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Epilogue – Promise of a lifetime

"Usagi-san, hurry up! We're going to be late."

With a growl, Akihiko dragged himself out of the bedroom, only half-dressed in his more casual attire. His shirt was still unbuttoned and his jacket hung over his arm. When Misaki caught sight of it, he quickly turned his head away.

"What the hell?" he muttered, trying to hide his blush, "How long does it take for your to get dressed? The party is in twenty minutes and you're still not ready."

Akihiko furrowed his brows in irritation. "You know how I feel about crowded places and parties."

"That's no excuse, especially not in this case." Misaki folded his arms and spared his lover a stern glance. "Doesn't the fact that it is Nii-chan's wedding party mean anything to you…at all? I thought the two of you were such great friends."

The remark stabbed the author in the chest like a dull knife. Even though he was aware that Misaki was simply playing with his feelings, it was impossible not to give in to him. Realizing this, Akihiko fixed his clothes and sighed loudly, obviously not in the mood to go out. Actually, the idea of staying home with Misaki and spending the evening together seemed much more appealing to him, but he knew he didn't have a choice.

When Misaki saw that the other was ready to go, he spun around and descended the stairs. Akihiko soon followed him, smiling faintly as he noticed how surprisingly tense Misaki was. They had been at Takahiro's wedding that very day, both wearing suits rather than something comfortable, yet Misaki seemed to be even more nervous now.

Not that Akihiko minded. If anything, he found the teen's demeanor amusing to watch. He had often noticed how extremely jumpy Misaki was, even when there was absolutely nothing to be worried about. Whenever he tried to wrap his arms around him while he was cooking, Misaki would jolt in his arms before scolding him for doing things to him out of nowhere. Apparently, the brunet still hadn't gotten used to living with the person he loved.

Akihiko's smile grew wider when he was standing right behind Misaki, who was busy putting on his coat. A green scarf with black stripes was wrapped around the teen's neck—a congratulatory gift from Akihiko for getting into Mitsuhashi University. Misaki had been wearing it during the cold days of winter and early spring.

Putting on his own long coat, Akihiko embraced his younger lover, feeling him jump a little. He chuckled at this before burying his face in the crook of Misaki's neck, kissing the spot repeatedly.

"Come on, l-let go of me," Misaki protested half-heartedly, "We should leave now."

It took another minute before he was finally released and able to leave the penthouse. Both males got into the elevator and left the building once they had reached the ground floor. Akihiko attempted to hold Misaki's hand several times, but the boy quickly snatched it away and scolded him for trying something weird in public.

Once they were inside the author's car, Akihiko leaned towards Misaki and claimed his lips. His hands ran down Misaki's shoulders to his hands, making the teen's skin tingle delightfully despite the thick layers of cotton impeding direct contact. Soft moans escaped Misaki's mouth as Akihiko's tongue ran over his lips. Feeling that his energy was starting to leave his body, Misaki quickly pulled away.

"Usagi-san, we really have to go," he said breathlessly, "We don't have time for this."

Akihiko gave a disapproving groan and turned away, putting on his seatbelt. As he grasped the steering wheel, his eyes found Misaki's once more.

"I can assure you that you're going to get it once the party is over."

Understanding his lover's words, Misaki averted his gaze and felt the heat envelop his body. Having sex with Akihiko was still very embarrassing, even though they had done it a couple of times already. Merely the thought of it made Misaki feel uncomfortable, so he tried to stop thinking about it and glanced out of the window while Akihiko drove out of the parking garage.

The sky was a mixture of dark shades as it was already evening, but a few beams of light still broke through it all. The sight was calm and soothing and it managed to comfort Misaki a bit. The brunet closed his eyes for a moment and sighed in satisfaction.

When Akihiko heard the pleased sound coming from the other he felt a smile tug at his lips.

"You seem to be in a better mood now."

Misaki's attention turned to him. "What's that supposed to mean?" he asked, raising his brows, "You're the one who was all cranky back at home, not me."

The traffic light turned red, giving Akihiko the opportunity to get closer to Misaki. "Do you want to know why I didn't want to leave?" he whispered in a seductive voice, "It was simply because I'd much rather spend my time making love to you instead."

Gasping, Misaki covered his ears as if to protect himself against Akihiko's dirty words. He refused to look at the other, but it only caused Akihiko to chuckle and fix his attention back on the road. The ride continued without any exchange of words until they arrived at their destination. The married couple had decided to celebrate at a very cozy place, one that didn't seem too expensive yet had a comfortable atmosphere.

