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Chapter 2 – I saw an angel

Emerald met amethyst as Akihiko approached the boy, walking with undeniable grace. The other men around the brunet turned their heads to meet the author's gaze, and they quickly moved back as they recognized that man as the successful and famous novelist, the great lord Usami Akihiko. Their somewhat frightened expressions boosted Akihiko's ego and he realized that it wouldn't be too hard for him to get the boy alone.

When he was only a few steps away from the teen, he stopped and flashed him a gentle, but slightly forced smile. "That was a great performance," he complimented as he kept looking into those big round eyes. Normally, the author hated looking into someone's eyes, but the brunet wore such a kind expression that he simply couldn't look away from him.

"Ah, t-thank you!" the boy stuttered cutely, a rosy color tainting his cheeks as he shyly averted his gaze. Akihiko chuckled at this shy behavior, feeling strangely attracted to the stranger. "Uhm…my name is Takahashi Misaki," the teen continued, bowing politely, "It's nice to meet you."

"The pleasure is all mine," Akihiko replied, a little too smoothly to his own liking, "I'm Usami Akihiko." Not showing his confusion and shock, he studied Misaki carefully, noticing that the boy really didn't look a thing like Takahiro. "Please correct me if I'm wrong, but do you happen to have a brother named Takahiro?"

Upon hearing that name, Misaki froze, his eyes widening drastically. "You know Nii-chan?" he asked, then stared at the man intensely, "Have we met before, Usami-san?" His brows furrowed in thought and he put his fist to his mouth, trying to remember his conversations with his brother. "I don't think that Nii-chan's ever mentioned your name."

"Well, you're brother never uses my real name; he always calls me 'Usagi'."

Misaki's eyes shot up, as if the name had triggered something in his brain. "Yeah, that name does sound familiar. So then, you're that writer who's been friends with my brother since high school?" When Akihiko nodded, the brunet smiled sweetly. "He's told me quite a lot about you." At this, the author cocked an eyebrow, wondering what Takahiro had told his younger brother, but he chose to pay no mind to it.

"Are you aware that Takahiro is very worried about you?" Akihiko asked, trying to steer the conversation. He wanted to know why Misaki had left his brother and how he ended up working in a place like this. "He told me that you disappeared after he introduced you to his girlfriend."

The men who were watching the couple from afar seemed to be too interested in the matter, making Misaki feel rather uncomfortable. "Usami-san, would you mind if we have a seat and then continue our conversation? I don't like it when people are eavesdropping." Shyly, he played with a cord from his hoodie while his gaze was fixed on the floor. This was a sign for the author that the teen was indeed feeling very uneasy, so he complied with his wishes.

"Sure," he replied casually, "You can go pick a seat while I get us something to drink. Is sake okay with you?"

'Wait, is he trying to get me drunk?!' Misaki asked in his head, but quickly shook the thought off, 'Don't be so ridiculous, self. Not every guy is like that.'


"Ah, sorry! You really don't have to get me anything."

A handsome smile decorated Akihiko's face. "I insist," he said casually before walking over to the bar to get a bottle of sake. He looked over his shoulder to watch the teen take a seat, snickering as he saw how nervous Misaki was. There was something cute about his behavior and Akihiko liked it.

"Isn't he a bit too young for you?" Akihiko looked back to see Sumi staring at him with a smirk on his face. "You know, Misaki is only eighteen, but all the guys who come to this bar seem to be after him. It must be rather frustrating for him."

"Just give me the sake," the man replied coldly, earning a soft chuckle from the other.

"You aren't going to shag him while he's drunk, are you?" When Akihiko glared at him, Sumi grinned and handed him the white colored bottle, along with two cups. "Have fun."

'I really, really don't like that guy,' the novelist thought to himself as he took the sake to the table where Misaki sat. It was a small round table, surrounded by a round red bench with a low backrest and only one opening. He figured that the boy had purposely picked that kind of seat to prevent anyone from joining them, giving them some more privacy. He placed the bottle and cups onto the black wooden table and sat down next to Misaki, as he refused to sit across from him.

"Well Misaki-kun, why did you run away from home?" While his eyes remained focused on the brunet, Akihiko poured some sake into both cups. He could see that Misaki was biting his lips, obviously not feeling entirely at ease. A sigh escaped from the man's lips. "You should understand that I'm only asking these things because I'm worried about Takahiro."

