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'A king is always attracted to another king. People like us, we clansmen don't entertain our king at all.'

Munakata recalled those words said by his second in command, Seri. Maybe that was the reason why he had agreed to the capture of the Red King. 'For safety reasons' he'd said, because Mikoto Suoh's Sword of Damocles was in ruins. The end of a king…the end of Mikoto Suoh's life. Munakata fit another piece of a jigsaw into the puzzle that was laid out before him, nearly done.

Mikoto Suoh was now his personal responsibility. He was in his care. The Third King, the wielder of the red aura and the most violent of all the seven Kings. His fingers reached for another piece of the puzzle, twirling it around and around between thumb and forefinger, boredom had once again set in. He'd sent most of the Scepter 4 agents out to find and capture that kid, Isana Yashiro, the killer of one of Suoh's men, leaving him alone at HQ.

'Not so alone if there's another king in the cells…' he found himself thinking. Oh he would be alone with him for awhile. Maybe then he would be able to convince the stubborn man to give up his position as king. It would not only save the man's own life, it would ensure that Mikoto would still be alive at the end of this ordeal. Munakata knew that he would have to approach this matter cautiously, kingship was something that Mikoto did not take lightly.

Munakata got up from his seat, fitting in the piece of the puzzle that he was still holding before he left his office, headed down the hallway to the cells in the lower part of the HQ. He didn't know how he would bring it up to Mikoto. He didn't even have any idea how the Red King would react when he came into the cells to visit him. There was a small, little part of himself though that feared meeting the other and being alone with him. It had to do with the words that Seri said. 'A king…is always attracted to another king…'

He had tried denying himself of those feelings many times before. He couldn't possibly be attracted to Mikoto Suoh. No. But the feeling…it had always been there when they met, the sort of tension between them, the buzzing in the atmosphere. The statement of Seri's had only been a confirmation as to what he was feeling. He shook his head, no, Mikoto wasn't going to get to him. He wasn't going to let that happen.

Mikoto sat in the cell, his mind wandering a thousand miles away. Thoughts of his clansmen, Anna, Yata, Izumo and then there in the back of his mind, thoughts of the Blue King…he smirked at that. Munakata Reisi, had always captured his attention, prim, proper well dressed Munakata. Disciplined, rigid, rule abiding Munakata. He'd like to see that stupid King lying on his back in bed, legs spread wide- Mikoto caught those thoughts, bringing them to a stop. No…he didn't want to see that…but he damn well wished that Munakata at times, would at least acknowledge the fact that he, the Red King liked him.

Throughout the course of his life, Mikoto had never met anyone that had piqued his interest quite like the Blue King at all, he was remarkable in gathering forces together, seen from the numerous Scepter 4 soldiers that worked for him. He was never alone with those people always near him at his beck and call. Mikoto felt that his own life though was different, his clansmen, they were his family yet at times he felt so out of it, as though they did not understand him.

The clansmen would respect him, they saw him as a figure to look up to. The question was did they see him as an individual? Mikoto shook his head, thinking wasn't really his department, closing his eyes now as he turned his back to the room, he settled down to get some rest. Sometimes he felt so alone in this world, what with the current state that his Sword of Damocles was in. He knew it was the end of the line, sooner or later he would die…or he'd have to give up his Kingship.

Mikoto was already beginning to lose it, with the Colourless King invading his sleeping and waking thoughts, causing his powers to go berserk. He could burn down this place anytime, hurt innocent people. Kill them…that's why he'd willingly gone into Scepter 4's custody. Willingly been taken in by the Blue king. Having the knowledge that there was someone here who was able to control him, able to contain his berserker side, calmed him, someone like Munakata, a King, his equal. Someone like that could keep him in check.

Munakata strode down the hallways of the HQ headed down to the cells where the prisoners were kept. He nodded to the guard, took the keys and strode up to Mikoto's cell. The man was asleep on the bed, his tall stature gracefully draped on the bed. Well that did volumes to calm the anxiety at meeting him…The key slid back the lock and the door opened, letting him into the cell.