Akihiko parked the car and both he and Misaki got out, walking to the entrance together. They both received a white rose to give to the married couple in order to surprise them. It was something small and simple, but Takahiro had always liked that modest simplicity.

The two proceeded and Misaki greeted everyone at the party, not particularly caring whether he knew who they were or not. Akihiko followed his younger lover, a forced smile plastered on his face as he tried not to show his displeasure. He was relieved when they had finally found themselves a seat and leaned against the backrest, emitting a loud sigh.

"I can't understand why people like such crowded places," he muttered softly as his eyelids fluttered shut.

Misaki shrugged. "Nii-chan simply wants to invite everyone he knows to his wedding, so his colleagues and friends are invited as well as Manami's family. If we had any uncles or aunts, I'm sure he would've invited them as well."

Opening his eyes, Akihiko stared at the other with a hurt expression on his face. He didn't mean to bring up such a depressing subject on a day that was supposed to be a happy one. It was obvious that Misaki was sad that he didn't have any family left except for his own brother.

"I'm sorry."

"Wha—Usagi-san, why are you apologizing?"

"I didn't mean to hurt your feelings," Akihiko admitted, averting his gaze.

Green eyes widened slightly, but then Misaki's lips curved into a smile. "It's okay," the teen said, blushing mildly as he gazed at the author, "It's doesn't bother me all that much. Besides, I don't feel lonely…"

Akihiko was about to reply when he suddenly heard someone announce that Takahiro and Manami had arrived. He rose from his seat and Misaki jumped up as he caught sight of his brother, whose eyes found him just as fast. The married couple walked around in the room, greeting everyone and accepting the white roses, and finally came to them.

Takahiro smiled happily. "I'm so glad the two of you are here!"

"Of course we're here," Misaki replied, "This is important to all of us." Handing over his rose, the teen was glad to see Manami's eyes sparkle with happiness. Without a doubt, Takahiro and Manami were made for each other. It was a beautiful thing to see.

Apparently, not everyone seemed to agree with him, because Akihiko had disappeared from the scene. Misaki's eyes wandered around the room, but his lover was nowhere to be seen.

"Where did Usagi-san go?"

The couple examined the crowd before looking back at Misaki. "That's odd," Takahiro said, "He was here just now. Where could he have gone?"

"Maybe he needed to use the restroom?" Manami said.

Misaki took a step back, gazing out of the window. "I'll go look for him." With that, he left the two to themselves and walked out of the room. He already knew where Akihiko was and he didn't like it one bit.

Finding the backdoor, Misaki walked out and found the author exactly where he had imagined. Akihiko was sitting on a wooden chair, smoking a cigarette all alone. He appeared to be looking at something in the distance…or at nothing at all.

Mentally punching the man, the brunet took a seat next to him. When he didn't get eye contact with the other, he took the cigarette between two fingers and snatched it away before Akihiko could take another drag. The latter sent him a glare, but it failed to frighten him. When Akihiko realized this, he sighed and looked away again. This response irritated Misaki.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to smoke?"

"I didn't even do it in your presence this time, so what's the problem?"

"Has it still not gotten through your thick skull that smoking is terrible for your health? Do you want to die young?" Misaki's angry words were as hard as the pressure he applied on the cigarette, which he was smashing into the ashtray. "You promised me that you would try to quit!"

All of a sudden, Akihiko's hand grasped Misaki's wrist. His face was dangerously close to the brunet's.

"What about you?" the man asked, "I believe we made a deal a while ago…and it seems like neither of us are keeping our promise."

Misaki quickly withdrew his hand and furrowed his brows. "Excuse me, but I believe the only one who isn't trying hard enough is you. When's the last time you saw me touch any alcoholic—"

"Last Sunday, while I was away for work, you drank the last bottle of red wine we had." Akihiko crossed his arms and smirked victoriously as he saw the shocked expression in those lustrous orbs of emerald. "You thought I wouldn't notice? I'm disappointed in you."

It was obvious that Misaki was at a loss of words, because he kept staring at the other wide-eyed before breaking eye contact. His face slowly turned redder.


Slowly, Akihiko moved his hand over Misaki's and caressed his fingers lightly. "You know that we're both worried about each other, right? Nothing is going to change if we don't keep trying, but I'm sure it will be easier if we try to work on it together."

"…Yes, you're right."