"Yes, I know that," Misaki replied softly, staring absently into his cup, "It's just that…nobody has ever asked anything about how I ended up here, so I'm a little…surprised." After a short silence, he decided to speak again. "Fine, I'll tell you. My brother introduced me to his girlfriend about a month ago. I really liked her and we got along just fine, but I got the feeling that I was getting in their way. My brother is the one who's raised me for ten years, so I think he has the right to be happy." His right hand gripped the small cup tightly. "I discovered that the relationship Nii-chan and his girlfriend have is really serious, and I don't want to be a bother to them. That's why I've moved out."

While the answer seemed rather illogical to Akihiko, he didn't say anything in reply and simply nodded. Misaki was a rather strange, yet interesting boy.

"So, does that mean that you're living on your own?" he asked, taking a sip. A small smile played on his lips when he noticed that Misaki started to relax, feeling more at ease around him. Of course, that could have been because of the alcohol…

Misaki shook his head slowly. "I don't have my own apartment. I'm staying at Ihara-san's house, who is the owner of this bar. He allows me to stay as long as I pay the rent and do my job here."

"How did you even get a job here?" It bothered Akihiko that their conversation almost sounded like an interrogation, but he simply wanted to understand the whole situation. "You don't really seem like the type of guy to casually walk into a gay bar."

Upon hearing this, Misaki started laughing nervously, averting his gaze again. "It happened when I was looking for a job to get money to go to university," he explained, "There was a sign at the front door that this bar was in need of a performer, a singer, and since I like singing I decided to give it a try. I didn't realize that the place was a gay bar until some men started…hitting on me." After these words had left his mouth, the brunet's face flushed, and Akihiko could tell that he wasn't used to getting attention from other men. "Anyway, I talked to the owner and explained everything, and then I got the job."

"I suppose that means that you aren't gay, despite working here?" The teen nodded slowly, though a little doubtful. Akihiko couldn't blame him though; being surrounded by gay men would make any straight guy doubt his own sexual orientation. He drank up the last bit of sake in his cup, feeling those green eyes on him. Normally, he would have been irritated if someone even looked at him for more than five seconds, but there was something soothing, almost homey about Misaki's glance. His eyes always wore a shy, yet kind expression, as if the boy would never dare to harm anyone.

The sound of music reached Akihiko's ears, but it was rather soft since they were sitting far away from the speakers. However, this wasn't the only thing that caught his attention; he also noticed that Misaki had moved a little closer to him, though probably unconsciously, and was sitting right next to him.

"Usami-san, I hope you don't mind me asking this," Misaki spoke softly, "But what brings you to this place? I'm sure that I've never seen you here before."

Akihiko hesitated for a moment. He didn't really want to talk about his unrequited love for Takahiro, but on the other hand it would be rude not to answer the teen's question. After all, Misaki had told him everything he wanted to know, and he somehow felt that he could trust him.

After finally making up his mind, the author emitted a sigh and looked into the boy's eyes. "What I'm about to tell is something that you can never tell anyone, understand?" He earned a quick nod and a questioning look from the other. "I am, or used to be, in love with your brother. I've been in love with him for ten years, but I never dared to confess to him out of fear that he would hate me. So, I always stayed by his side as a dear friend, and also witnessed him getting a girlfriend." His eyes moved to the table as he felt his heart ache. "Today, Takahiro told me that he wants to marry his girlfriend. I was happy for him, as a friend, but I also felt hurt. I thought that going to this place could cheer me up a little."

The room seemed to fall silent, except for the soft music in the background and the chatter of other men. Akihiko didn't have the courage to look at the brunet sitting next to him. He was unsure how the boy would respond to everything he'd told him.

A warm hand touched Akihiko's shoulder, making his lavender eyes travel to Misaki. Those doe green eyes wore a sad, almost hurt expression, something that confused Akihiko greatly. Was this boy feeling sympathy towards him?

"I'm sorry," came from those pink lips, the teen's voice sounding broken. His bottom lip was trembling, as if he was trying not to cry for the heartbroken man.

"Why are you apologizing?"

"Because, you've been in love with Nii-chan for so long and he probably doesn't even know. You have been by his side for ten years, and yet he chooses a girl instead of you. I…I've never been this mad at my brother!" Misaki's eyes started to get wetter, his voice becoming weaker with every word he spoke. "I wish that I could've been there for you."

Akihiko sat there wide-eyed, staring at the brunet in awe. Never before had anyone showed him so much kindness, so much care. It felt like Misaki was some sort of angel sent from above just to comfort him. It made Akihiko smile faintly, but it was the truest and purest smile he had shown anyone in a long time.

Once Misaki seemed to have calmed down, a pair of large hands carefully pulled him closer, placing him on the man's lap. The boy's eyes darted up in surprise, but when he felt those muscular arms embrace his small frame he relaxed. Akihiko's body felt strong and warm, and his heartbeat was slow and rhythmic. Misaki leaned his head back against the author's shoulder, not even worrying about the fact that he was being hugged by another man in public. For once, he didn't give a damn about it. All he wanted was for Akihiko to be happy again.

