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One Season

Part 2: Friendship Is Magic

Chapter 11


After several hours, pit stops, whining, complaints, awkward silences, crude jokes, discussions of politics, songs being sung off key and with lewd lyrics...well...Germany had developed quite a headache. Having a full car on a long road trip was rough enough, but when it included France, Spain, and Prussia it only meant things would be much worse on him, being the driver. Why ever did France and Spain have to get wind of the issue between Prussia and Hungary and Canada? If they hadn't known, then they never would have joined together, and they never would be here now trapped in this car with him.

Thankfully, the long trip was almost at an end. "Ve, are we there yet, Germany?"

With a nod and smile, Ludwig relaxed back in his seat. "Yeah. Almost there."

As soon as the words left his mouth, France appeared to bounce forward a little. "Then it is almost time to party." Glancing to the side, Germany could see Francis turn around in his seat and face Prussia. "You are going to join us, right, Gil?"

From the back seat, Spain reached around Canada to poke Prussia's arm with a smile. "Si! Of course he wants to join!"

Before Gilbert could answer, or Germany could hear his brother's answer, Italy poked him in the side. "Hey, Germany, is where we're going still a surprise?"

And the little question successfully side tracked Prussia. The albino leaned forward, his face close enough to where Ludwig could feel the man's breath on the back of his neck. "What do you mean? Are you leaving the house to us and going off alone with Italy somewhere?" Before anyone could answer, Gilbert assumed the affirmative and chuckled. "You should check out this club 'Insomnia,' West. It's got all kinds of neat toys and -"

"Nein!" Ludwig shouted, feeling his fingers gripping into the steering wheel. "That is not where we are going!"

A part of him was glad to hear such an outrageous suggestion from his brother because it meant Prussia was feeling more like himself. Then again, hearing the very name of that club was enough to make his face flush in embarrassment. If anyone else in this car even knew what that place was like...Besides that, even, imagining his brother in a place like that...

He shivered, and then repeated himself, a little softer this time. "Nein..."

"Ve?" Italy's questioning voice made him groan. "What's wrong with that club, Germany?"

And Prussia's obnoxious laugh made him grit his teeth, no matter how nice it was to hear it again. "Kesese~ Yeah, West, what's wrong with it?"

Looking through the rear-view mirror, Germany could see Canada smiling at Prussia, looking at no one else in the car. As much as Ludwig liked having his brother back, Matthew was the only one who actually enjoyed every aspect of the Prussian's crazy personality. As a response to the question, Ludwig simply shook his head. They had finally arrived at the house and he was in the process of parking the car when his little glance in the rearview mirror revealed something else he must have missed earlier.

"You didn't wear your seat belt," he said, completely derailing the conversation.

Spain's innocent whistle caused him to send a glare to the Spanish man for not wearing a seat belt, either, but he quickly had his attention back on his brother. Prussia simply shrugged and sat back, crossing his arms, while Canada responded. "I gave up on him a long time ago."

Having Italy look up at him without a seat belt on either, Germany sighed, knowing he was never going to get anyone to follow safety rules in his car. "Were we supposed to?"

"Hey, I wore mine," France said. "These uncouth ruffians are just too barbaric for safety. Of course, Italy here is too cute to wear one so he does not count."

Prussia proceeded to stick his tongue out at France. "You just don't like taking risks."

Rolling his eyes, Ludwig groaned and waved his hand in the air. "Forget it. Just get out and have your party. Without destroying my house," he added, knowing something bad was going to happen no matter what he said but still feeling the need to say something.

Spain was the first one to leave the car, sliding out quick with a small cheer of excitement. France was quick to follow, though he did have to leave a comment for Prussia as he climbed out. "You are just impossible."

To which Prussia smirked. "I try."

Looking on from the rear-view mirror, Germany watched as Prussia and Canada squeezed each other's hands, the eyes meeting, the two of them smiling softly at each other as if no one else were in the world with them. Italy took the moment to poke him and point it out, smiling, and mouthing something about love always finding a way. Still, Ludwig wasn't fooled. He knew his brother better than any of them.

He could recognize the fake smiles better than any of them. The same scarred look hanging in his eyes, so similar to the first few years after returning from Russia's house. Canada might be able to recognize it, too, or if he didn't now he would understand soon. Prussia was a master at faking his happiness; the albino refused to show anyone what he was suffering, and he had so many ways of hiding. Perhaps the drinking party with his friends would be a good thing, but Germany was worried that it would only help Gilbert hide more.

