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In the clearing of the forest area, there was a kid that stood there, doubled over, his mop of silvery grey hair covering his face. He seemed somehow, awkward.

"M-My King you have found me," the contorted voice said as the kid lifted his head to look to him. "H-Hurry…please you have to kill me. A King can only be killed by another King," another voice was saying, one that was calm, different from the first which he knew was the Colourless King. Two Kings in one body? Mikoto didn't have time to question now. It was his chance. His chance to avenge the death of someone he had cared for as he charged head on, drawing up all his power now, ready to strike the final blow.

"Mikoto!" he heard Munakata yelling to him but he charged on, his feet taking him ever closer to the other figure, the red aura crackling in his hand now as he plunged it right through the figure of the boy, seeing the serene face distort once more into a look of insanity, "Congratulations," it sang and Mikoto ripped it right up, the red flames exploding and engulfing the body, overhead the Sword of Damocles belonging to the Colourless King disappeared along with that of another, a silver Sword of Damocles.

In that final blast as Munakata looked up he saw as the red orb on Mikoto's sword flicker and go out cold, the Sword of Damocles making its descent from high in the sky. He was still too far away from Mikoto…he wouldn't make it on time! And knowing Mikoto…he wouldn't give up his position…

"I, Mikoto Suoh the Third and Red King, revoke my reign as the King and do solemnly swear this upon the Dresden Slate," Mikoto uttered the words, hearing the rumbling that the sword made as it descended from it's height in the sky. He had done it. He had gone and revoked his position as King. Looking up to the sky now, he watched as the sword still came down right above him. If he resigned his position, he would be able to move and the sword would not follow him. Taking a gamble for it, Mikoto made a run for it back towards the clearing now.

Munakata was still keeping his eyes trained on the ever descending sword that he didn't even notice the oncoming stranger until he crashed into the person and they tumbled into the snow together. Mikoto's laughter enveloped him as the other wrapped his arms around him in a loving embrace.

"I did it," he whispered, his heart at ease.

"Mi-Mikoto. You…did it?" Munakata asked leaning his forehead to Mikoto's, he was so glad that the other was still alive.

"Last minute decision," the former Red King muttered with a smirk. It won't matter as long as he had Munakata.

Munakata smiled, standing up now as he brushed the snow from his uniform, that's when he called out his own Sword of Damocles, it was still in good shape, the violet blue orb still glowing bright, "I, Munakata Reisi the Fourth and Blue King, revoke my reign as the King and do solemnly swear this upon the Dresden Slate."

"Oi, what are you doing?" Mikoto asked holding Munakata by the shoulders, looking from the man before him then up to the Sword of Damocles in the sky, which was slowly beginning to shatter into a million pieces of stardust, fading away and being carried with the wind. Violet eyes looked to him full of happiness and love.

"I'm making my choice. I want to join you," Munakata said.

Mikoto shook his head, "You're still a crazy mad man. You didn't have to give up your position just because of me," he said grabbing Munakata's head now, fingers tangled in his hair and brought their lips together in a kiss.

Munakata smiled as he kissed Mikoto back, his heart swelling with love for the other, this was what it was like to be in love. Finally free of the duty of a King, he could chose what to do with his own life now, he didn't have to follow protocol or to make any excuses for going to meet Mikoto. He could live by his own set of rules.

"I gave up my position so that I could be with you," Munakata whispered, grinning like mad now.

"That was sweet of you," Mikoto teased him as he ruffled the other's hair, "come, we should go," he murmured worried of the outcome that would meet them when they headed back.

"Hey, don't worry. Your clansmen will love you no matter what. You've formed such strong bonds," Munakata reassured him as he looked into Mikoto's eyes.

Mikoto chuckled, "Your clansmen will have the shock of their lives knowing what you did," he said, taking Munakata's hand in his now as they headed back to the entrance of Ashikawa High.

Waiting there by the bridge in their two different factions were the Red and Blue clansmen. They were shocked really to see what had become of their kings. But they knew it was what was good, because those two cared about each other so much. The title of King had only turned them into enemies. It had restricted them from each other.

Kusanagi walked over to Mikoto, "So you did it, you resigned," he murmured.

"Yeah," Mikoto said shoving his hands in the pockets of his jacket as he looked over to where Munakata was, explaining the situation now to Awashima. She seemed to take it rather well.

"Mikoto," Kusanagi said pulling on the other's coat to turn the former King back to look at him, "All of us, we're still going to treat you as our leader even if you're no longer the King. We'll still be a band of brothers and sister," he added as Anna came up to hug Mikoto.

Mikoto laughed, "Thank you, all of you," he said, cradling Anna to him as he hugged her. Free of his duties and still his clansmen wanted him as their leader. He was lucky to have them and he was lucky to have Munakata.

"So what's the deal with you and him?" Kusanagi asked taking him aside now.

Mikoto shrugged, "I can't tell you. But we're going to be spending a long vacation together that's for sure," he said smirking at Munakata when the other looked over to him.

"Together, sounds nice. You finally got him huh," Kusanagi murmured looking at the two. Like fire and ice. The former Red King and the former Blue king. They fit together so well, "It's no wonder a King is always attracted to another king."


AN: Okay. So the whole idea about revoking their position as King was made up by me. There is no such thing in the show though i really wish that there had been so that Suoh didn't have to die! Anyway it's something like this, a King takes on the role of a King with an initiation right kind of thing. He has the power to revoke his kingship but it will be shown as a sign of cowardice, which was why Suoh didn't want to revoke in the first place until right at the last moment when he realised that he wanted Reisi more than the kingship. And in return, Reisi chose to revoke his kingship as well, to join Suoh together. And yeah, from here on out they are the first two kings ever to revoke their position as King. Anyway, leave a comment to tell me what you think about this.

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