Author Notes:

-And so here's the sequel! Seriously, though, DON'T kill me. Go watch my PruCan anti-PruHun video instead (the link is on my profile). The One Month series is going to be four books long, by the way. The third one is probably the one that makes me cry the most. This one, eh, the middle section is kind of the silliest...Anyway, so, I separate this book into three parts. First part will probably make you want to kill something. Second part will make you roll with laughter. And third part will, well, give you some more fluffy-drama and one-world-government development. And there's two more books after this is over! Like lolwut? (Or actually I've been thinking of three books and then the last one splits off to all the different pairings; anyway! Enjoy?)

Pairings: Focused around PruCan but also includes USUK, SpaMano, GerIta, and now with a twisted PruHun section.


-As warned about in the first book, there might be random made-up historical references, though I actually try really hard now to get things correct – and to get cultural facts correct.

-Rated M for a REASON! Granted, I do try to throw smut into their separate chapters so you can skip if you don't like it (or are under-age you naughty, horny teenagers! ;P). There will be hetero smut included in this sequel, so, eh, I'll warn you when we get there.

-Certain characters (*cough* Hungary *cough*) are twisted out-of-character a little or... you could say... not portrayed as they are normally portrayed.


-Sequel to "One Month"! Prussia and Canada have spent the season of winter together and it is now turning into spring. New life. New beginnings. And new challenges to face. When Prussia is directly confronted with an old love, his heart gets torn in two, and old memories pull him away from the one who truly loves him. How will Canada handle this new development? Will he sit back and let it happen – or will he chase after the one he wants more than anything else in the world?


One Season

Part 1: Love Is Complicated

Chapter 1:


It was not the alarm clock that woke him up. Neither was it the loss of warmth as his lover left the bed, nor the sound of the shower in the bathroom. No, it was not the tweeting of a certain yellow chick, nor the meanderings of a curious polar bear sitting on the bed in the empty spot of the one who was now awake. He did not even shift his position on the bed when his lover left the shower, moved throughout the room, got dressed, and left with making hardly any noise.

No, Prussia didn't open his eyes until the familiar smell of pancakes filtered through the house. Sure, they ate plenty of other meals. Sometimes even Prussia cooked – yes he did know how to cook, thank you very much. But the pancakes had become a habitual occurrence. Every morning without fail.

It was Gilbert Beilschmidt's new wake up call.

When the smell of pancakes began to waft through the house, Prussia smiled as he slowly left his sleep, eyes opening to stare up at the yellow chick perched on the headboard of the bed. Gilbird chirped a few notes, as if trying to join the birds outside in their song – not that Gilbird was ever really great at music. Prussia laughed at him like he always did. Gilbird fretted, fluffing his feathers, and snapping at him with uncouth words – like he always did.

Gilbert grinned at the bird, and then rolled out of the bed, stretching his arms up to the ceiling as he yawned out the last of his sleep. The iron cross necklace felt cool against his bare chest, but he didn't feel as cold as he had all winter; the temperatures were beginning to get up to what he preferred – much more suited to his sweatpants and no-shirt choice of night clothes.

Ruffling his own hair, he proceeded to grin and make his way out of the room. Bare feet, too. Canada called him crazy. Prussia knew it was only a matter of time before he could convince his Birdie to dress so comfortably. He didn't understand what was so necessary about socks or slippers or shirts or pajamas in general, but Matthew was almost always wearing his favorite red and white striped pajama outfit, complete with red felt socks.

In fact, Canada was still wearing the outfit when Gilbert made his way to the kitchen. He stopped by the doorway, smirking as he watched the blond-haired man work. An apron – pink of all things – but otherwise still in his night clothes. Even after the shower. Gilbert chuckled. There was a reason for that, he was sure.

Sliding across the floor, he managed to sneak up on his Birdie, wrapping arms around his middle in a sudden tackle. "Morning, Birdie!"

There was a little jump from the man he now held in his grasp and in the next few seconds, he could feel the muscles relax as the surprise left Matthew. "Morning, Gil."

"Smells delicious and awesome as usual," he said, planting a kiss on Canada's neck.

A shiver. "H-hey. What did I tell you about that?"

He smirked. "What? Did you tell me something?" Finding the same spot, he smacked his lips against the skin, opening his mouth to let his teeth nibble a little, too. "I'm hungry this morning..."