Then again, Matthew was the unknown in the situation. With Canada there...

"Germany," Italy's whisper in his ear brought him out of his thoughts. He blinked and turned to his Italian, meeting the smile, and the curiosity in those eyes. "We're alone. Where are you taking me?"

A quick look around proved that, yes, they were indeed alone in the car again. So, he smiled back at Italy, put the car in gear, and once again returned to the road. "You'll see when we get there."


Canada climbed out of the car right behind Prussia. He grabbed the man's hand and held on, refused to let go. Gilbert would not go anywhere without him, not ever again. Especially not now. Whatever Prussia appeared, Matthew could tell the albino was faking. He could tell, and he wanted his lover to know he understood, to know that he was here, and that he wasn't going to leave, that it was all going to be okay. Above all, he wanted Prussia happy; the very thought of the albino breaking down again was enough to make Canada cling even tighter.

He ignored the small whine that escaped Prussia's mouth, too.

And he swallowed the urge to glare at his Papa when France danced over, throwing an arm across Prussia's shoulders, hanging on the other side of the albino. "It's time to party, mon ami. Time to break out the booze, Gilbert; then the real fun can begin."

"I'm not drinking," Canada said, bringing the attention to him, tugging Prussia closer to him even though France didn't seem to recognize the back-off gesture at all.

When Spain appeared on Matthew's other side, he instinctively moved even closer to Prussia, setting both hands over Prussia's one. "Aw, come on," Spain pouted, having finished waving goodbye to the car holding Germany and Italy as the only two sane ones left Canada alone with the crazy trio. "It's not a real party unless everyone drinks!"

Canada shook his head. "Every time I drink, it always ends in something bad, and I forget any-"

"But, Birdie, you're so funny when you're drunk," Prussia interrupted, that fake smile wide, those red eyes trying so hard to fake a real gleam.

"You got him drunk?" France asked.

Though Canada was hardly paying attention, even as Prussia replied. "Awesome Me gets everyone drunk. You should know this. With how many times you two have tried to out drink me, it should be-"

"You call me Birdie because of something that happened when I was drunk?" Canada interrupted, staring at the albino, feeling his face blush at the realization.

All this time and he had no idea...

Though Prussia did squeeze his hand and smile. "Yup! That's when you met Gilbird, too!"

Of course, Spain had to interrupt their little moment, poking his head into Prussia's face. "Hey, wait, haven't I beat you in a drinking match before?"

The question successfully pulled Gilbert's attention, making Canada work to keep a glare back once again. "No you have not!" Gilbert said, pointing a finger at the Spaniard. "No one drinks me under the table!"

And France's sigh only continued to hold Prussia's attention. "Unfortunately, it is very hard to do so," Francis said from his new place by the door, hands in his pockets, staring at them, as if waiting for someone else to open the door. "But we have done it, Gilbert."

"And it's the most hilarious thing in the world!" Spain chimed in, hopping up next to France in front of the door, the both of them now facing Prussia and waiting for someone else to open the door.

Which Prussia did, walking up, taking the key out of his pocket with only one free hand, all while denying their claims. "That is not possible! I don't believe it!"

France grinned as the door was open, stepping in front of Prussia. "Is that a challenge, mon ami?"

Standing next to Prussia, still holding his hand, Canada started to wonder what the albino would be like when drunk. "I wouldn't mind seeing Gil drunk..."

Snapping at France, Gilbert didn't seem to hear Matthew's statement. "It is a challenge, but it won't be a challenge to out-drink you!"

Francis chuckled and turned around, walking into the house first, the others quickly following him. "Oh I think you're full of delusions, Gilbert. You don't always win, you know." A quick spin and Francis was talking to Matthew, being the only one to notice or wish to respond to his earlier comment. "You'll love him when he's drunk, as long as he doesn't decide to get nostalgic and mopey."

"I do not get mopey!" Prussia snapped back immediately. "And I don't get drunk either!"

Spain laughed. "Ha! You have no idea! It's like bi-polar to the extreme with you when you're drunk!"

Prussia turned abruptly to face the Spaniard, tugging at Canada's hand as he did so. "That is not true; it is all lies!" Just as abruptly, Gilbert turned back, facing Canada. "Don't believe a word they say."

