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Lucy Heartfilia hummed to herself as she walked home. She'd just finished grocery shopping and was holding a bag in each hand as she practically skipped along the path. She was in a fantastic mood.

She wasn't sure why, exactly, but she had this feeling in her gut that something was going to happen very soon; something incredible and life-changing.

She knew she was being silly, but she just couldn't shake the feeling.

As she made her way up her long and luxurious driveway, however, she started to wonder if it was something to be happy about after all.

The fourteen-year-old froze as she saw the police car parked in front of her house. She was only rooted for a second, however, before she dropped her bags and sprinted for the door.

That feeling in her gut turned sour fast.

She burst through the door to find two policemen standing over her father, who was crumpled on the floor whilst one of the maids tried to comfort him. Both were crying.

She knew straight away what had happened, but she wouldn't let herself believe it, so she turned her frantic eyes to the policeman closest to her. He had a heartbroken expression as he saw her youthful face.

Only a few words sunk in when he spoke to her. But it was all she needed.

"Layla…mother…car accident…on the spot…nothing we could do…sorry…"

Lucy didn't remember exactly what happened after that, but she had somehow ended up in the hospital.

They said she went mad. They said they'd never hear such terrible screams. They said she broke anything she could get her hands on. That would explain the scars up her arms and on her hands that she believed would never fade.

It was three years later and Lucy stood in front of her mother's grave, a large bouquet in her hands to replace the one currently sitting on the grave.

"Hi Mama," she smiled softly, switching the flowers. "It's me again. I'm doing well – I've almost finished high school, can you believe it?" she asked. "I have a little over a week left of this year, then just one more year, and then I'm off to college. Hopefully I can do well enough to get into a good one. At the moment things are looking that way, but a lot can happen in a year, right Mama?"

Lucy sat down on the grass, folding her legs underneath her, not noticing the tears that were silently streaming down her face.

"I miss you so much, mama. I can't believe it's been three years already. This year is going to be hard without you – who's going to help give me a reality check when the stress causes me to freak out? You know it will happen," she chuckled softly. "You won't be here to help me pick out my prom dress, or see me graduate. I had always dreamed of sharing those special moments with you. Literally – when I was little I remember having this dream where you and I went shopping for my prom dress, and we both tried on anything we could get our hands on," she laughed again, sniffling. "At least I could have that feeling – even if it was only a dream."

Lucy sat there in silence for a while, she wasn't sure how long exactly, before she stood up again.

"I'd better get back, now. Dinner will be ready soon, and Father doesn't like it when I'm late," she said, dusting herself off. "I'll come back soon, though. I love you, Mama, and I hope you're doing well," with that, she turned and left, carrying the wilted flowers with her.