Closing the door behind him, Munakata silently made his way across the small distance of the cell to stand, towering over a sleeping Mikoto. He looked so peaceful, his face in sleep. Munakata had to resist the strong urge to run his hand through that flaming red hair for some reason, instead he grasped the sleeping King by his hair, slamming his head into the wall to wake him up.

Amber eyes struggled to open and Munakata had to swallow to keep from gasping at the sight. It wasn't everyday you saw such a deep red, a colour that seemed to change with the lighting of the cell. He pulled back now, a little unnerved, letting Mikoto sit, back leaning against the wall, those amber eyes focusing on him now as the Red King's lips turned up in a smirk.

"What honor have I done to deserve your presence my King?" he mocked, leaning his head against the wall, resting his hand on the knee of the leg that he had drawn up to him. Mikoto took in Munakata's state of dressing, the crisp white long sleeved shirt, the blue uniform pants of Scepter 4. He was missing his trench coat however and the thin material of the dress shirt was rather inviting.

"Give up your position as King," came the request right out of the other man's mouth. No greeting no pleading, just a simple command.

Mikoto cocked his head, lifting a brow, "Not gonna happen. I'll ride it out to the end. Besides, you know why I came here Munakata, you're the only one that can handle me. I feel safer having you watch over me 24-7. I don't have to worry about anything," he said.

It was times like these that Munakata hated the most. Mikoto was too laidback about the situation. He didn't really seem to care much about the matter. Though he was flattered that the Red King thought him capable of stopping him, this wasn't what he wanted.

"It's not about me stopping you Mikoto!" he said, his voice raised a little as he took a seat at the edge of the bed. He lifted his eyes to look at Mikoto then, seeing the man lifting a brow again as if to ask 'Then what?', "The Sword of Damocles it represents the truest state of a king. You know how yours looks like. You know what it means. I don't have to tell you do I?" Munakata asked.

"I know. But what does it have to do with you? I don't see why you're coming here to speak to me about that," Mikoto said as he shifted to make space for the other on the bed.

"With the amount of power and energy you're using, it'll only cause a greater damage to the sword and to your body. Your life is on the line here Mikoto! Are you telling me that you don't care about that? About your clansmen? What will they do when you're gone? They'll have no one to look up to, no one to lead them. Don't you at least feel something about that?" Munakata asked.

Mikoto laughed, a low rumbling sound that echoed in the silence of the cell. He moved closer towards Munakata, looking into the other's deep violet eyes as he spoke the words, "Why would you care?" he asked, his hand moving in to capture the Blue King, his fingers tangled in other's long hair at the base of his neck, drawing the other closer to him.

Munakata panicked trying to slip out from the grip but it tightened around his neck now as another hand came up and drew his glasses off his face, his vision not as clear as before now. 'What the hell is he playing at?' he thought as he stilled now, feeling as Mikoto's forehead come into contact with his. Now he was staring into those amber eyes.

"Tell me, why would you care," Mikoto repeated, his voice soft.

Munakata swallowed hard, his heart pounding hard in his chest. This was not the scenario that he had imagined. He had thought the other would lash out at even the mere mention of giving up his position as king. Instead Mikoto was here, hand on the back of his neck, leaning in close to him asking him why he cared.

"I-I…" he paused, closing his eyes, he couldn't think while staring into those harsh amber eyes. He could hear Mikoto's heavy breathing, feel the hot warmth of his breath on his parted lips, his tongue flicked out now to lick his lips, wetting them. He shivered at the thoughts that were running through his mind, feeling his skin prickle over with goose bumps.

Munakata heard his own breathing, loud in the silence of the cell and he found himself shifting, uncomfortable. 'Tell him and get out of here…' he thought but he couldn't seem to get his mind off the feeling of having Mikoto so close to him. So intimately touching him, he felt himself leaning in, Mikoto's hand on the back of his neck guiding him forward as their lips met, bumping together softly at first as they tested it out. Munakata's stomach flipped over and over inside him as he felt Mikoto's fingers tangle deeper in his hair, pulling him closer as his tongue slipped between his parted lips, stroking against his own tongue, shocking him and waking him up from his revere. He was kissing another man. Kissing Mikoto Suoh, the Red King. He balked, struggling now as he pushed at the Red King's chest. 'No I mustn't let this happen…I mustn't give in!'

