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-Waiting for an End-

Chapter One: Hope In Dark Places

She was crouched behind a dumpster, watching a small group of walkers feed on a dead dog in the middle of the road. She had long ago gotten use to gruesome scenes such as this. Where the dead came back to life, ate the living, and those 'lucky' enough to get away with bites or scratches turn into the undead hours or days later. She blamed Kikyo, even if she wasn't the reason for this madness. She missed her time traveling days.

She looked from the feasting walkers to her destination, a small grocery store that was still slightly stocked. They were low on rations and medical supplies, and happened to find a small town on the border of Kentucky and Tennessee. After her adventure's in the past, she upped her grades and got into competitive archery, her team managed to make it to a world semi-final match in Kentucky right before the out break started. Souta and Ayumi came with her, unfortunately Ayumi died soon after everything went to hell and before the armed forces showed up. Her Archery Team and Souta managed to survive in the building the competition was in for 2 weeks, until they ran low on arrows and the Army was over-run. That was 3 months ago. They started with 19 in their group, there was only 5 of them now.

Shaking her head to be rid of her thoughts of the past, she took a quick glance on the roof of a nearby building. Behind the sign of the building was dark haired man with tanned skin, Wade. He had his sniper rifle aimed at the small group of walkers in Kagome's way. He nodded to her once to confirm that he was ready. Right after, a small blooded carcase was thrown over the roof's ledge by another person.

The sound of the carcase smacking into the concrete got the attention of the feasting walkers. They got up slowly, groaning and moaning and walked over to the blooded cat body and started feasting on it.

Taking a quick look behind her to make sure the vehicle was in place, she dashed to the small store and opened and closed the door carefully. Taking her machete out from its sheath, she cautiously checked to make sure there were no walkers in the building. When she was sure the building was empty, she opened the empty sack she had with her and put as many dried foods, soups, any water she could find, and medical supplies she could into it. She even found some toilet paper rolls and feminine items too, that in itself was amazing. "I guess this was one of the first towns to fall. No one had time to stock up." The store was still at least half stocked. Which was rare.

Placing the sack on her back, she made her way to the front of the store carefully. Looking out the corner of the window she spotted the walkers still feeding on the bait they laid out. She turned her attention the ally she came from and nodded to a man in a black SUV. As soon as she did, the man drove the SUV to the front of the building and she quickly opened the back and placed the sack in it. Running to the front passenger door, she noticed that the Walkers had noticed them and were stumbling towards them.

Jumping into the vehicle she looked to the driver. "Lets get out of here Greg. Go to the meeting point."

The shaggy haired man nodded once. "Ain't got no complaints out of me darlin', lets get the hell outta' here." He smirked and did a quick u-turn in the road and zoomed away from the on coming walkers, sticking his arm out the window and flashing them the bird.

She smiled at his antics, Greg and Wade were both part of the National Guard. They were the only 2 out of the 30 or so armed forces that survived the onslaught of walkers that came at the competition building in hoards. Greg was a good 'ol fashioned, happy go lucky country boy and was in infantry, where as Wade was a Sniper and part of the special forces, he had a more serious attitude about him. Unless he was alone with her or Souta.

They drove down some side streets and made their way back to where the building Wade and Souta was at. The walkers long gone to another part of the town. Soon Wade and Souta both came out of the building and hopped into the Black Rav4.

Wiping his sweaty brow, Souta huffed in frustration. "Man, those things are annoying. At least they are easy to distract." He pulled out a small water bottle and took a quick drink and leaned in between the front seats to look at Kagome. "Were you able to get anything good out of there, sis?"

Kagome grinned. "You bet ya! The store was still pretty stocked. I think this town was one of the first to get hit by the outbreak really bad. No one had time, or was able to get supplies at the stores. Even got some toilet paper out of there. A good 8 rolls too, of the really good stuff!"

Greg and Souta's eyes got big and spoke at the same time. "Really!?" They looked at each other and laughed lightly.

"Make sure you both dont use it all. We have to make sure to conserve it."

Looking next to him at Wade, Souta made a pathetic whine. "We wont use it all! I promise!"

Kagome chuckled lightly and looked to the gas gauge and frowned. The SUV was almost at a quarter tank. "Hopefully Chouko found some gas. We will need it if we are making our way to Georgia."

Greg nodded as he made a turn onto a side road. "Im pretty sure she did darlin', we passed several vehicles that didn't look to be touched on the way here."

"I can't believe we left her alone."

"She isn't alone Souta, she has Remy with her. That dog will protect her from anything. Just like he would for any of us." Wade smiled slightly at Souta who nodded.

Remy was Wade's personal German Shepherd, who was trained as a police dog. The saddle back German Shepherd was fiercely loyal to Wade and did anything he was asked to do. The hundred pound beast barely fit in the back of the SUV with the supplies.

Soon the small group slowed to a stop on a side road. Kagome opened her window and made a low whistle. Waiting a few seconds, they heard another whistle from their east and drove in the direction they heard it.

Behind some fallen tree's was a young woman holding 2 gas cans, with a large dog beside her.

Souta grinned and opened his window as Greg drove towards her. "Were you able to get any gas?" He asked lowly.

The girl smirked and jogged to the SUV, the 2 gas cans contents swishing inside them as she did so. "You betcha! A whole 18 gallons! Should be able to fill the car up and have some left over." Running to the back of the vehicle she opened it and placed the 2 gas cans next to the bag of items Kagome put him, then let Remy jump in the back also.

Once she was in the Vehicle next to Souta, Greg set off South towards Georgia. The last broadcasts that they heard before all power was out, was that there was a place in Georgia with a cure, or safe house. While the others believed that it was true. Kagome and Wade knew otherwise though.

There wasn't much hope in the world anymore, so they wouldn't spoil it for the other three. There wasnt much left for them here, so it was best to move on anyway.

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