Lisbon throws back the sheets and climbs in to bed. She shakes her head once again at the enigma that is Patrick Jane. Since parting company after dinner she has experienced a smorgasboard of emotions concerning her consultant. Was their entire conversation a manipulation on Jane's part to stay in her team. And if it was, what does that mean? She thought about the hours in his motel room talking him back from the brink of self destruction. Red John had treated him cruelly on the day of the anniversary of his family's death. She had thought that the Jane who came to her office six months ago had gone and been replaced by an arrogant monster. Now she realised that he isn't far away, he is underneath a man still struggling with his loss and all the pain and suffering that goes with it. He has built himself a thin, brittle mask to hide his real self from prying eyes. Working at the CBI is giving him the opportunity to do that. It gives him a purpose other than revenging the death of his family. Obviously he recognises it on some level or he wouldn't have manipulated her to stay on the team. She finds after her initial reaction of anger at being played and threatening to let him go, she doesn't mind the manipulation because of what it taught her. Patrick Jane wants to stay.

The question is now, does she want him to stay. He is going to be trouble, nothing is going to change that. She will have to put up with annoyed members of the public, fellow police officers, DA's office and politicians. No-one is hands off to Jane. She will have to keep a close eye on him at all times to make sure he doesn't break any laws and behave in ways to the detriment of the investigations. Lisbon is realistic and knows that she will not be successful all the time, that at some point he will go overboard and damage limitation is the best she can hope to achieve. Chances are she could one day lose her job because of something he does.

But! He closes cases. He has a mind the likes of which she has never encountered before. His reading of people, situations and cases are spot on ninety nine percent of the time. With him on board a lot of guess work is eliminated. He is fun to have around. He entertains with his party tricks. Despite his arrogance he can be surprisingly nice and occasionally surprise you with silly gifts. And then there is the fact that he needs us. He is healing very slowly and we may be his only chance of becoming whole once more. Her last thought as she goes to sleep is that she must cancel her meeting with Minnelli tomorrow.

"Hi Angela. I was so close today. I met someone who knew Red John, he was even about to take me too him, admittedly at the point of a gun, but any way works. But then a couple of my colleagues arrived and I shouted a warning, I'm not sure why but I couldn't let them walk in to an armed situation unawares. They killed my lead. I'm sorry I let you down.

I knew that Lisbon was going to tell Minnelli that she didn't want me on the team anymore and all afternoon as I was laying on my couch at the office and I was considering letting her do that. Maybe it was the best thing in the long run as it seemed they could get in the way. But then I wouldn't have had the lead in the first place if it wasn't for my job.

Another thing is Red John seems to have made me a target because of my work with the CBI. That will probably end if I leave. Right now I have him worried and it will eventually lead him to making a mistake. It felt so good today being so close and I will get there again. Maybe more people will die at his hands because of me but I just have to accept that. If I leave he will still keep on killing, it won't stop innocents dying.

I concluded that it is best for me to stay with the CBI. I hatched a plan, and you should have seen the number I did on Agent Lisbon. I had her begging me to stay. Unfortunately she did see through the ruse and threatened to fire me anyway but I'm sure she won't. She has one flaw and that is that she cares. She tries to be tough but it's there, as clear as day, in those green eyes of hers. You know there is a card trick I think she will like. Good night Angela, kisses to Charlotte.

Authors notes: That's the end I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the challenge of writing a Jane we can only guess at. I would have liked to write more details of Jane's feeling about his relationship with Lisbon, especially with what happened in the motel room but I felt that at this stage Jane wouldn't admit such things to himself - not even future friendship - just yet, it would all be about Red John! Thanks for all reviews, follows and favourites, always, always appreciated.