One of Akihiko's large hands ran through the chocolate locks before he buried his nose in the boy's hair, carefully taking in the scent of citrus. It was a fresh and lively smell, one that seemed to match Misaki's personality perfectly. The novelist smile grew wider when a smaller hand covered the one that rested on the clothed stomach of his angel. Misaki's skin was soft and smooth, the feel of it almost addicting. Everything about the teen made Akihiko feel at ease, and he almost refused to release the younger one.

Misaki carefully moved away from the man's lap and sat down next to him again, a soft blush visible on his face. "D-do you feel any better now?" he asked timidly, an innocent look in his emerald orbs.

"Yes," Akihiko replied in a gentle voice, "Thank you, Misaki." He chuckled when the teen's face lit up even more because of the lack of an honorific, but fortunately Misaki didn't protest. "I'd love to stay longer, but unfortunately I have to go home now."

"Ah—I understand!" Misaki said quickly, still blushing like mad, "It was nice talking to you." He smiled sweetly and for one moment Akihiko had to resist the urge to kiss the brunet. They bid each other farewell and the author left soon after, trying to stop the confusing thoughts in his head. Why would he want to kiss Misaki? Although this bothered the man, he knew for sure that he would return to the bar, very soon.

"You and Usami-san seem to get along." Misaki looked away from the window and stared at Ihara, whose eyes were fixed on the road. His face was plain, not showing any of the man's emotions as he concentrated on the driving.

"How do you know Usami-san?"

"Takahashi-kun, you should know that Usami Akihiko is a famous novelist," Ihara answered, his tone a little mocking, "I've been reading his works ever since his debut. It's amazing that he came to the bar today." He stopped the car and took the key out of the ignition, indicating that they had arrived at their destination. They both undid their seatbelt and stepped out of the car. "It would be great if he could become one of our loyal customers." His hazel eyes stared at the boy intensively, and Misaki understood what the man meant.

"Well, what do you want me to do?" Misaki asked, secretly hoping that his boss wouldn't order him to sleep with Akihiko. He followed Ihara as the man unlocked the front door and stepped into the hallway, being greeted by the warmth of a decent home. He took off his light brown coat and shoes, not noticing that Ihara was watching him closely.

"For now, I simply want you to get closer to him," the owner spoke, his voice so dangerously sly that it made the brunet shiver, "Just have some more nice little chats with him so that he's willing to come back to the bar. If you do that, then we might be able to get loads of money from Usami-san. Having him around would be good for our reputation as well."

Misaki couldn't help but despise the idea that Ihara had in mind. He didn't want to use his brother's best friend—it simply wasn't the right thing to do. However, he did enjoy Akihiko's company, so making him become a regular did sound nice. It was great that a man talked to him without trying to get laid.

Ihara knew that the boy was distracted by his own thoughts and used this opportunity to wrap his arms around Misaki's slender waist. "You know, I would like to get closer to you as well," he whispered into his ear, slowly running one hand down the teen's torso. He could feel the body jerk as his hand reached the rim of Misaki's pants.

"No, Ihara-san!" the brunet protested, quickly using his own hands to move the other, preventing it from going any further. He gasped when he felt something hot on his neck, recognizing it as a pair of lips. Biting his own lower lip, he forced back a small moan that threatened to escape. He was not going to give that perverted boss his satisfaction.

A low chuckle could be heard as Ihara drew back, still holding the innocent teen. "I really love your voice, Takahashi-kun," he said huskily, earning another shiver, "I love it so much that I want to make you scream just to hear it."

Misaki's face reddened instantly and he dashed forward, releasing himself from the man's grip. He wanted to scold Ihara for being such a pervert, but he couldn't. If he said something rude, he was afraid that his boss would throw him out of the house, and he had nowhere else to go.

Ihara smirked as he watched Misaki's adorable expressions. "Well, I guess you should save your voice for your show," he stated dryly before walking to the living room, "You did well today." With one last glance over his shoulder, he passed out of sight.

'What the hell,' Misaki thought, but then shrugged and went upstairs. As much as he hated Ihara's random molestations, he had to admit that he had gotten quite used to it. In fact, it was surprising that the man hadn't attempted to rape him yet. Misaki shivered at this and shook his head, trying to forget about it. It was too late to be worrying about things like that and he was very tired.

After brushing his teeth and putting on his pajamas, Misaki lay down in his bed. One last thought came to mind before he fell asleep:

'I wonder when I'll see Usami-san again.'

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