AN: Obviously don't own Star Fox, but I do own my imagination. Enjoy. Follows the events of Assault with minor flashbacks to the Lylat Wars.

"Why?" That was the question that plagued my mind ever since our encounter at Sargasso. You swore that you would take me down, demanded an apology for some reason. I mean, an apology? For defending the Lylat System from the guy you unfortunately chose as your boss? For momentarily keeping you from doing anything else illegal? You, Wolf O'Donnell confuse me greatly. You come in with this massive chip on your shoulder, claiming that you're prepared to take me down...then you just give up. I mean, if your goal was really to murder me, I'd think you'd give it everything you had. Whenever I've been put in a situation where it's me or the other person, I ALWAYS give it everything I've got, because I can't be so sure that they wouldn't do the same.

Was that it? Did you know that I could never purposely kill you? We've played this game before. You swoop in with guns blazing swearing that that would be the day I die, but either I disable your weapons, rendering you unable to continue, or you defeat me and fly off cackling like a...well, it's hard to describe, I haven't heard it too often, given how rare it is you actually beat me.

I remember our days at the Academy. We were top in our class, for different reasons of course. I was striving to live up to the great name of James McCloud and you were striving to beat me in anything and everything. I had a lot of respect for you, Wolf. Then you had to blow it by falling in with the wrong crowd, and ultimately forming Star Wolf.

Star Wolf...because you thugs became Andross' number one henchmen, you took my father away from me. Well, the blame can't be yours alone. Pigma certainly deserves a large portion of the blame. That swine. It's funny that in our search for him we once again run into each other. You said that he was no longer a part of Star Wolf, I wonder what happened.

We've been on each others' tails for as long as I can remember, but I can't seem to place any real animosity between us, at least on my part. I mean, sure when you shoot at me or my friends, I'm pissed off, but somewhere, in the back of my mind, I know that you'll never actually kill them...or me. Which always leaves me wondering...Why?

I shook my head to rid myself of these thoughts and headed for the launch bay of the Great Fox. We just got word that Pigma is hiding out in the Asteroid Belt. He's stolen something vital that we need to recover, so these thoughts of you will have to wait.