Final Chapter
Clear, Blue Sky

"What was that just now?" wondered a girl with white and partly blue hair as she looked around the place, but she didn't see anything peculiar or anybody at all. "Strange… I was sure there was a bright light just now…"

Suddenly, a burst of light happened before her eyes, blinding her. When the light died down, Reimu and the others were seen standing at where it used to be, and a large amount of purple gas was accompanying them. Coughing nonstop, the group ran for the exit, telling that girl to get out of the building as well. The girl was confused, but when she saw the gas approaching, she quickly did the same.

Reimu and her group ran outside the building and then grasped for air, while the gas came out and rose into the sky. "Finally… Fresh… air…" Marisa said, but then she coughed nonstop and felt dizzy at the same time. "Ugh… I think… I already breathed in… the gas…"

"I think… we all did…" said Ichirin in between coughs.

Keine looked around while breathing heavily and said, "This… This is the Human Village… We… We made it… back…"

The sight of the girls looking so worn out and sickly attracted the attention of passersby, and they gathered around them and asked what happened. Eirin reached into her basket and took out antidotes to give to the others, including herself.

BGM: The Earth Spirits' Homecoming (Touhou: Subterranean Animism)

A bit of time had passed after what happened at the Human Village, and Reimu and Marisa were both walking along the path that led to the Hakurei Shrine. "Can't believe that despite being there for two days, not a minute has passed here…" Marisa said.

"Time there passes by differently," Reimu said. "It's a good thing, however, as our absence wouldn't require us to explain to others what happened to us."

"You're right," Marisa said with a nod. "Boy! What an adventure that was! I don't think I ever want to go there again, though…"

"Never in a million years for me…" Reimu said with a frustrated look on her face. "Anyway, I'm starving… Want to have a bite at my shrine?"

"Sure!" Marisa said with a nod. "Don't mind if I stay there for a night, too!"

"Give me a good reason for that…" the shrine maiden said to her.

Eirin was walking through the Bamboo Forest of the Lost, finding her way back to Eientei. "To think that I haven't been gone for more than a minute in this world…" she said. "The universe sure is a strange place… Different dimensions having their own times… I'm glad my absence didn't arouse any suspicions or concerns, though I wonder if I should tell the princess everything that happened…"

While she was on her way back, she encountered someone familiar standing not too far away. That person came running up to her and called out, "Master Eirin!"

"It's you, Reisen!" Eirin said to her. "What are you doing out here?"

"Nothing, just taking a walk," Reisen said to her. "Got the books you're looking for at the book rental store?"

"Something came up, so I didn't rent any books in the end," Eirin told her.

"What happened?" the lunar rabbit asked.

"Maybe I'll tell you all once we're back at Eientei," the doctor told her with a smile. "You won't believe what happened!"

"Okay…" Reisen said with a confused look. As they made their way back to Eientei, the lunar rabbit kept on wondering what happened to her superior.

The three fairies were flying down a forest path, talking to each other about all that happened to them. "I can't wait to tell the others about it!" Sunny Milk said. "I bet Cirno is going to be amazed at everything we've been through and praise us nonstop!"

"I'm not even sure if they're going to believe us…" Luna Child said.

"We can always bring the others to support what we said," Star Sapphire said.

"Right! From now on, nobody is going to look down on us!" Sunny Milk proudly said. "We've basically been through hell and back, and that's not something everyone can accomplish everyday!"

Ichirin and Unzan had arrived at the entrance of the Myouren Temple. The former looked into the entrance to see if there was anybody inside. "Have I really only been gone for less than a minute…?" she wondered. "I can't believe that time here barely passed while we were there for two days… What if it's really been two days here already? What will Mistress Hijiri and the others say? Are they going to believe my explanation?"

Just then, Nazrin stepped out from a room and spotted them both. "Oh, you're back," she said to them. "Did you get the books Mistress Hijiri wants?"

