I do not own the right to Slug Terra. I was inspired to write this story because of this.

The Shanes of Slug Terra

Slug Terra

Prolog; Fanaticism

Joshua finished loading his riffle and readied to fire his weapon. He ready his weapon and aimed his target. He started to slow his breathing and steady the weapon. "Ready Joshua, just breath and fire." He said to himself.

Joshua was unusual for a fifteen year old, he had his mothers curly brown hair but his father's blue eyes. He fixed those eyes on the target and squeezed the trigger, the gun went off and the target was pierced. One, two, three times before he stopped and lowered his riffle.

"Not bad Joshua, but firing a gun is nothing like firing a blaster. More kick back, but not bad." A man entered the range. He was tall, leant and slightly muscular, with short black hair and blue eyes. He was holding a duffle bag strap in one hand, but placed it on the ground as walked closer to his son.

"Not interesting dad, I don't want to go to Slug Terra. I don't want to be the 'The Son of Will Shane. I just want to be Joshua Shane." Joshua said looking back at the man.

"I know but, there is still Eli. He's itching to go to Slug Terra." Will said to his son.

"I want to know dad, what right do we have to interfere in another civilization? On top of that what right is it of ours to enforce justices in a place that has no central government or desire to unified to bring peace to its people." Joshua said.

"You do have a point. Do we have a right to do this is, but it isn't wrong to help people that need help. Life, Liberty and Justice for all is what our country is built on and shouldn't we allow others to have that same that we have?"

Joshua shrugged. "You have a point but there is a point were seeking justice can become dangerous."

"How so?" His dad asked. Not looking over at his son.

"Fanaticism dad, it's one thing to want to bring justice to people how need it but... " Joshua reloaded his riffle and let off a couple of rounds at a new target. He did answer and they remained silent for a good while.

Will looked at his son with a grim look. "This is about Dr. Black, isn't it?"

"Dad, from what you told me he's obsessed with completely weaponizaing slugs. It sort of sounds like something our military would do. I don't think beating him in a duel will stop him, a just keep doing it until he hurts himself or some one else. I think the best thing to do with him is just to let him destroy himself and mop up any mess he makes."

"I can't do that, what about the people he hurts."

"That's the thing dad your becoming a fanatic yourself. A fanatic of justice and when two fanatic's meet the ending results will not be good for any one. Fanaticism changed our world and still effects it to this day." Joshua looked at had his dad with a sadden face. "You said you never want Slug Terra to be like ours? Well, it's going to be just like ours, if you keep up like this."

"Then what am I suppose to do, Dr. Black is just going to keep up his experiments..."

"Then learn form our world, don't fight fanaticism with fanaticism, like we did. Fight fanaticism with compassion, fight to protect the innocent and the needy, Dad didn't you say that you want to protect the people of Slug Terra then do that. Just leave Black alone!"

"Joshua, I don't think you under stand but once Eli..."

"Dad, mark my words if you don't come back then I won't let Eli go to Slug Terra!" Joshua interrupted his father.

Will looked at his son with surprise. Joshua could tell what he said to his father hurt him on some leave. Joshua continued by saying. "His talents could be use better up here and he could be any thing up here, even a president."

"Eli, president? Yah, right." His dad laughed.

"You would believe that too, if you were ever here for any amount of time. Since mom died I have been raising Eli like he was my own. You've barley been home for Eli and me, before you say anything yes, we were well take care of because of the gold that you brought back but children still need their father." Joshua let off another voile from his rifle.

"You don't understand, the Shane's have many secrets..."

"Many secrets that have torn our family apart, now there is only three of us, You, Me and Eli."

"You could all ways find a nice woman and continue the family."

"Yah right, like you said Shane's have many secrets and girls don't like men that keep too many secrets." Joshua stopped and reloaded this rifle again. "Dad, just come back home that's all I ask. I don't need you but Eli does."

His father reached into a duffle bag and produced a strange weapon. On the back end was a turbine that connected to a clear cylinder that connected to an elongated triangle like clamp that housed the barrel. At a forty five degree angle was a handle and release for the barrel.

"Burpy," A creature jumped out form Will's jacket, he remove the glass cylinder the orange and yellow flame stripped slug like creature with tiny antenna, tiny orange arms and a toothy grin smiled at his master, his big white eyes focused on his partner. "Well Burpy, want some practices?" The little creature nodded and jumped into the cylinder.

"Mind if I get in on that?" Joshua asked as he produced a similar weapon from his own duffle bag.

"Make that yourself?"

"Yah, just out of spare parts. Now, lets get going Trabajar. A Light brown slug with a big googly eyes with a afro like hair and black curly hair that ran down his back and covered his face. His little brown arms messed with his brown antenna, Joshua loaded his slug in his cylinder.

"Ready." Will started.

"Set." Joshua said

"Go!" The two yelled and squeezed the trigger.

Three Months Later in Slug Terra

Deep beneath the surface of the Earth in a cavern. In an enormous forest of mushrooms growing moss, crystals and jagged rocks. Two men stood opposite to each other there weapons ready to fire at each other. One, Will Shane dressed in a from fitting body armor of gray, white with orange ascents and a ST in the shape of a star.

"This is the end of the line for you Dr. Black. Your horrible experiments end here and now!" Will Shane stood with is blaster ready to fire opposite to him was an overly muscular, and bulky framed man with black and gray hair man in a black and red suit.

"Will Shane," Dr. Black spat with venom. His tiny green, gray eyes fixed on his target his pointy teeth, clenched tightly in anger. "This is the last time you'll get in my way I've finally did it." He loaded a red cylinder inside was a ghastly yellow slug-like creature with twisted arms, sharp brown needles sticking out of it's body, it's eyes were black with red pulps. It made a roaring noise as Dr. Black loaded it into his blaster. "Now see the fruits of my labors!" He lowered his blaster at his enemy with the squeeze of the trigger the blaster made an echoing, ping sound as the slug was lunched from the barrel. It spun around with in a black an red cloud it transformed into a twisted mushroom looking creature with spiked head jagged fangs and black and red eyes. It careened into the ground and exploded leaving a blasted creator where it landed.

Dr. Black's eyes widened with excitement. "Yes, look at the power, all that power! Once more!"

He loaded another cylinder inside was a black and red slug-like creature with tiny, twisted arms, protruding jagged teeth, tiny sharp horns and big black eyes with tiny red pupils. He fired his blaster and with an echoing ping the slug transformed into a twisted black and read bat with sharp claws, teeth, and horns. The bat creature spun around until it created a swirling black and red sphere that started to pull everything towards it.

"All that power, far beyond my dreams!" Dr. Black laughed maniacally.

The terrain was being sucked into the black and red sphere. Both Dr. Black and Will Shane held onto anything that they could. Hung on for dear life and looked at a cylinder that held an orange and yellow slug. "Burpy, listen I'm not going to make it! Find my sons help them." Will shouted and loaded his blaster and fired away form the sphere and out of the cavern. As Burpy transformed into a phoenix like creature with a lizard like head fire burning from his head and wings. Burpy shot away high into the air. Will well watched his old friend disappear before he lost his grip and fell back in to the maelstrom. You were right Joshua, I'm sorry. I hope that you and Eli will fix Slug Terra. He thought to himself as he disappeared into the swirling black and red clouds.