He could feel Canada go incredibly still, and he knew the man was closing his eyes and fighting the urge to give him any sound. It was cute. This little game of theirs. "I know." The words were clearly enunciated, as if it was taking all his concentration to keep them from wavering. "That's why I'm making pancakes."

"Ah, but I didn't say I was that kind of hungry," Prussia responded with another smirk, licking up Canada's neck this time before latching on for another ever-so-soft kiss.

Birdie let out a gasp, squirming around his hands. "G-Gil...I'm serious..."

Prussia chuckled as he pulled back, knowing he had won – again. Still, he held his hands up in mock surrender as he stepped back. "All right, all right. I'll just sit here and watch you." And with that, he sat on the table that was behind him, setting his hands on the edge of the furnished wood.

Turning his attention to the Canadian in front of him, he gave in to the man's pleas to be left alone. After all, he wanted breakfast at some point, and he could be satisfied for a while just by watching that ass. It was a little surprising when Birdie actually spoke. Usually, the man would pretend to ignore him until he was finished with the food, but this time...

"We could...after breakfast...if you want..."

It made him swell at first, and then blink, closing his eyes and opening them slowly when he remembered something Birdie had mentioned the other night in bed. "But don't you have that world meeting today?"

Matthew groaned, obviously not liking the reminder, either. "Oui, that's right." A sigh. "It's in America, so I can at least take my time." He turned around, then, both hands holding a plate each stacked high with pancakes. "I'll have to leave shortly after breakfast, eh."

Prussia reached out, grabbing one of the plates, feeling his mouth starting to water just at the thought of eating those delicious things. "So that's why you got dressed in that outfit again. Didn't want to mess up your suit?"

While Gilbert focused on slathering his pancakes in maple syrup, keeping an eye on the ever-watchful polar bear, Matthew made his way to his own chair across the table, nabbing the syrup bottle to pour a significant less amount than what Gil used. Gilbird had flown his way into the kitchen and was now hopping around the table, poking his beak into Prussia's syrupy pancake stack, as if taking little tastes of the sugary goodness. Although Gil had tried to tell the bird it was probably too sweet for him, the yellow chick did what he wanted with or without Prussia's approval, so there was no helping it. Just another daily occurrence.

"Oui. Like I said. I have enough time, and I don't want to appear at the meeting with syrup stains – or anything else," Matthew added, blue-violet eyes sending a teasing glare to Gilbert.

Smiling innocently, Prussia ignored the comment and instead focused on his meal, trying to shoo his greedy little chick away from his syrupy sugary goodness. After his second bite, an idea crossed his mind, and he grinned. "Hey! I should come with you!"

Canada nearly choked on his forkful of food. "What?"

"Yeah!" Prussia said, closing his eyes, imagining the scene of him disrupting the annoying world conference. Of course he wouldn't be telling Birdie of those certain day-dreams. "It'd be awesome to see everyone again...and I could keep you company. Kesese~"

Looking across the table, he caught Birdie blushing. "I guess." And then a smile. "It would be nice to have someone there."

"Exactly!" Prussia exclaimed, feeling himself actually getting excited over this idea. He hadn't seen a lot of his old friends or acquaintances in a long time after all. "I mean, they probably wouldn't let me participate, but I could hang around and visit."

For some reason, Matthew seemed quite intent on his food. His eyes were distant. That common look that said he was thinking – or holding something back and debating about whether or not he wanted to mention it. Before Gilbert could question it, however, Canada piped up.

"All right," he said. "That sounds nice. Let's do it."

"Awesome!" Prussia grinned, wolfing down the last of his pancakes before standing up to walk over to the sink, deciding he would be different today and clean his dish. "What do you guys normally talk about?"

Before Canada could comment on his action, he instead had to focus on Prussia's question. The eyes went distant again, and then he sighed, shaking his head. "Honestly, not much. We try, I guess. Global warming. The Middle East. Who owes who what and how much...and then it just derails into a childish fight scene."

Prussia cackled, having a memory of a meeting with Austria and others. When Fritz was there. How the nations had to be basically held back from attacking each other right then, all of them at each other's throats, poised and ready to snap at the first insult. If not for their leaders, things could have easily gotten out of control. It was no wonder that world meetings derailed into wasted hours. Fritz had once commented that for having so many years, nations were nothing more than children when it came to delicate matters.