Ichirin looked at the books she was carrying and said, "Yeah, I got them."

"That's good," the mouse demon said. "Mistress Hijiri's in her room, so go ahead and give it to her."

"Okay," Ichirin said with a nod, and then she went inside and took off her shoes. As she headed in the direction of Byakuren's room, she turned to look at Nazrin, who wondered why she was doing so.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Um… Was I gone for too long?" Ichirin asked.

Nazrin became confused. "You've only been gone for about thirty minutes. That isn't long, is it? Why'd you ask?"

"Maybe I'll talk about it some other time… Anyway, I'm glad that I haven't been gone for too long!" Ichirin said before continuing on her way, leaving the mouse demon with question marks.

Yuugi walked into a large cave that was the entrance to the underground. "Good to be back!" she said to herself. "What an adventure! Never thought I would encounter something ridiculously powerful! I actually enjoyed fighting that dinosaur! Looks like I've got a great story to tell everyone while drinking with them at night!"

"What story do you have to tell?" asked a voice. Yuugi looked up and saw Yamame looking down from a hammock made of spider web.

"It's the wildest adventure I've ever had and probably the wildest you'll ever hear about!" Yuugi told her. "Stop by former hell during dinner if you're curious! I'll be sure to keep everyone entertained with my story! Heheh!"

The oni continued on her way, leaving the ground spider wondering what sort of adventure she had.

Patchouli and the fairy maid that accompanied her to the book rental store were walking down the path that led back to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. The fairy maid noticed that the magician was looking exhausted, so she told her about it.

"Yeah, I'm feeling exhausted… Will have to take a nice, long rest after we get back home…" Patchouli told her.

"What happened?" the fairy maid asked her.

"Maybe we can save the explanation until we get back home," the magician told her, and the fairy maid nodded while wondering what exactly happened to her.

Keine watched as Kosuzu wrapped the book that took them to the savage world in a piece of green cloth before placing it into a wooden box. She then tied up to box with strings and also put tapes around it. "So where do you plan to bury it?" Keine asked her.

"Anywhere that won't be found by people so easily," the storeowner replied. "No way am I going to let this horrible book take anyone to that terrible place again!"

"Wouldn't it be better to just burn it?" Keine asked her.

"I plan to do that after throwing it into the hole," Kosuzu told her. Never again shall this book terrorize anyone! Ever!"

"I agree," Keine said with a nod. "This book is indeed dangerous… Even opening it makes me scared… We better get rid of this book as soon as we can… Normally, I would give it to Yukari to let her deal with it by sending it somewhere else, but given her personality, I don't think she can be trusted with this task… You'll never know if she'll decide to have a bit of fun with it, if you know what I mean…"

"You have a point," Kosuzu said. After she was done putting tapes around the box, she stood up with it in her hands. "All right, now to get rid of it!"

BGM Ends

Keine and Kosuzu traveled together to a place quite a bit of a distance from the Human Village, out in the woods. After looking around to see that there was nobody, they used the shovels they brought along to dig a hole. They took several minutes to dig a deep hole, and after seeing that it was deep enough, Keine carried Kosuzu out of it using flight.

Kosuzu threw the box containing the book into the hole, poured lamp oil onto it, and then lighted up a match. She threw the lighted match into the hole, and needless to say, the box was instantly covered in fire. The duo watched from a bit of a distance at the smoke emerging from the hole, and after letting the book burn for several minutes, Keine went over to the hole with a bucket of water to pour into to put out the fire.

When the fire was put out, they looked into the hole to see a nearly unidentifiable black object at the bottom of it. After that, they tossed the dirt they dug up back into the hole until it was filled up completely, and they also made sure that the part of the ground they dug looked as if it had never been touched.

"There! Finished!" Kosuzu said while stepping and rubbing that part of the ground with her feet. "I never want to see this book again! Never again!"

"For someone who was great interest in books, it's weird hearing you say something like that…" Keine said.