Mikoto held fast to Munakata as their lips met, his arm wrapping around the other man's lean waist, drawing him close, his hand tangled in dark locks. The feel of Munakata's mouth against his…oh god, so fucking good…Mikoto growled into the kiss, letting his tongue stroke against Munakata's once more, slowly eating away at Munakata's resolve. The struggling soon stopped, the constant pushing against his chest stopped now as he felt tentative hands going to embrace him, slowly circling around his shoulders as long fingers buried in his hair. Mikoto smirked as he heard a moan escape Munakata's parted lips, the Blue King becoming completely undone before him now, falling completely under his control as they kissed.

Munakata's breathing came fast now as his gripped Mikoto's head to his, holding on, kissing the other man as though his life depended on it. His entire being on fire now as his moan was swallowed in their kiss. 'What's happening…' he thought in the hazy fog of ecstasy that was building around him, his mind was clouded with lust and greed. All he wanted was to feel Mikoto's hands on him, touching him, caressing him, stroking him. He gasped though, their kiss broken, pulling apart when he did feel Mikoto's callused hand on his skin, having worked his shirt free from his pants.

"Mikoto…" he rasped, his hands still fisted in fiery red hair, he tried to control his breathing now as he felt the other, his lips dropping to his neck now kissing him there, nuzzling him. Sucking gently on his skin, marking him and making him moan again as the fingers on his skin moved ever higher now as Mikoto shifted and lay him down on the bed. 'No. No…' Munakata thought, he was losing it, losing control, slowly but surely, it was slipping away from his grasp as he was consumed whole by the intense emotions of the Red King.

Munakata's heart was thudding in anticipation now as the other took his time, undressing him, pulling off his shirt as callused fingers trailed over his skin gently. Mikoto's hands were so warm on his skin, caressing him gently. He was surprised at the eclectic sensation that coursed through his body as Mikoto tweaked his nipples rolling them between thumb and forefinger.

Mikoto gulped, he never knew Munakata could look this hot. Hot for him. His cheeks were flushed, lips parted on a moan now as his fingers toyed with the man's sensitive nipples. Dark hair fanned out around his head on the pillow, a dark halo. His heart clenched at the sight, he wouldn't be able to ever take back what he'd done and with each second that ticked past, he found himself falling deeper and deeper in love with this man.

His lips kissed Munakata's smooth skin, feeling the other buck up into him, fingers falling away from his hair now as they gripped onto the bed, it was almost as if the man beneath him was still trying to deny what was happening, holding onto reality, refusing to fall prey to him. Mikoto flicked his tongue over Munakata's sensitive nipple, seeing the Blue King biting on his lower lip now, holding back a moan.

"Mikoto Suoh!" the sharp voice called out, a whiplash to his senses and Mikoto raised his head, there at the door to the cells was Seri Awashima, looking stunned. Mikoto shielded Munakata's body from view now, growling at the woman.

"Get out," he said.

Munakata, startled at the appearance of his second in command, fumbled with his shirt, fingers slipping on the buttons now, he stood on wobbly legs as he snatched his glasses from Mikoto's bed, putting them on once more. He glared at Mikoto, but as he did that he was reminded of what had just happened in this cell, on that bed and he looked away, embarrassed. How could he get carried away? He caught Mikoto's smirk.

"It must be because you care for me, that's why you came in here to talk about the issue of me being king," Mikoto said, fixing him with amber eyes, "Isn't that right Reisi?"

Munakata turned his back to the other man, "I don't care for you. Not in the slightest," he said, keeping his voice in check as his body trembled slightly, "It is my duty as the leader of Scepter 4, as the Blue King, to rid the world of threats and right now, you're the biggest threat there is."

Mikoto laughed, a bitter sound that escaped his throat as he stared at the back of Munakata. He wasn't talking to Munakata Reisi the man anymore. He was talking to Munakata Reisi the King now, the levelheaded, straight laced man without feelings. Mikoto watched as the man left his cell, locking him in and not once glancing back. Once more he was alone again, he hung his head, dying would be so much better than feeling emotional pain, he lay back down on the bed curling up on his side. He wondered to himself, 'Why did I have to fall in love with him?'