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Non Timebo Mala

"Lord almighty that was exhausting" Harry groaned as he stretched out in the back of the impala.

The Winchesters had just finished a hunt in Utah; A Demon that had been killing co-eds at a college in Hitchcock movie style, but that was a story for another day. Now they were tired, hungry and, in Harry's opinion, in dire need of a vacation.

"Hey guys, how about we take a short vacation? Just a week, somewhere sunny?" he rested his chin against the shoulder of Dean's seat as he spoke

"With what money?" Sam asked, rolling his eyes and fixing his somewhat overused bitchface on Harry, who countered with his not often seen kicked puppy face, which he knew none of his brothers could resist

"Ok fine, but where?" Sam asked, exasperated

"How about Santa Monica, California?" Harry asked "five star hotel, balcony, pool, awesome nightlife" Harry reeled off

"Again I ask you; Money?" Sam said

"My inheritance, coupled with my allowance from my Nana Jezebel" Harry said with a shrug

"You can really afford to pay for all that can you?" Adam asked

"Bro, with my money, I could pay for us to live on the Moon" Harry smiled

"Then why do you still hustle poker?" Dean asked from the front

"Family tradition. You guys do it"

"Yeah because we have no money and no jobs"

"Well from now on, when we need stuff, we use my money, agreed?" Harry smiled and kissed Dean on the cheek cutely

"Ok fine, but we should put this vacation thing to vote" Dean said

"Ok, all those in favour?" Harry asked, everyone in the car put up their hand, even Xanthia raised a paw

"Ok then, we're going to California, but what about Xanthia, is there a hotel that takes pets?" Dean asked

"The Loews Santa Monica does*" Harry said

"Ok then, looks like we're off to Santa Monica" Sam said

"Yay!" Harry and Clarissa yelled in the back

Non Timebo Mala

The following day and the Winchesters had checked into the Loews Santa Monica, a five star hotel with a great view of Santa Monica pier.

They had a Pacifica suite room all to themselves and Harry had bewitched Clarissa to be pretty much everything proof so that she could go swimming.

Sam was resting in his room, watching the TV while Dean had pie from room service and Harry, Adam and Clarissa each had an ice cream sundae to themselves when a Pepsi Max ad came on, Sam glanced at in disinterestedly but then did a double take.

"Is that-?" he looked closer at the TV and the called to the others "Hey guys, come and see this!"

Dean and the others ran in and Sam pointed at the TV, "Is that who I think it is?" Sam asked

"No way, that's not-?" Dean couldn't believe what he was seeing; they hadn't seen that guy in years. He was supposed to be dead. "Gabriel?" Dean and Sam said in unison, looking at each other in shock

"He's dead, Gabriel's dead, it can't be him" Dean said

"Yeah but we didn't see him die" Sam argued

"I've seen him before" Harry said, popping a spoonful of ice cream into his mouth

"Where?" Sam asked

"He's actually one of the Pepsi Max delivery drivers, he makes a delivery to the hotel restaurant every day at 12:00" Harry told them

"We have to check it out. I mean, if it is him" Sam said

"You bet your ass we're checking it out. If that is Gabriel then that son of a bitch has some serious explaining to do" Dean growled.

Non Timebo Mala

Author's Notes End of part one. Keep an eye out for part two, coming soon.

* I don't know whether the Loews Santa Monica takes pets but for the purposes of this story I decided to assume it does.