"I cannot tolerate books that put people's lives in danger! Books like this are better off non-existent! I'm glad that we got rid of it!" Kosuzu said. "All right; let's leave this place before somebody sees us and becomes suspicious."

Kosuzu then headed in the direction of the Human Village, and Keine gave that spot one last look before following her.







BGM: Mary the Magician ~ Music Box (remix of Mary the Magician, by Moonsoul)

The Mohrock Tribe was the only tribe in the unnamed land filled with dangerous beasts. Despite the dangers around them, the Mohrock warriors were all strong enough to deal with them, so the tribe managed to prosper for a long time in their homeland.

Chief Hookawan was the latest ruler of the Mohrock Tribe. When his wife fell to a new kind of illness that none of the tribe's doctor could cure, he asked for the help of their finest witch doctor.

The witch doctor had never seen this kind of sickness before as well, but in order to preserve his reputation as being all-powerful and capable of resolving anything, he did his best to whip up a potion that could cure her.

However, even his talents failed to cure her. In fact, his potion ended up putting her in a brain dead state with seemingly no hope of recovering. Chief Hookawan was enraged at the witch doctor, but he showed a bit of mercy, so instead of putting him to death, he banished him from the city of El Tomado and told him to never show his face again. All his properties were taken from him as well. He was sent out into the jungle with none of his belongings.

The witch doctor was enraged at this and felt that this punishment was too cruel for perhaps the only mistake he ever made in his career. Wanting to get back at the chief and the village for banishing him, the witch doctor set to work in a hut he built out in the jungle. He wanted to show them the consequences of enraging him.

Remember a certain recipe in his book, the witch doctor whipped up a poison that he planned to use against the entire city, but when he couldn't find a way to make it spread throughout that place in a short amount of time, he decided to drop this idea first and see if he could think of something else.

That was when he remembered another recipe in the book, the recipe for a superhuman potion. Anyone who drank this potion would be granted superhuman strength, durability, and enhanced abilities. His plan was to inject it into the body of an animal he could get his hands on, preferably a large and ferocious one, and get it to attack the village. He also came up with the idea of injecting the poison into the animal in a way so that it would be able to breathe it and spread it around the place.

The first animal that came to his mind was one of the fiercest and most dangerous animals this world had to offer, the tyrannosaurus. Using a dart containing powerful sedative, he managed to put a tyrannosaurus he came across to sleep. After the dinosaur was put to sleep, the witch doctor injected the superhuman potion into his bloodstream so that its effect would last forever, or at least a very long time. He also modified the poison so that it was safe for consumption the first time, and whoever consumed it would be able to breathe it out. It was sent down the dinosaur's throat while he was sleeping.

Due to having a large amount of the superhuman potion injected into his bloodstream, the tyrannosaurus grew to twice his size, and the tyrannical beast went on rampage when he woke up. The witch doctor followed him at a distance to see what sort of chaos he would bring to the village.

The appearance of the tyrannosaurus shocked the tribe greatly, and many were slaughtered by him as he rampaged through the city. Even their mightiest warriors were no match for it, and for once, they felt fear and powerless fighting an enemy. Defenseless against the dinosaur, the tribe was quickly devastated, and the population of El Tomado dwindled at a great speed.

The witch doctor was pleased with the result, but he quickly realized that doing this wasn't a good idea after all. The tyrannosaurus became the top threat and predator of this world. Everyone who came against it stood no chance. The witch doctor realized that his life was in danger with the tyrannosaurus wandering the place, and with the human population of this place pretty much gone, he saw that he had no future living in a place filled with dangerous beasts. That was when he regretted having let the thought revenge consume his mind and resulting in him committing such a grave mistake.

There was one last thing he could do, and that was to leave behind this world and find a new life somewhere far away, one that had civilization. After gathering some crystals that had magical properties, the witch doctor made his way to the top of the pyramid built by the tribe as a way of testing its men by having them go through trials to get to the top. There was shortcut to the top that required no trials, but it was only reserved for the chief and those who would pass out awards to participants who made it the top. That was the path the witch doctor took.

