Broken Heart: Stitched

So I have been in love with Frankenstein(Dr. Whale) since the first season, and now that Red(Ruby) is giving him the time of day, I'm really excited to see more of them together. Sadly, he wasn't in Tiny, and there just isn't enough fanfiction to keep me satisfied, so I have decided to write my own. This is my first try to get into OUAT, so please keep that in mind while reading. Anyway, without further ado, here's my story :D

Disclaimer: I do not own Once Upon a Time or any of the characters. If I did, every episode would be a FrankenWolf episode!

Rated: T for dark themes and profanity


The only person who had ever given me the time of day was my brother. He was the only person who ever understood me... even aspired to be more like me. To him, I was the genius inventor who was always one step away from my next incredible discovery. Even when Father told me I was nothing, Gerhardt would stand up for me and assure him that my work was extremely important. When Father gave him our family's cherished heirloom, the pocketwatch, which was meant for the eldest son, he offered it to me. When Father took away my funding, Gerhardt was there to stand up for me. How did I repay him?

I got him shot.

I got my brother killed, made a deal with a strange man in red, turned my brother into a monster, let my brother beat my father to death, and then couldn't put my brother out of his misery because I couldn't bear my entire family to be six feet under; all of them there because, in some way, shape, or form, it was my fault. So I locked him up and kept working with the man in red, later assuring me his name was Rumplestiltskin, so I could get more hearts.

Along the way, I found the wonderfulness of color. Ever since Rumplestiltskin had come to my lab, I was fascinated; especially with the color red. Black, white, and gray are not exactly the most desirable colors.

I also met the oddest people: Jefferson, Regina, and her dead fiancee, Daniel. I, without any thought besides getting my brother back, betrayed the young Regina and assured that Daniel wouldn't rise again so Rumplestiltskin could have a protege.

Damn me to hell.

Then, after failing to bring my brother fully back to me, I get sent to Storybrooke without him, Igor, or anyone else from my realm. Of course, I don't know this because my memory is wiped out and I'm too busy hitting on any living female with a pulse.

Damn me to hell again.

Then, I get my memory back, and I decide that it would be a wonderful idea to try to bring Daniel back, so I steal his body and a heart from Regina's crypt. I bring him back, but he's worse than Gerhardt. I then proceed to get my arm ripped off, have to swallow my dignity and get help from Rumplestiltskin, and realize science isn't the answer to everything.

Now, I have no one to turn to because Rumplestiltskin's magic disgusts me, Regina hates me even more because I made her truly let go of her fiancee, and Jefferson left with his daughter somewhere unknown, even in a town this small. So, that leaves me to attempt to live in a place where I have no one, none of my lab equipment (most of it custom-made by myself), and have to work as the only real doctor in all of Storybrooke. Add that to the fact that Regina can't get me my brother here.


Then, as I attempt to drown my sorrows in some well-deserved alcoholic beverages, I am told that I am to save a man who could get the entire town on the news due to being a jailhouse for all fairytale creatures, and Frankenstein. As he bleeds into his chest cavity, I offer to the Charmings to let him die, and I realize how far I've fallen. All I've ever wanted was for the name "Frankenstein" to stand for life. Now, all people think about is a monster. And I was about to prove them right. At that moment, I realize that my gift to the world isn't life, to the contrary; it is death.

My death.

So, that is what led me here. On the edge of the docks, staring into the water as I prepare to give everyone what they've always wanted: the death of Frankenstein. After setting the time of my death on the broken watch, I drop it into the water first. Just as I'm about to follow it, I hear a voice.

It's her.

The one who would never give me the time of day no matter how hard I tried as Whale. The one who always wore my favorite color. After yelling at her to stay, and truly believing she would shrug and walk away as I drown, I go to jump in the water, taking one last deep breath before stepping over the edge.

However, before my feet even hit the water, there she is, holding me by my collar, saving me from the death I thought everyone craved. Somehow, it seems I'm not meant to die... atleast not tonight.

Alright, so this is just a summary of Victor's feelings about what has happened, and what led him to attempted suicide. I hope I got his characterization okay? Getting into his head is really quite interesting :D Next chapter, the actual story will begin. Please don't forget to review!