He shook his head at the memory, even as the smile stayed on his face, and focused instead on filling the sink with warm water and bubbles. Probably too many bubbles. But bubbles were awesome. He couldn't very well clean dishes without bubbles. Tossing his own plate in the water, he grabbed for the other dishes that Canada had used to cook with, and then turned around, holding a hand out for Birdie's plate, seeing it empty and ready.

Matthew was staring at him. "I'm confused..."

Rolling his eyes, Prussia turned around and splashed at the water, feeling bubbles bounce into his bare chest, grinning. "What? I felt like being helpful for once."

Sticking his tongue out, he received an eye twitch from Canada as his lover walked up and set his plate in the water, splashing some of the bubbles toward Prussia in the process. "I made the food, so I should clean up."

"Kesese~ but you always cook the food. I've gotta be useful somehow," he insisted, watching Birdie's face as he splashed the bubble water back toward Canada, not even caring that the sink was beginning to fill up rather high.

Staring at the white bubbles clinging to Matthew's red and white pajama top, Prussia missed Canada's next movement. The next thing he knew, though, he had water and soap in his eyes, bubbles clinging to strands of his hair and making lines down his bare chest, probably clinging to the iron cross as well. Stepping back and using his shoulder to get the soapy water away from his eyes, he blinked, chuckling when he saw that Birdie had turned the sink off.

"Kesese~" he laughed, catching the challenging gleam in those blue-violet eyes. "Why turn it off?" He asked, reaching over to catch hold of stack of bubbles and quickly dump them on top of Matthew's head.

Birdie yelped and then smirked at him, laughing a little as he splashed more water toward him. "It's going to overflow – that's why!"

"Bah!" Prussia responded, grinning as he reached for the sprayer near the facuet. "You're forgetting the best part!" He said, grabbing the hose and turning the water back on, spraying directly at his lover.

Who started laughing uncontrollably, raising his hands to block the water, even though he was beginning to get entirely soaked. "You're gonna get my floor all wet!"

"Aw, who cares? This is too much fun!" Gilbert said, even as he stopped spraying his lover and started to lower his arm, trying hard to keep the grin from his face – though he was sure Canada wouldn't suspect his grin anyway.

"You're not the one who has to go to a meeting soon," Matthew pointed out, lowering his hands when he realized Gil had stopped.

Which gave him just the opening he needed. "Ah hah!" He snapped, grinning wide yet again as he lifted the hose and sprayed at the wide open face. "Gotcha!"

Of course, Canada was surprised, jumping up and then losing his balance. Prussia dropped his weaponry in time to catch his Birdie, easily enough because Matthew had at least decided to fall against him. Reaching over to turn the water off for good, he cracked up in laughter, pleased to have Canada laughing with him – and just as hard, if not harder.

"Well, that was fun," he said, once he had calmed down enough to speak, looking down at the face buried against his wet chest.

Birdie giggled some more. "That was just – I can't even -"

As much fun as it was to hold onto his Birdie, soaked in water and covered in soapy bubbles, even the awesome Prussia knew when to get back to business. After running his hands through the now soapy blond hair, he pushed Canada back to his feet and sighed.

" you have to go?"

The question sadly made Canada's laughter die down as he took breaths to calm himself and nodded. "Yeah. They tend to notice me only when I'm not there."

"Tch. Damn. I still don't understand how they can't notice you, by the way." He sighed again. "Well, I guess you better get ready."

There was a blink, then a smile. "You know, you really should be getting ready, too."

I should get ready? What for? It's not like I -

Closing his eyes, he ran a hand through his own soapy white spikes of hair. "Oh. Right," he mumbled. "I forgot I said I was coming along this time."

Ugh. Why did I say that again? It's not like world meetings have any interest for me. Even if it would be cool to see all my friends again...

A hand grabbed onto his and he opened his eyes to see Canada smiling wide, his eyes dancing like he was excited. Before he could say something, though, the man started to tug him out of the room, nearly dragging him to the bedroom. "Come on, then."

Prussia smiled and let himself get led. Once upon a time he may have cared, but not now, not here, not with his new love. "Are you sure we don't have time for more fun?"

That got him a blush. Something he always loved to see. "Maybe if I get bored at the meeting..."

For a moment, he found himself stunned. He hadn't expected Canada to say something so...kinky? Doing it while bored at the meeting? Didn't that mean finding a broom closet or empty room somewhere? Hmm...maybe a bathroom? He closed his eyes. Or maybe on the world conference table. Under it. On top of it. Hell, in the room with the others watching!