Once at the top, the witch doctor set up an altar with the crystal on it and then spoke the magic words to make his teleportation spell work. He was successful and found himself warped to present-day Japan, in the outskirts of Tokyo.

There, the witch doctor took his time to get adapted to modern day lifestyle and also learned Japanese. He eventually grew accustomed to living in this new world and blended in with its society. However, he still felt guilt for wiping out his own tribesman, and he also missed his glorious days there. Not wanting the memory of his world to disappear forever, he made a book that talked about the geography, culture, animals, and the plant life of that place. He also thought if he should go back there to see how things were currently, so he used a crystal he brought with him to this world as a way of going back there and stuck it to the cover of the book.

After completing the book, however, he began to have second thoughts about going back there, as he feared running across that tyrannosaurus, so he put the book away and never again thought of going back there.

Time passed, and the witch doctor eventually succumbed to old age, a total of ninety-three years. His properties were soon donated to various places, and some were put on sale. An explorer eventually came across this book when it was donated to a library and was fascinated by the "fictional" setting in it. He told himself that he would really love to see the person who was creative enough to come up with something like this, not to mention visiting a place like this. His second wish came true when, after borrowing the book, he pressed the crystal at the cover and was transported to the witch doctor's homeland with three of his fellow explorers.

At first, it seemed like a wish came true for that explorer, but he quickly realized that this place was far harsher and more dangerous than any of his expeditions in the past. Two of his companions died in this savage place—one to the humanoid lizards who had thermal-based vision and the other one to piranhas when they jumped onto the boat they were using for traveling down the river.

The remaining two explorers arrived at the desolated city of the Mohrock Tribe and settled there for a few days to learn about its history, culture, and language. Believing that their way back to Japan was at the top of the pyramid, they headed over there once they felt they had stayed here long enough. At that time, giant spiders and humanoid lizards had yet to make their home in the pyramid, so they were able to get through it with ease, other than facing the trials.

The final trial, the obstacle course, was a dangerous one, but in the end, they both managed to overcome it and arrive at the top of the pyramid, where they used the crystal created by the witch doctor to transport themselves back to Japan, and they learned that despite having been gone for forty days, they were only gone from their own world for only slightly more than a minute.

Scared by the book, they placed it in a box and then decided to get rid of it by burying it in the woods. They'd rather get fined by the library for "losing" the book than to return it and potentially bringing danger to other people. However, while on their way to the woods, they became involved in a violent car accident when they crashed into a truck that was driving down the wrong lane. They managed to survive, but the box containing the book flew out of the car and fell into a river, where it got washed away.

Over time, the box was found by a man who was collecting old things to sell, and needless to say, he decided to put this book on a sale in a humble stand he set up outside his house. For days, nobody had the interest to buy it. That was until one day, a blond woman dressed in purple appeared, saw the book, and thought it would make an interesting collection for a certain book rental store in a certain isolated place filled with demons and other mythical creatures…

If only she knew the truth behind that book…








That's another story finished! Hope you enjoyed everything you've read!

As I wasn't able to explain what the world Reimu and her group went to was about during the actual story, I explained everything here instead. Hope this doesn't equal bad storytelling…

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1. The Mohrock Tribe is named after the Mohawk Tribe.

2. The shortcut to the top of the pyramid is close to the entrance. A door nearby it leads to a staircase that goes all the way to the top.

3. The witch doctor used a large syringe to inject the superhuman potion into the tyrannosaurus's body. Let's just say that the people there are advanced enough to somehow create syringe not made of plastic or whatever is made to make modern day syringes… Syringes were used as far back as the first century A.D by the Romans, but the Indians were known to be the earliest people to use them.

4. You can say that this chapter's title is named after Touhou 3's daytime ending theme.