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Chapter 4 – Caricature of intimacy

"Misaki, don't you think that you should stop drinking?" Akihiko asked uncertainly, studying the young brunet. His face was covered by a mild shade of crimson and his eyes were glazed and half-lidded.

"Hmm? What are you…talking about?" Being too drunk to articulate properly, Misaki muttered these words in a slurred voice, which sounded strangely adorable to Akihiko. Slender fingers ran over the rim of the wine glass, but amethyst eyes remained fixed on Misaki's face. "I'm perfectly fine," the boy said, hiccupping cutely as he took the bottle of wine in his right hand. A frown then decorated his face.

"What's wrong?"

"We're…out of wine." Akihiko chuckled as Misaki attempted to stand up straight, but wobbled and slumped back into his seat again. He knew that it wasn't right to laugh at someone who was obviously drunk off his ass, but Misaki was simply too cute.

"Just leave it, Misaki," he spoke softly, "You've already had way too much."

In response, the teen pouted a little, but then moved closer to Akihiko. He laid his head on the man's shoulder while his hand touched the other's gently.


"You're so warm, Usagi-san," Misaki whispered, smiling with his eyes closed, "Why are your hands so cold?"

Akihiko snickered, both at the mispronunciation of his name and at Misaki's sweet behavior. "My hands are always cold," he replied, stroking the boy's chocolate locks with his other hand. It was weird to see Misaki so clingy, yet he couldn't deny that he liked it.

Fingers intertwined slowly and Akihiko stared into nothingness, feeling utterly pleased with the comforting atmosphere. There was something about Misaki that made him feel at ease—something that made him want to open up to the boy. It was weird though; no one had ever gained his trust so quickly. It was as if he and Misaki had known each other for years.

Some popular pop music was being played, but it was absolutely nothing compared to the songs Misaki had performed—or at least, that's what Akihiko thought. He only ever listened to music while he was driving, and even then he often got irritated by the low quality of the new songs. Everything appeared to be either auto-tuned or completely unoriginal, missing the emotion dripping from those words. That was exactly what he admired about Misaki; the boy managed to sing a song and thrill the audience.

Music isn't merely about singing words. It's about telling a story and captivating the listener. While artists those days didn't seem to understand this, a young, inexperienced brunet was capable of doing it so easily.

Akihiko looked back at Misaki, who was still lying against his shoulder and holding his hand, mumbling something unintelligible. It sounded as though he was singing a song, but Akihiko couldn't hear any of the words. He didn't really care either way; hearing that beautiful voice was more than enough for him.

"You look tired," the author said, running a finger over the helix. The small frame shivered under his touch.

"I'm not," Misaki muttered, although it didn't sound credible at all, "I'm just being lazy." Slowly, his eyelids fluttered open and he stared into Akihiko's eyes, smiling contentedly. "It's nice to have you here with me," he whispered truthfully, caressing the upside of Akihiko's hand with his fingertips.

For a moment, Akihiko could've sworn that his heart skipped a beat. The loving expression in those hazy eyes, along with those sweet words and touches—it was all too much. He shook his head, trying to get rid of the thought that he might, perhaps…be in love with Misaki. It was true that the teen has showed him kindness and an honest form of love, but it couldn't be that kind of love.

'Why?' the novelist wondered, 'Why is this happening to me?'

"Usagi-san?" The drunken Misaki had witnessed the confusion in the man's eyes and was sitting up again, giving him a puzzled look, "Is something the matter?" he asked, squeezing the other's hand to tell him that it was all right.

Soft laughter was coming from behind, and Akihiko looked over his shoulder to see Ihara stare at them. He growled a little in annoyance, but then noticed that the man was trying to tell him something through hand gestures.

"Go to his room."

'Wait, does he want me to screw Misaki?' Akihiko asked in his head, but shook it off with the rise of an eyebrow and stared back at Misaki again. Those large green irises were still looking at him worriedly, so he smiled faintly in order to reassure the boy that he was okay. "You have your own room here, right?"

"Yes, I do," Misaki answered, obviously not sensing the true meaning behind those words.

"Can you take me there?"

"Sure." The brunet nodded, smiling sheepishly as he tried to rise from the bench again, this time being more successful. He slowly started walking away, and Akihiko could easily notice that Misaki was still too unstable to move properly. It almost looked like he was a penguin waddling over the ice. It drew a soft laugh from the back of the author's throat, something that rarely ever happened.

Unfortunately, Akihiko's laugh didn't last long as he saw the boy accidentally bump into another man. The blond turned around in irritation, gritting his teeth as he grabbed Misaki by his collar.

"What do hell do you want, you little piece of shit?" the man asked angrily, sounding rather tipsy himself. He blinked for a few moments before his gaze softened, and a very different expression crossed his face. "Why, hello there cutie." His voice was suddenly lower and evidently flirtatious.

Even in his current state, Misaki didn't fail to notice the hungry gleam in those dark eyes and shot back, but he couldn't get away as the stranger grabbed his arm.

"Please, let go of me," he begged, hiccupping as he tried to free himself from the strong grip. However, instead of being released, he was only pulled closer to the man, until he could feel the hot breath on his face. He squeezed his eyes shut as the other's face inched closer, and continued his helpless pleading.

Akihiko quickly yanked Misaki back, holding him securely against his chest as he glared at the honey haired male. "Excuse me, but he belongs to me," he stated confidently, paying no mind to the fact that he had just claimed the boy in front of someone else. He wouldn't allow anyone to grope or molest the young teen.

The other man, taken aback by the author's sudden action, quickly scurried away, tripping a couple of times as he tried to get out. Akihiko's gaze followed him for a while, but then returned to the sweet brunet in his arms.

"Are you okay now?"

