Here is a taster of my new Mentalist Story. There will be flash backs to happenings within the first year. Although my stories surprise me as I go along I promise there will be no Jane pain beyond what happens in the series. Can't say the same about angst though. Hope you find this tasty.

"Jane just leave me alone right now. I don't want to see your face until tomorrow."

"Woman what are you upset about?"

"You hypnotised a suspect Jane and now everything he has said will be thrown out. We have to release him."

"But he's guilty"

"It doesn't matter we have nothing to hold him on. If his lawyer finds out about this we will never be able to touch him again."

Jane looks around and everyone is staring at them

"Don't you think we should take this conversation inside your office."

"No because I don't want this conversation now. Go wherever it is you go when you leave here and don't come back today. Got it!"

Lisbon pushes past him and storms into her office slamming the door behind her. Jane puts his hands up in surrender.

"If anyone wants me I'm out for lunch."