter. That's what's wrong."

What?! How did Sam know? Dean glanced back at his bed and felt his heart stutter. The letter was peeking out from under the pillow.

Sam used Dean's momentary distraction to get him off of him. Dean fell against the side of his bed.


"How did you find it?"

Dean remained silent.

"HOW DID YOU FIND IT?" yelled Sam.

Feeling cornered, Dean yelled back, "Why do you care? All I know is you have been hiding stuff from me all the time."

"Yeah, like you don't, Dean? Benny. I told you from the get-go where I was coming from. You had secrets. You've always had secrets."

"Fine, I've had secrets! But I never once stopped thinking about you. Never once did I stop worrying about you. Purgatory's not a walk in the park, you know?"

"And how the hell is that relevant?"


Sam felt like he'd been stabbed. Dean still thought that.

"I tried, alright? I-I'm sorry."

Dean was fuming. But seeing Sam's pained expression, he suddenly lost all his anger.

"Dean, I…it's been…crap alright? It's been crap without you. And don't you for a second think that I forgot about you. I thought about you every day. You were…to me you were everything, and always will be, alright? I didn't know you had gone to purgatory. For all I know, you were-"

"Dead," finished Dean.


"Why didn't you try and tell me, Sam?"

"I didn't know how."

"You needed someone. You've always needed someone. When you left for Stanford, you needed Jess. When I came to get you, you needed me. When I went to hell, you needed Ruby. When I went to purgatory, you needed Amelia."

"I get you Sam. I do. I've always been trying so hard to protect you. I never once thought what it would be like when you didn't have someone to do that. I never once thought how you would….shit, Sam. You're not the one who should be sorry."

"Dean, stop."


"It's not all your fault. I should have looked for you. I know. But this job, this life did nothing more than kill everyone we know. I couldn't bear to look for you and fail, Dean. It would have…" Sam didn't finish. He didn't need to. Dean understood.

Dean suddenly pulled Sam into a hug. Finally letting go, they looked at each other with understanding. Finally understanding the whole mess. Finally able to let go of the resentment.

"Truce?" asked Dean, holding out his hand.

"Yeah truce," smiled Sam. He put his hand in Dean's and the next second he was flung to the ground. Lying on his back, he looked at Dean in bewilderment.

"Moment over, Sammy," he said with a glint in his eye. "You were right, you knew I was gonna kick your ass for saying all that crap to me anyway. Consider your ass kicked."

"Consider your ass kicked. Jerk."

"Oh, don't you even…" Dean said in a mock-threatening tone. "Bitch."

Sam burst out laughing and Dean couldn't help but join in.

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