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Chapter 11: Mystery


At the shout of the word, Daryl heard a vicious snarl and the next thing he knew, Remy had already taken out the first Walker with a well placed bite to the jugular and breaking its neck with the force of his ninety pound body slamming into it. Before the first Walker even hit the ground he was already aimed at the second one.

Getting out of his stupor he quickly started loading a bolt into his crossbow, right before he had it fully cocked, he had an object whizz by his head followed closely by the sound of a Walker falling to the ground . Looking back at where Kagome was, he saw her on her knee's, bow in hand, the string still vibrating from her fired arrow.

Smirking at Daryl, she got another arrow ready. "Don't let Remy and I have all of the fun now." She chuckled at him as he hurried to finish getting his crossbow ready. Looking to see how Remy was doing with the Walkers, she was once again impressed at how well the dog held his own against five Walkers. Military training at it's best she guessed. He just took a third out and was aiming at the last one."Come."

As soon as she finished the word, he stopped and ran back to her side. She coed at him and rubbed his ears. She gave Daryl another cocky smile. "Last one is yours my dear." She said while placing her down and remaining arrows on the ground next to her.

Daryl snorted. "Gee, thank you for your generosity." His brother was mocking him in his grave, he just knew it, being out done by an injured girl and her mutt.

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Feeling challenged, Daryl looked straight into Kagome's eye's (He took note at how beautiful a blue they were.) and aimed his crossbow in the area he last knew the Walker to be and with out even looking, fired. Seconds later the sound of a body landing in water was heard.

At Kagome's surprised look, he gave her a cocky grin of his own. "Impressed?"

She huffed and crossed her arms over her chest. "Not likely." Wincing slightly, she leaned back against the fallen tree.

Rolling his eye's. Daryl made his way back over to her. "You shouldn't of fired your bow. Remy and I could of handled them." He crouched down to see if her wound had re-opened. He gave a sigh of relief when he saw no blood.

Shrugging her shoulder slightly, she continued to pet Remy. "Eh, You seemed to be in a world of your own for a moment there. Besides, there is a reason Wade sends Remy with me. If I am unable to fight, Remy will do it for me."

Nodding, Daryl gave the giant beast a look before he stood up. "Remind me to never piss you off. Don't need all three of your attack dogs on me." Wade and Greg he could handle on his own (probably), Remy on the other hand. He wasn't so sure.

He was brought out of his thoughts by a growling sound. Looking at Kagome, he saw her blush slightly.

At his look, her blush darkened. "Sorry, I'm hungry..."

Reaching for the previously forgotten (and now drenched) squirrel, he stopped when she shook her head.

"Save the tiny squirrel for later, I have stuff in my pack we can eat." Reaching into her giant back, she pulled out two Clif bars, a small bag of Beef Jerky, and a baggy with dog food in it. Motioning him to sit, she handed him one of the energy bars when he sat down next to her. She then emptied the bag of dog food on the ground in front of Remy so he could eat as well.


"No problem."

They ate in silence for several minutes, each in their own world.

Daryl was doing his best not to look at her, so instead he looked at where the bodies of the Walkers they killed were. He saw the three Remy took out, the one he shot...


Where was the one Kagome shot?

Standing up quickly, he dropped the half eaten Clif bar in her lap and jogged to where the bodies were.

Blinking in surprise, Kagome watched him. "Hey, What's going on? You alright?"

"It's gone."

She blinked again. "Huh? What is?"

"The Walker you shot. It's gone. There is nothing but a pile of dust and your arrow here. Not even any tracks walking away." He explained as he bent down and picked up her arrow.

She stiffened and moved to get up but stopped when a shot of pain went through her side. "Get me up, I need to see."

Looking at her curiously, he nodded slightly and helped her up as gently as he could and took her to where the Walkers body should have been.

When they got there, she gasped. "Oh shit..."


How in the hell did she purify a Walker!?

She must of voiced her thoughts out loud, because Daryl gave her a weird look and asked.

"What do you mean by purify?"


How the hell was she going to explain this to him?


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