Misaki nodded quickly. "Thank you," he whispered, leaning against the man's chest as he couldn't support himself. Noticing this, Akihiko sighed and lifted the boy, carrying him in his arms. He could feel Misaki's fists hitting his chest softly in protest. "Usagi-san," he whined, "Put me down."

"You'll never be able to reach your room if I don't carry you."

"But…people are giving us weird looks." All of a sudden, Misaki's voice was very soft and timid, and his face was decorated by a reddish hue.

"Don't worry about it. They are probably just as drunk as you are anyway."

"I'm not that drunk," the teen muttered and Akihiko chuckled as the blush on that adorable face intensified. It was hard to believe, but Misaki was even cuter when he was drunk and embarrassed. Akihiko wanted to tease him just to earn more of those sweet responses, but decided against it.

"Where is your room?" His eyes followed a finger that pointed towards a narrow corridor while he started walking into the right direction. It didn't take long for him to notice that this part of the bar looked very different; it wasn't illuminated very well and the walls were painted beige instead of the usual bright colors.

Misaki's finger was pointing at the third door on the left side, which was just an ordinary dark brown door. It didn't surprise Akihiko at all; Misaki didn't look like the type who needed everything to be 'fabulous', but preferred to keep everything simple instead.

In a few large steps, Akihiko was standing in front of the door, and he slowly put Misaki down so he could open it up. His eyes followed the teen's hand as they dug into one of his pockets and found a small, silver-colored key. While Misaki tried to unlock the door—which took a lot more effort than necessary—Akihiko couldn't help but wonder what his room looked like. It was only a backstage room, so it couldn't be all that impressive, but he was still curious. Perhaps he could find something that would tell him more about Misaki. After all, he didn't lie when he said that he wanted to get to know him better.

The door opened with a few soft creaks, and Akihiko was met with a very cozy room. The walls were a soft, orange color, decorated by some posters and lamps. In the middle of the room stood a small brown piano, a few music sheets lying on top of it, and against the left wall stood a red colored couch, along with a wooden bookcase.

"Well, this is my room," Misaki explained, dragging himself towards the couch. Akihiko chuckled upon seeing this and approached the bookcase, studying the contents. Every single book in the case was a sheet music book, with songs of various artists and styles.

"Are all of these songs for your show?" he asked, simply amazed by the amount of books.

Misaki, who was already lying lazily on the sofa, stared into the author's direction. "No," he muttered, "Ihara-san bought those books for me, even though I told him not to."

"Can you play all of them?"

"No, not yet, but I'm trying." The brunet slowly sat up, his eyes wearing a somewhat jaded look, "One day I will be able to play each one of them."

Hearing this made Akihiko smile. It was clear to him that Misaki was a very hard-working and determined individual, and that he would try to achieve his goals no matter how hard it was. This was another reason for him to admire the boy, as he himself often felt like giving up when he lost hope or interest. With a faint grin on his face, he put the book back and sat down on the couch.

"You really think you can do that?"

"I'll be there someday…I can go the distance," Misaki sang in reply, slightly off-key due to the effects of alcohol. He giggled softly as he realized how awful it sounded and then looked at Akihiko. "Do you sing, Usagi-san?"

The man shook his head, scoffing a little. "I hate to admit it, but I can't sing…at all."

Misaki laughed some more, but then gave the author a sweet look. "I…really like your voice," he admitted, being bold enough to admit something that he would normally find embarrassing beyond measure. Still, a light pink color rose up to his cheeks and ears.

Silence filled the room as the two got lost into each other's eyes, smiling without a single thought in their heads. The only sounds were those of breathing and Misaki's small hiccups every now and then, but it remained peaceful and quiet, and the two had already forgotten that they were still in a crowded bar.

"You know," Akihiko spoke softly, caressing Misaki's cheek carefully, "I like your voice too. To be honest, you have the most beautiful voice that I've ever heard."

Hazy emerald eyes gazed at him, and without even realizing it the two moved closer to one another, the warmth of their bodies merging together. Misaki closed his eyes as he felt Akihiko's hands cup his face, puckering his lips for a gentle kiss. A soft sigh brushed against Akihiko's lips as they made contact. It was the sweetest, softest kiss that the author had ever given someone, but he had never enjoyed it this much. Velvety lush lips parted slightly, giving the other the chance to slip his tongue inside and caress the inside of Misaki's mouth.

The taste was sweet, unique, and everything that Akihiko loved despite hating anything else that was sweet like sugar. His pink muscle found its partner and soon invited it into a gentle, yet passionate dance, one with rhythm and utmost grace. There was no aggression or force behind their gestures, only the longing of being united.

Misaki gave a little moan as he melted into the kiss, grabbing the front of Akihiko's shirt with both hands. It was the first time that anyone had ever dared to kiss his lips, and he was happy that he was giving his first kiss to Akihiko. Shivers ran down his spine as the foreign tongue retracted and the lips drew away from his. His eyes slowly opened, and he was surprised to see a look of shock in the novelist's lavender ones.

"Usagi-san, what's wrong?" he asked innocently, his grip on the fabric loosening. He shot up in shock as the man suddenly dashed out of the room, completely dumbfounded by this sudden reaction. "Wait, Usagi-san!" he yelled, but couldn't find the strength in his body to stand up.

Akihiko could hear his name boom through the walls as he swiftly got out of the bar, too confused by the situation to think straight. He had just kissed Misaki, Takahiro's younger brother, out of nowhere. What the hell was going on in his head?

'Love,' he thought to himself, 'It was love I felt…not just a spark. This was…different.' Shaking his head, he found his car and got in, driving home as fast as he could. However, even when Misaki wasn't with him, the images of him were still being painted in the man's head. He knew by the next day, Misaki would've forgotten all about it, but he simply couldn't. It was too precious to forget.

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