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Chapter 1 - A whole new world

"I've been thinking about marrying Manami."

Akihiko stared at his friend, feeling utterly shocked and uneasy. Of course he was happy for Takahiro that he had found someone he cared about, but his own feelings got in the way. Takahiro didn't love him. He never would, and he would never find out that his best friend had loved him for years.

"That's great to hear. I hope that the two of you will become very happy." He couldn't stop a smile from creeping over his face as he noticed the faint blush on Takahiro's face.

"I haven't asked her yet, but just thinking about it makes me extremely nervous. What if she doesn't want to get married?" Takahiro played with his own fingers, a worried expression on his face, which suddenly turned sad. "Actually, I have no right to be happy at the moment. I should be worrying over Misaki."

The author stared at his friend in confusion, furrowing his brows in thought. Misaki...he'd heard that name before, but who was it again?

"You know," Takahiro spoke, "It's very weird when I think about it. Misaki hardly ever complained when he lived here with me and he seemed really happy, but after he found out that I have a girlfriend, he just disappeared. I don't know what happened, but I feel like it's my fault that he left home."

'That's right, Misaki is the name of his younger brother.' Akihiko sighed, wondering why teenagers always had to be such a pain in the arse. "Have you tried calling him yet?"

Takahiro nodded slowly. "I did, but it seems that he's changed his phone number. There is no other way for me to contact him since he moved out of the house a few months ago. I've also tried calling the police, but they said that there was nothing they could do about it." Upon hearing this, Akihiko rolled his eyes, knowing that the police was simply too lazy to even bother looking for someone so unimportant.

"I'm sure that he's doing just fine, Takahiro," the novelist spoke in a gentle voice, trying to calm his beloved friend. Knowing Takahiro like the back of his hand, he was sure that the man was putting the blame on himself and making himself feel miserable by thinking about his little brother. After all, Takahiro had been taking care of Misaki for years. "I'm sorry, but I think I should be going now."

"Ah, of course! Thank you for coming over today, Usagi!" Akihiko smiled weakly as he heard his nickname and then walked over to the hallway to get his coat. In reality, he didn't have to go, but he couldn't bear staying around much longer. The pain of Takahiro surrendering his heart to another was too much for him to handle. He needed some distraction, or he was sure that he would be weeping like a widow by the end of the night. Glancing at his love one last time, he bid him farewell and left the apartment.

It was fairly cold outside, as autumn was arriving quickly. The trees were decorated with shades of red and orange, and fallen leaves created a colorful crunchy path on the sidewalk. Akihiko, however, felt colder than winter inside, mourning over his unrequited love. He knew he should have seen this coming, yet this thought couldn't lessen the pain. It felt like all those years of loving Takahiro were nothing more than a waste of time. A waste of his life.

"I need to get my mind off of this," Akihiko muttered to himself, stopping in his tracks as he noticed an unfamiliar building. His eyes narrowed as he studied the sign above the entrance, and he concluded that it had to be some sort of gay bar. For a few moments, he looked around, but the streets were all empty and abandoned. He stared at the sign again. 'I could go in there. It's not like I've got anything left to lose.'

After he'd finally made up his mind, Akihiko slowly approached the entrance and opened the brass-colored door. As he noticed the many males present in the bar, the author knew that his suspicions had been correct. Slowly, he walked over to the bar, being greeted by a young man with ash-colored hair and glasses.

"My my," the stranger spoke, "I did not expect to see the famous Usami Akihiko here. Welcome."

"And you are?" Akihiko asked bluntly, obviously not in the mood to talk to some smug student. Despite that he didn't know the boy, he could already tell that he didn't like him one bit.

"The name's Sumi Keiichi," the teen replied, "You may have met my father, as he's a writer as well." The name 'Sumi' indeed did ring a bell, but Akihiko couldn't bring himself to care, nor to look at this Keiichi boy. Instead, his eyes studied the room, and his gaze landed on a large piano on a small stage. At the sight of this, he cocked an eyebrow. He couldn't recall that he'd ever been to a gay bar before, but he was certain that there wasn't supposed to be a piano there.

Then, much to Akihiko's surprise, a young boy with shoulder-length brown hair stepped onto stage and sat down at the piano...and started to play. In an instant, almost every man in the room turned his attention to the boy on stage, who gently played the piano with his slender fingers. They all seemed to be waiting for something, eyeing the teen in anticipation.

And then, the brunet started to sing.

"Making my way downtown, walking fast,
faces pass and I'm home bound.

Staring blankly ahead, just making my way,
making a way through the crowd."

Akihiko's eyes widened as the boy's voice reached his ears. It had to be the most angelic sound that he had ever heard, gentle and soft like the feathers of an angel, and sweeter than honey. He stared at the stranger in utter amazement, completely captivated. The novelist had never cared for music, but for some reason that beautiful voice touched his heart, painting a pure smile on his face.

"'Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles
if I could just see you, tonight."

Right then, the little angel on stage slowly opened his eyes to catch a glimpse of his audience, and Akihiko's heart skipped a beat. Despite being a teenager, the brunet had large, bright green eyes, which portrayed a young but truthful innocence. They were greener than grass, sparkling in the spotlight as the brunet timidly stared at the crowd, looking shy and incredibly adorable.

Disgusted by his own thoughts, Akihiko mentally slapped himself. 'What am I doing, getting all excited over some boy that I've never met before?' he wondered, yet he couldn't stop smiling as he listened to that enchanting voice.

"If I could just see you,
if I could just hold you… tonight."

The piano play stopped as the song ended and the audience clapped their hands fervently, obviously just as impressed by the performance as the novelist. The mysterious chocolate haired teen carefully stepped off the stage, already being surrounded by a group of men. Akihiko saw the boy smile sweetly as the strangers complimented him, but he could also sense the uneasiness. A small smirk tainted the man's face as he decided that he wanted to meet the brunet as well.

And so, Akihiko started moving closer, little by little…

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The song used is 'A thousand miles' by Vanessa Carlton.

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