Germany woke up, the sun light in her eyes. She groaned and played with her blonde hair. Then she turned to the side and felt her boobs hit something. She gasped as she saw a sleeping italian with reddish brown hair in his underwear.

"Damn it Italy," she muttered as she was blushing since she was in a tanktop and a pair of panties without a bra, "Get some clothes on."

She got dressed in her uniform and sighed then went down stairs. A Japanesse man was eating rice with salted salmon and drinking tea.

"Ohio Doitsan." Japan said.

"Good Morning Japan." Germany replied then she noticed the salted salmon and took it away, "You are on a strict diet Japan! No salted salmon for you!"

Japan looked sad and continued eating his rice then a yawn came from the stairs.

"Good morning Germany." Italy said.

Germany looked up and blushed. Did Italy always have to look better than her? He was so clean he was practically shining and he was wearing a green button up shirt that was down a few buttons with a black suit and a snazzy belt.

"Ve-" Italy said, "Why are you in your uniform Germany?"

"We have to train today Italy." Germany said, "Like every other day."

"Eh? But the war's over."

"That maybe but we need to stay in shape."

Italy made his sad moe face, as Germany liked to call it. Fortunately she had a resistance to it.

"Fine, we can hold off training until after lunch."

"Yay! Thank you Germany!"

Okay, correction: Most of the time she had a resistance to it. Italy hugged her.

"Since we're going out." he said, "You should wear something casual. It would look good on you. -Ve"

Germany blushed


Then she went up to her room and put on a grey sweater and Jeans. She sighed. Unrequited love was hard. She loved Italy but he would go out and hit on girls today.

Germany was proven right. It happened when Italy took her to lunch and he started hitting on the waitress. After Lunch she hit him and dragged him off.

"Come on!" Germany growled, "We have training to do!"