Matthew felt another tug and realized Gilbert was trying to pull his hand away. Why would he do that? Didn't he need the support? Didn't he understand that Matthew was only wanting to show that they would never be separated again? This was for his own good! As if to make a point, Canada squeezed on Prussia's hand, getting the red eyes to finally look at him directly.

Just as Gil was opening his mouth, France had to go and speak instead. "I'll go mix the drinks." And successfully pull Prussia's attention again, stepping close to put a hand on Prussia's shoulder, too. "Don't worry. We are at your brother's house. There's bound to be plenty of German beer to satisfy your needs."

"You better not make something really girly," Gilbert said, glaring at his friend.

Francis merely chuckled as he floated into the kitchen. "No worries, Gil. Like I said. There's plenty of your disgusting German beer to satisfy you."

When France left the room, Spain was the next to pull attention. The three of them were constantly talking, apparently. One after another. There was hardly any chance for Matthew to get a word in, much less make a point that Gilbert shouldn't be trying so hard to break out of his grip.

Sitting on the couch, lifting his feet to rest on the antique coffee table, Antonio grinned over at the two of them. "So, amigo, how are we going to do this, hm?"

To Matthew's surprise, Gilbert didn't answer his friend. Instead, Prussia focused more on the fact that his hand wasn't coming free. In a soft whine, he groaned. "Hey, Birdie, can you let me go? This makes it kind of hard to move around-"

France's call from the kitchen interrupted whatever Prussia was trying to say. "I say we tie Gilbert down and force him to drink wine!~" Of course, Francis couldn't hear Gilbert's whispering.

And no one responded to the Frenchman, either, though Matthew did have an image cross his mind of Prussia tied up, an image that made him blush and shudder. All of his sex with Gil up until now had involved the Prussian taking charge and being gentle, but the thought of switching it around aroused Canada more than he expected. And -

"Hey, now," Spain's voice broke the image in his mind. "No one here is going to take him away from you, all right?"

They were both staring at him now. Spain with an understanding smile, which was kind of creepy in its own way. Prussia almost pleading, giving another tug to get free of the Canadian's grip. The thought of Gilbert begging sent up two signals to his brain. One would have been enough to make him blush again, but the other won out. Hungary had been forcing Gil into submissive actions. Now Canada was doing it, too.

No, I won't do it. If he wants to be free, I'll let him free.

"...sorry," he mumbled, as he dropped his grip.

Prussia immediately let out a huge relieved sigh. "Ahhhh, I can feel my fingers again. Jeez, Birdie, you didn't have to squeeze so tight."

Before Canada could comment, Francis called out from the kitchen once more, still having no idea about the little moment happening in the living room. "I didn't hear any objections. Guess I'll pull out the wine after all!"

Almost a beat after the call out, Prussia spun to face the kitchen and shook his fist at the door. "You will not! If you make me drink that fucking French shit again, I will kick your ass! You hear me?"

Canada chuckled. "Wine's not that bad, Gil."

Spain grinned from his position on the couch. "I agree with Canada. Besides, wine's always worked to get Romano drunk. Maybe it'll do the same for you."

"This isn't some challenge to make me drunk," Prussia exclaimed, stomping the floor as if to make a point. "This is a challenge to see who can drink the most!"

Holding up a finger, Canada tried to think of something to calm the albino down. Really, all this excitement at once wasn't good for him. He had just been with Hungary in terrible condition. Some time with friends was not a bad thing, but he didn't want to see Gilbert so worked up, especially not so quickly because he knew this night was only going to get more and more crazy as the time went on.

"Gil, maybe you should -"

Of course, like always, he was interrupted. This time by his own father figure as France walked into the room carrying a large pitcher filled with a oddly colored liquid and three bottles of wine. "That's not how I heard it," France said. "What did you hear, Toni? Didn't we say getting Gil drunk is the challenge?"

"Si~" Spain nodded.

While Canada found his eyes drawn to the pitcher of the mysterious liquid, his eyes growing wide as he forgot all he had been worried about before. "Um...what's in there exactly?"

"I just threw in whatever I could find," Francis responded as he moved to set the pitcher and bottles down on the coffee table, most likely laughing at Gil's startled reaction. "Don't worry. It's all safe to mix. I know what I'm doing. We won't get sick off of it. Well...unless you drink too much of course."

"Of course..." Matthew mumbled, vowing not to touch the stuff with a ten foot pole.

