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Yata couldn't sleep.

He clutched his bed sheets with slim fingers as his body shook in fear. Cold sweat stood out on pale skin and his breathing came out in ragged gasps. His eyes were wide and bloodshot from being open for half a night and his face was stained with tears. He tried to stay as quiet as possible so as not to wake the others' behind their doors.

Moonlight poured out of the beside window and made sickly shadows on the walls.

Yata couldn't sleep.

Not while he was still out there.

"Go away, go away, go away, go away, go away, go away, go away, go way, go away, go away, go away...", the boy breathed in intelligible whispers.

While the moon watched and laughed.

It had been half a year since the death of the two kings. Two, not three, because somehow the Silver King was able to return to his true body after the Colorless King was destroyed. Scepter 4 was calm and somehow, by some stroke of good fortune, Homra stayed together despite losing their king. Apparently, in Mikoto's will, their king had requested that Homra be used as a safe haven for any clan member who needed a place to stay. He had also set aside pockets of money for each of the members, large enough to support the bar and make it so that each was set in case of an emergency.

Anna, having always been homeschooled, started to go to a real school with the money that Mikoto had given her, with Kamamoto driving her there and back. Several other things had happened as well. For starters, Izumo finally got the guts to ask Seri out on a date, and despite the bizarre things she ordered, the two of them actually had a nice time. July was half way over, which also meant that the clan's favorite vanguard's twentieth birthday was coming up.

"Ne, Anna do you know what flavor of cake Yata likes?"


"Darn it, I can't remember what we got him last year..."

"...Ask Fushimi-kun..."

Izumo sighed and pat the young girl's head, "I don't think I can do that Anna. You know how he is..."

He glanced over to the coach and felt a ghost of a smile at the sight of Kosuke and Eric sitting side by side. Eric nibbled obediently on a taiyaki while shyly avoiding Kosuke's affectionate gaze as the latter made sure the other finished the fish-shaped treat. Kosuke and Eric, always like master-unwillingly-named and dog, had grown steadily closer after the king's death, and Izumo had a hinting suspicion that they had become an item.

The ringing of the door's chime diverted his attention. Seri waltzed over to the bar with a hidden smirk plopped down on a stool.

"Hey there."

"Ohayo Seri."

A quick kiss on the cheek, Seri refused to kiss anywhere else in public, and he went to fetch her trademark drink that made him gag. "Seri do you know what kind of cake Yata likes?"

"Why would I know something like that? You live with him, you should know."

"I forgot what we got him last year."

"I would tell you to ask Fushimi, but well...he's been out of sorts lately."

"Really? You mean he's acting more of a creeper than ususal?"

"Very funny Izumo, but no it's not that...something's about him recently...he seems worried..."

"What do you mean?"

"He got into a spat with your little vanguard last week like they always do...but something must have happened because not only has been shirking off his duties more than usual, but he seems to have been losing weight. It's like he stopped eating entirely. He stares off into space and on more than one occasion has skipped work all together."

"That is odd...I'll ask Yata about it later..."

"That's right, his birthday's on the twentieth, right?"

"Yup! He's going to be twenty! It's a big deal so I want to do something special this year..."

"He's turning 20 on the 20th? How ironic."


"What's wrong?"

"Actually, Yata's been acting weird too. He looks like he hasn't slept for the past week and he's more irritable than usual."

"That's because he probably isn't sleeping. People tend to get moody when they don't get their rest."

"He's been disappearing too, I haven't seen him since this morning. He didn't eat breakfast either..."

"You should get that checked out right away, he could get sick if he keeps this up."

"Both of them."

Yata weaved through the crowded streets with a empty stomach and jumbled nerves. He had left his skateboard in his room, something he never did, and had a sinking feeling in his chest. He bit his lip and pulled his jacket around him tighter, it was sunny and hazy and yet he was freezing, shivering in his skin.

"Something bad is gonna happen to me..." he mumbled to himself as he accidentally brushed by a man crossing the street.

"Something already has, my little fly."

The voice was deep and playful and Yata could hear the rueful smile on the man's face. Time seemed to slow, Yata freezing in the middle of the crosswalk, people walking by at a snail's pace. The man walked in the opposite direction, the two of them side by side. He couldn't breathe, couldn't move because he was frozen in fear. Sweat beaded on the boy's face and the hair's on the back of his neck were standing up.

He could see out of the corner of his eye that the man was dressed head to toe in black. He wore what looked to be a black trench coat with a hood-something terribly out of place and yet no one else seemed to notice. The shadow of his hood hid most of his face, exposing only a pale chin and a smile too big to be normal. Yata shivered at the sight of those lips curled into a smirk that defied logic.

He whipped around violently to look at the man, only to find that he was gone and that time had restarted itself. People gave him odd looks when he whipped around from side to side to catch sight of the hooded figure.

He bit his lip and began breathing heavily, "Oh God..."

He was feeling sick, he had to get out of there...he had to get somewhere safe.

Abandoning all inhibitions, Yata sprinted down the road as fast as he could. I have to get somewhere safe! Somewhere safe somewhere-Saru! I'll go to Saru...Saru can help me...Saru always kept me safe...

He reached his old friend's apartment in no time, all the while looking left and right for that man...

Sprinting up three flights of stairs and down a hall, he practically smacked face first into the bluenette's front door. He pounded on the wood and jiggled the knob furiously, looking around wildly for any signs of him...

"Hai hai, calm down I'm coming."

Yata felt a flood of relief flow through him when the megane opened the door. Irriation immediatley left the bluenette face at the sight of the frightened boy. "M-Misaki what's wron-!" Yata pushed his way inside the apartment and slammed the door shut behind him, locking it hastily. Fushimi, clearly both confused, looked at his friend worriedly, "Misa-!?" Yata cut him off again by throwing himself into the other's arms and sobbing hysterically.


Fushimi manuvered them both to the couch and gathered the trembling vanguard into his lap, holding him close. "Who's after you, Misaki? What's wrong?" The Scepter 4 captain could feel the other's heart beating wildly against his rib cage. He noted in awe that his beloved Misaki seemed so small now, so terribly afraid that he felt like his own heart was tearing in two. On the outside, he tried to keep calm and strong for the other boy, but on the inside he was a total mess. There was only one person, one thing, that could scare Yata like this. He prayed to a god he wasn't sure he believed in that he was wrong...

"Misaki? Misaki it him?"

There was a pause and the boy in his arms slowly stopped trembling, and instead was eerily still. Fushimi opened his mouth to ask him again but was once more cut off.

"Kumo's coming to kill Hae...poor Hae...Hae wonders what's going to stop Kumo this time...Kumo's going to kill Hae...Hae can't get away from Kumo's too late...too late for Hae..."

Fushimi felt his blood run cold at the monotone voice that came from the ginger's lips. Dammit, not he really is after Miaski...

"Hae? Hae do you know who I am?"

The boy tilted his head up to look at the bluenette and Fushimi couldn't stop his eyes from growing wide at the look in the other's. Vacant hazel eyes and an apathetic face, the boy's mind clearly somewhere else.

"Hae knows Tonbo...Hae recognizes Tonbo...Tonbo keeps Hae safe...will Tonbo keep Hae safe again?"

Fushimi gulped and felt the burning sensation behind his eyes grow worse, "Y-Yeah...Tonbo will keep Hae safe from Kumo..."

Hazel eyes closed and a breath of relief escape his throat, "Hae's happy...Hae feels safe with Tonbo..."

They sat like that for the next two hours, with Yata sound asleep against Fushimi's chest, while the latter cried into the other's hair quietly.

Hae= Fly

Tonbo= Dragonfly

Kumo= Spider