Pearl hated drama. It was the last thing he ever wanted to be involved in. Drama causes unnecessary stress, and when there is stress, there is bound to be complications. Such was the predicament as his mind scrambled for various ways to explain himself to his goldened eyed companion.

Platina did not budge an inch from her position. She was unable to turn around and face he blonde. She stood as if she was about to take another step; only thing preventing her from doing so is his two fingers latched onto two of her own.

She didn't say anything ever since he took her hand, and he began to feel even more uncomfortable. He clenched a fist inside his pockets.

"Look, Platinum. I..." his voice trailed off once more, unsure of what to say. What can he say? Pearl bit the inside of his cheek, his shoulders scrunched over and his head falling down in mild defeat. His mind drew to a blank once more that day as he failed to come up with an explanation.

Platinum was still silent, and it wasn't helping Pearl with his faltering morale either. Bit by bit, Platinum's fingers slipped from his grasps. She didn't use any effort to pull herself from him, he had let her go.

Her arm fell relentlessly to her side, as if lifeless. Pearl clenched his eyes tight, fist trembling at his hesitation. Platinum still had done anything.

Then finally she made a sound.

"..I.." she croaked. Her voice was cracked, husky as if she was crying. But she wasn't, she's stronger than that. Her throat was swelled, using sheer effort just to speak as clearly as she could. Pearl felt his chest tighten from the torn sound of her voice.

He waited for her to continue, ready to accept any scolding or any negative attitude towards himself. He reasoned tha he deserved it.

However, she said nothing more. Lifting her left leg forward, she then began to walking away. His eyes opened and he looked up at her withdrawing figure. She was leaving? She won't... chasten him? Why?



Platinum... he thought wearily before clenching both fists so tight that his knuckles turned a bleached white. He didn't want her to know, he didn't want them to know.


Pearl brought his wrist up, checking his Pokétch. It was 12:00a.m midnight. Underneath the time was a timer counting down to zero. As of right now; it read 174:59:59:9.

That's seven days.

He has exactly one week, and counting until at deaths bed. Pearl closed his Pokétch, frowning. Platina was nowhere in sight, and most likely long gone. It would be best if he went inside as well.

With whatever time he had left, he was going to make it count.


Hello everybody, I noticed the lack of good 'ol HaughtyShipping and decided to make a fanfic to satisfy my ParuPura needs! Let's see how this one turns out, shall we?