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"Lydia!" Allison groaned.

"No." Lydia replied, annoyance on her face. Allison climbed onto the bed, wearing nothing but underwear and a bra. Straddling Lydia's hips, Allison placed a soft kiss to her temple.

"C'mon. It's only for a few days." Allison outed, wrapping her arms around Lydia's neck.

"One of those days being Valentines Day." Lydia complained in anger, placing two hands on Allison's waist despite herself. "I hate you."

Allison smiled before placing a kiss to her lips.

"I love you." Allison whispered into Lydia's ear causing the red head to shiver with pleasure.

"Why is your professor such a dick head?" Does he not realize that you have a life that you have a life that needs attention?" Lydia flipped her hair, a habit she had when she was angry.

"Yes. But he can't control when a conventional meeting is happening." Allison explained. Lydia huffed, moving her hands to Allison's torso.

"Fine." Allison cheered happily, before bouncing off the bed and getting dressed.

"You owe me a lot of orgasms before you leave!" Lydia shouted, crossing her arms.

"Babe, I'm gonna rock your world." Allison said from the bathroom, poking her head out to give Lydia a wink. Lydia rolled her eyes as she got out of bed, slipping on some orange skinny jeans. Allison swayed out of the bathroom, wearing a light blue cocktail dress with black heels and a silver necklace with the letter A hanging from it, that Lydia had bought her. Walking over, Lydia placed a kiss on Allison's lips, wrapping her arms around the brunette's waist.

"You look beautiful." Lydia cooed, getting a blushing Allison in response.

"Thank you." Lydia let go, going back to getting dressed.

"Lets get to this party." Lydia said, pulling on a white open shirt with a black tank top.

By the time the party was over Allison and Lydia were both shit faced drunk, to the point that they sloppily began to make out in the back of the cab.

Opening the door to their apartment, Lydia quickly discarded her shirt, kissing Allison's neck who was closing the door. Lydia pulled Allison towards the bed with want and lust in her eyes.

"Where's those orgasms you promised me?" Lydia cooed. Allison smirk, giving her a kiss before slipping out of her dress, left in nothing but underwear.

"Right here." Allison whispered before yanking off Lydia's shoes and pants. They hungrily kissed each other, air being the last thing either of them needed.

Lydia awoke to find Allison gone. Padding into the kitchen, Lydia stopped in her tracks. A red envelope in the shape of a heart lay innocently on the breakfast table. Walking over Lydia opened it eagerly and gasped in surprise, seeing it's contents. Looking at the tickets, she studied them, making sure they weren't fake. Arms wrapped around her waist and all she did was smile harder before turning around to kiss Allison.

"The bags are packed, the car is ready and Hawaii is waiting!" Allison whispered into Lydia's ear.

"What about your convention?" Lydia asked.

"There's always next year for such a silly thing." Allison smiled, kissing Lydia sweetly. I did make a sex scene, but I changed my mind at the last minute and cut it out

so that's why it's so short :/