Opening his eyes, he found Birdie with a towel draped over his head and another one in hand, which was quickly tossed toward him. Prussia grinned. "That would be awesome!"

The blush successfully grew, creating quite the red face. Matthew huffed and turned away from him, stripping out of his pajamas. "Gil, stop being a pervert."

Prussia laughed at that. The very idea of him not being perverted. Taking the towel, he began to dry himself off. Yeah, so he didn't take a shower, but in his glory days baths and showers weren't so common place or expected every day, so it wasn't like he particular cared about it anyway.

When he noticed Matthew changing into nicer clothes – his aforementioned suit – Prussia frowned, draping the towel across his shoulders before walking over to the other closet in the room. The one that held all of his clothes, mostly T-shirts and jeans and sweatpants and...well...casual wear. He didn't really like to get dressed up too often. In fact, he started to reach for a shirt and jeans, but then paused, reminding himself that he wasn't just going to a world meeting – he was going to a world meeting with Canada.

"Hey, Birdie, what would you prefer me to wear?" He asked, a little miffed to feel the heat on his face.

Canada barely turned to him, working at the details of his own suit now. "Uhm...whatever you want is fine. Something nice would be preferred, though."

Something nice. Verdammt. Guess I'll wear it...

It took a bit of looking. After all, he hadn't dressed up in years and the black suit tended to get lost among all the video game and cartoon shirts of shows and games he'd become obsessed with. It was a lot easier to hide the nicer clothes than one might think, especially considering the ratio. Anyway, once he found the suit, he brushed if off and started to work at slipping it on.

Once he managed to get mostly dressed, he looked up and caught Canada staring, which caused his face to heat once again. "That looks nice on you," Matthew murmured.

Fighting the blush, Prussia grinned. "Of course! Everything looks good on the awesome me, remember?" He tried to pose, but the stupid tie was being difficult.

Never have been good at these things...

And then Canada was in front of him, prying his hands away from the tie. "Here, let me help."

At first, Prussia stared, silent and watchful as his Birdie began to fix the stupid tie for him. With a somewhat complicated knot at that. He found himself smiling as he looked on, his eyes drifting to Canada's concentrated blue-violet gaze. For once, he decided to be a good boy and keep his hands off, too. Then Matthew had to look up at him, having finished with his task, and their gazes locked.

"Thanks," Prussia whispered, leaning in to kiss him.

The kiss he received was cute and innocent and not too much more than a peck. When he licked at Canada's lips to ask for entrance, he frowned as the man put a hand on his chest and stepped back. "Gil, we need to get going."

He let out a long exaggerated sigh this time. "Right. Work."

Canada simply giggled and grabbed his hand, "Come on, then. Don't you want to visit with everyone? It has been a few months since you last saw your brother..."

Prussia grinned. "And Francis. And Antonio. And little Italy." Because Italy wasn't near as bad as he remembered him being. For whatever reason, he almost liked the silly little Italian now. "Oh, not to mention it would be fun to mess with Austria again."

He froze and then stumbled because Canada was still tugging him out of the house and down to the car. A name he hadn't thought of in a long, long time hit his brain. A name he had thrown away to his memories. A name that still made his chest feel weird even though he was quite happy with Matthew.

"What is it, Gil?" Birdie asked, having stopped at the car and let him go, looking across the hood of the car curiously when Prussia didn't get in right away.

Gilbert shook his head. He wouldn't mention it. If he was lucky, maybe he could avoid her, too. Because even he could recognize that the urge to see her again was beyond what it should be...



A/N: So the bubble-water fight scene was pulled from certain nights closing at my job. Anytime I was assigned dishes, I filled up the first sink with lots and lots and lots of bubbles – and would proceed to toss them at people, namely my brother or fiance' who also worked with me. Not to mention all the times having water fights with my brother, sister, and mother with the kitchen water spray hose-thingy (whatever it's called). Yeah, I don't care how old you are, bubbles are always awesome.

Also: I need a picture for this story. Currently going to use the same one as the first book, but if I could find something where Canada and Hungary are fighting over Prussia...yeah...well...the chances of that are slim, aren't they? Ah well.

The chapter's a little shorter than I originally wanted, but the whole world meeting scene has so much I couldn't start it after hitting 3500 words...I don't like going too far over 6000 after all. Ah well. Next chapter, hm? At least this one gives you some nice, cute, FLUFF. And a lot of me rambling. Sorry about that.

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