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Non Timebo Mala

The five of them went down to the restaurant at 11:30 to stake out the place. The guy from the ad showed up exactly on time for the delivery, wearing an obviously fake moustache.

Getting up, Sam went over "Excuse me? Are you that guy from the ad?" he asked politely

The guy looked at Sam like he's a long lost friend and smiled "You and Dean-o sure took your time Sammy" he laughed and reached up to pat the taller man on the shoulder

"It is you? Gabe?" Sam looked stunned for a moment

"Well I was last time I checked" Gabe looked himself over and laughed again

"We thought you were dead" Sam said, bitch face #65 firmly in place

"I'll explain if you buy me a drink" Gabe winked at the second oldest Winchester and Sam shook his head and bought Gabe a Pepsi Max, just to be cute.

The hunter led the Angel over to their table and pulled out a chair for him to sit on the end of the table.

"You know Dean, this are our younger brothers; Adam and Harry and this is Clarissa" Sam introduced the others to Gabe, for a moment he looked shocked to see Harry but covered it

"So what happened jackass?" Dean asked

"Jeeze, tetchy. Basically Lucifer thought he'd killed me but he actually killed my double that he thought was the real me but the real me was the me he thought was the fake me" Gabe explained as he popped the top of his drink

"A double bluff, nice" Harry smiled at the Archangel "You hungry?" he asked

"I could do with a meal now you mention it" Gabe smiled back at the youngest Winchester

"Then I insist you join us, and that includes for the rest of our vacation too" Harry said, since he was paying for the room it wasn't like Dean or Sam could object and there was plenty of room

"How could I say no?" Gabe said with a laugh and they all sat down to eat.

Non Timebo Mala

They enjoyed their vacation but Sam couldn't help but think that Gabriel seemed to be off in a world of his own at times, distracted or even worried about something.

"Gabe? Is something up?" he asked the Archangel

"Oh, yeah it's just this stupid rumour goin' 'round" he said "It has everyone in Heaven and Hell antsy"

"What rumour?" Sam asked as Dean and the others looked up, if it had Heaven and Hell worried, it had to be something big

"There have been, not so much whispers as a constant stream, of reports coming in that there are folks here on earth who're workin' to resurrect Cain" Gabriel said

"Cain? As in Cain and Abel?" Adam asked

"Uh huh. That's why Cas has been so busy that he hasn't come to see you guys; Heaven and Hell are both freaked out at the thought of Cain comin' back, he's public enemy numero uno on both sides" the Archangel shuddered "after what happened between him and God, Cain vowed to overthrow him and Lucifer and make sure humans never had to choose God over their free will again"

"What do you mean 'choose God over their free will'?" Dean asked

"Cain believed that when God asked Cain and Abel to offer a tribute to him to prove their love for him, he deliberately altered Abel's decision so that Abel chose his love for God over his love of his family, meaning that God broke the rule of humans always having free will by forcing Abel to chose God over his family" Gabriel sighed

"So now Cain wants to take over Heaven and Hell?" Sam asked

"In part. He also wants to resurrect his brother so that they can rule together; the big issue is that he thinks he and Abel could rule alone. He plans to destroy all Angel and Demons and kill off all humans to replace the Angels with righteous souls and Demons with sinful ones" Gabe explained

"So if Cain comes backā€¦?" Harry asked

"The whole Universe goes to Hell in a hand basket" the Archangel gulped

"Don't sweat Gabe, Team Free Will has your back on this one" Sam said, Dean nodded and Harry squeezed Gabe's hand reassuringly.

Non Timebo Mala

Author's Notes not much to say here, the next episode will be called Gold, Frankincense and Huh?