A purr rolled off Akihiko's tongue. "If you keep acting so adorably, I won't be able to wait until the end of the party." The way Misaki's face turned crimson made Akihiko realize that it was going to be a tough and long evening.

He couldn't wait to be back home again.

It was late when Akihiko and Misaki got home, but they were both still bursting with energy. Upon closing the front door, Misaki found himself being lifted by his lover's arms and carried to the bedroom. It was completely dark, yet Akihiko managed to make his way to the bed, where he laid his beloved down gently. Pressing the button of the lamp on the nightstand, he stared directly into a pair of shining green eyes.

"And now…" the man said seductively, "…I'm going to make love to you." He let his fingertips ghost over the sides of Misaki's neck, drawing a low groan from him.

Misaki blushed, cursing mentally at his oversensitive body. Because of Akihiko's promise from before, Misaki's entire being had been waiting, longing for the author's cold and wonderful touch. It was only foolish to believe that the brunet could resist him.

Fingertips trailed downwards over Misaki's hoodie, slipping underneath the fabric and teasing the skin of the teen's abdomen. The hoodie rolled up when Akihiko brought both of his hands to Misaki's chest, exploring more of that slender body.

Those mere, simple touches were enough to set Misaki aflame. The skin that had been touched by Akihiko's hands tingled pleasurably. Eyes fluttered shut when the man teased his nipples, rolling them around under his thumbs.

Pink lips were glossy, glistening in the faint light while Misaki's moans slipped past them. The sounds sang to Akihiko like a beautiful song of unlimited passion, entrancing him. Moving closer, Akihiko kissed that sweet mouth, silencing his seemingly insatiable angel.


Akihiko pushed his tongue into Misaki's mouth and began to caress the inside. It tasted as sweet as ever, but something was different.

Misaki wasn't trying to hold back, but instead actually responded to the kiss. He swirled his own tongue around Akihiko's and moved his hands up to rest on the man's back. A sound of irritation got trapped into the other's mouth as Misaki felt the irritable fabric beneath his palms.

Getting the hint, Akihiko drew back and threw off his jacket before unbuttoning his dress shirt. When he shrugged it off, a small glint of desire was visible in his lover's eyes. Catching sight of this, the author smiled smugly and hovered over him again.

"Do you want me, Misaki?" he asked in the sexiest voice he could manage. His attempts were successful as Misaki began to shudder mildly. Still, the brunet did not utter a single word; he just stared at him, trying to hide the want in his eyes.

Finally, after Akihiko had leaned over the boy for five minutes without touching him, Misaki began to groan in frustration.

"Usagi-san," he whined cutely, "Stop staring at me."

"Then what do you want me to do?" Akihiko asked, teasing Misaki. He let his fingers run over the bare skin of his lover's torso, but made no move to remove any more clothing. "Do you want to be touched?"

Misaki whimpered and turned his head to the side. "Don't tease me."

Akihiko chuckled at the response, placing a chaste kiss on Misaki's cheek. "Don't you know that you are a tease too? The way you look at me, the sounds you make—they arouse me more than anything. How am I the one here who's teasing?"

"It's not like I do it on purpose!"

Forcing the boy's head back, Akihiko kissed his lips lovingly to cut his protests short. This wasn't the moment to irritate his younger lover. Kissing the brunet into submission, Akihiko brought his hands to the boy's pants and started to take them off, hooking his fingers in Misaki's boxers to pull them along.

Gasping, Misaki pulled back and his hands shot to Akihiko's. "W-wait!" he stuttered, blushing from head to toe. He tried to pry Akihiko's hands away, but it was no use. As the man brought his lips to Misaki's ear, the teen started to shudder again.

"Baby all through the night
I'll make love to you,
when you want me to…"

Eyes widened as Akihiko whispered the song into his lover's ear and suddenly Misaki couldn't stop his own lips.

"…and I will not let go
'till you tell me to."

When the words left his mouth, Misaki instantly grew red and tried to pull the pillow over his head, but Akihiko locked his fingers around the boy's wrists and kissed his lips once more. Misaki relaxed and let out a quiet moan when Akihiko retracted, lips and hands leaving him. A charming smile crossed the author's face.

"I'll give you whatever you want," he promised, sitting up to find the bottle of lube. He coated his fingers with the colorless substance and brought one finger to Misaki's opening, circling around the puckered entrance lazily.