After setting everything down safely, Francis turned around, hands on hips, and grinned toward Canada and Prussia. "I say we don't let Gil drink my latest masterpiece until he's had a full bottle of wine to himself."

Before Canada could comment on the hazards of such a suggestion – after all, a full bottle of wine was a bit excessive – Prussia stomped his foot and whined like a child having a tantrum. "Hell no! You'd have to tie me down if you ever want me to drink that shit again."

Antonio leaned forward in his seat. "I'm with Francis, except I think Matthew should be the one to tie Gil up."

At the very idea, Matthew could feel his face flush. He glanced to Prussia and then quickly glanced away. Mon dieu...the images... Why were they suggesting this? Why now? Hadn't they just pulled Prussia away from a dominatrix? Hadn't they just freed Gilbert from someone who took such advantage? Canada had raged at seeing Gil collared and tied up when they had been at Hungary's house, but now the idea seemed...different...

"Th-th-that's cheating!" And Prussia was stuttering, which meant he was getting dirty thoughts as well.

Francis and Spain weren't going to drop it, either, especially not after seeing their reactions. France stepped closer to the Spanish nation and set a hand on his shoulder with a grin. "That's a great idea, Toni."

Spain, meanwhile, continued to smirk. "Judging from the conversation in the car, there might be some rope in Germany's bedroom."

Even from across the room, Matthew could see his Papa's face light up at the information. "I'll be right back, then," France said as he made his quick exit from the room.

Which only made Prussia louder. "Don't you dare!" Gilbert shouted at his friend, who wasn't going to be listening anytime soon from the look of things. The albino crossed his arms and then faced his other friend. "Birdie won't do it, you know."

"Oh, I wouldn't say that..."

Seeing Gil freeze was the only reason Matthew's face flushed again. He had meant what he said. Sure, he may not have meant to comment out loud like that, but the idea of Prussia tied up did seem to excite him so...

"What?" Gil gaped in the silence, staring straight at him now, red eyes almost confused.

Taking a breath, Matthew tried to force the blush down as he faced his lover. "I wouldn't actually know..."

Gilbert stared at him a little longer before running a hand through his silvery hair and shaking his head. "Great..." Prussia groaned as he began to move himself closer to the alcohol in the room. "I don't think I like where this is going."

With a frown, Matthew followed him, hands going to his hips. "And what is that supposed to mean?"

Gil yelped and spun to face him directly, merely two steps from the couch and coffee table now. "Uhm – just that – I don't think -"

"You don't think what?" He stepped closer, putting his face right in Prussia's, smelling the man's scent but not touching him. "Are you telling me you're willing to be tied up by Hungary, but not me?"

"Ah – no – it's not that." At the very mention of her name, the gleam in the red eyes dropped. The atmosphere in the room fell, too. Canada inwardly cursed when he saw the crazy version of his lover closing back into himself right in front of him. "I just – I didn't expect you to – I'm sorry."

Mon dieu...I killed it...Over something stupid...He was perfectly happy for a moment. We all were; we'd forgotten everything, and then I had to go and mention...

Canada sighed and pushed Prussia onto the couch, joining Spain. Well, pushing Spain to the outer side, but still... The three of them sat there on the sofa together. Spain, Prussia, and Canada, all stuck in an awkward silence. Gil's shoulders had slumped, and Matthew was holding onto one of the pale hands again, in an effort to offer comfort. The words had popped out without thinking. Sure, he was worried about it, worried that Prussia would be willing to do crazy sexual antics with Hungary and not with him but...

What terrible timing...

"Amigo, you could go ahead and start drinking that wine now," Antonio said, breaking the awkward mood as he shoved his elbow into Gil's side.

Prussia grunted. "Don't feel like it."

Matthew gave a small smile toward the Spanish man, but Antonio was not going to give up that easily. Grabbing a bottle of wine, the Spaniard popped the cork off, and handed it straight to Prussia. "Come on, amigo, you love this stuff, right? Don't you remember what happened last time?"

A sharp shiver rushed through Gilbert's body and with one phrase, he was back. "Oh hell no. Get that shit away from me!"

Canada relaxed, dropping his hold on the albino's hand and sitting back. He managed to catch Spain's eyes as Spain and Prussia pushed the open bottle back and forth between them. One of the green eyes winked and Matthew mouthed the words "thank you" though he wasn't sure if Spain understood him.

At least the night wasn't ruined after all...In fact, he was sure it had only just begun.


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