Misaki mewled and gasped when the finger slowly entered him. He felt a painful sting, but the pain vanished when Akihiko began to stroke his erection. Lips parted slightly before a series of moans and other cute sounds came from the brunet.

Satisfied with the beautiful sight, Akihiko bent down and began to lick his angel's stomach. He left kisses on the wet skin as he travelled upwards, drawing more desirous sounds from the other.


Akihiko found a collarbone and sucked their lightly. His left hand pumped Misaki's cock steadily while he shoved his finger inside the boy's tight rectum, appreciating how the digit was swallowed hungrily. Misaki still wasn't aware of how heavenly his body was.

Feeling that Misaki's body had adjusted, Akihiko pushed a second finger inside.

"Ha! Usagi—aahh!" Moaning helplessly, Misaki shut his eyes and tossed his head from side to side. He couldn't handle the amount of pleasure he was receiving; Akihiko was touching him in too many places at the same time. "S-stop it…ah! I you don't, I won't be able to—"

Ignoring the protests, Akihiko began pumping his lover harder and moving his fingers faster. "You don't have to hold back," he said quickly, nibbling at Misaki's reddened skin, "I don't want you to."

Misaki gave a final loud groan before he cried out, shooting his seed over Akihiko's hand and his own stomach. His body trembled in the aftermath and he panted at the intensity of his climax. Upon opening his eyes, he noticed that Akihiko had pushed down his pants and underwear, exposing his pride. When Misaki blushed and averted his gaze, Akihiko chuckled.

With the lube and come on his hand, Akihiko lubricated his weeping erection and spread Misaki's legs, creating enough space to lie in between. He guided his manhood to its destination and gently stroked Misaki's cheeks.


Glancing at his lover, Misaki hissed as Akihiko penetrated him. His fingers curled around Akihiko's shoulder as he tried to adjust to that full feeling. It was a familiar sensation, but he could never truly get used to it. The way that Akihiko's cock filled him up was indescribable. It was so strange, so painful and good all at once.

A longing groan reached Misaki's ears, causing him to turn his attention to the man on top of him. Akihiko's eyes gazed at him lovingly yet lustfully. Misaki could hear the other breathe out his name softly, whispering it in the most arousing manner, and he could only force his eyes to close.

Akihiko rolled his hips slowly, moaning at the blissful heat constricting his length. "Look at me," he ordered in a husky voice, "Don't close your eyes. I want to be able to look you in the eyes."

Despite not wanting to do as he was told, Misaki carefully peeked through his eyelashes, only to see that Akihiko still hadn't taken his eyes off of him. He gathered his courage and opened his eyes, earning a sweet smile and a few faster thrusts as a reward.

"Nnhh!" Misaki bit his lower lip as he stared at Akihiko, who kept looking at him while he moved. There was a genuinely pleased look in those kind eyes and the man's smile hadn't faltered in the slightest.

"I love you," Akihiko coaxed as he moved deeper, his hips snapping forward instinctively, "I love you so much." He kept repeating these words as his tempo increased, making it impossible for Misaki to restrain his voice.

"Aaahh! U-Usagi-san!" As the head of Akihiko's cock pressed against Misaki's prostate, the teen cried out desperately. His grip tightened on those broad shoulders, but he was hopelessly lost in bliss when his lover began to kiss him. A strong tongue dominated his own while Akihiko thrust against his sweet spot repeatedly. Heat rushed through Misaki's body, his member beginning to twitch with the need to cum again.

Feeling the excited flesh poke his stomach, Akihiko slipped his hand between their bodies and took hold of Misaki's neglected member. He squeezed it a couple of times and then pumped it in time with his thrusts.

Unable to resist the pleasure, Misaki closed his tear-filled eyes and arched his back, reaching his climax for the second time that night. His hands shook visibly when he felt Akihiko's warm semen inside of him, filling him to the brim. The author groaned in satisfaction as his movements slowed. Finally, he carefully lowered himself and kissed Misaki's eyelids sweetly. When Misaki didn't open his eyes, Akihiko aimed for his lips.

"Mmm…" Misaki moaned in approval as those soft lips collided with his, but he whined softly when they moved away. He opened his eyes, his eyesight blurry from the tears, and let his hands slide down Akihiko's back.

Chuckling, Akihiko wiped Misaki's tears. "You're so adorable," he spoke softly.

"I'm not!" The brunet's voice was still weak, so his protest was barely audible. He pouted and looked away, pretending that he was angry. Yet, it was obvious that he was smiling inside.

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