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'You've carried on so long; you couldn't stop if you tried it.

You've built your walls so high that no one could climb it,

But I'm gonna try it.' – Beneath your beautiful, Labyrinth ft Emeli Sande


Hal needed structure. He needed routines. They kept his mind busy, occupied. He had just finished packing away the last dominos from his perfectly constructed spiral for the third time that day. Each piece was the same width apart and had neatly smoothed cream edges – not a mark on them. The house's new resident chose that moment to rent-a-ghost into the living room, settling herself on a chair at the bar. For a minute everything was still; silent. A heavy weight hung in the air, an unanswered question bubbling to the surface.

"Where's Tom?" Hal asked, breaking the silence.

"In the attic, packing away some of Eve's things" Alex replied, looking down. She understood the lost was still raw for both men. She even caught Tom crying at the site of one of Eve's baby-grows. Hal just nodded, brushing some invisible dust off the table.

"Would you have done it?" Alex asked, she didn't need to elaborate. Hal knew she was referring to the incident with Crumb and the stake.

"I have lived a long time, Alex. Done more damage than I care to recall. Life gets so predictable after 500 years of it." Hal sighed.

"You didn't answer my question."

"I don't have an answer. With all the guilt and pain I carry with me, I believe death is a blessing that I don't deserve. But then, I am a danger to humanity even now. I am a monster, Alex. It would be so easy for me to revert back, like switching on a light." Hal spoke gravely, a hint of bitterness in his voice. His brown eyes met Alex's as he spoke.

"You're wrong. You're not a monster, Hal. You were one, but you're not that person anymore. It's like there are two sides of you. Good Hal – the one who cares about his friends, who loves routes and radio bloody four; the guy who hid behind the counter when I walked into the café. Then there is the….not so good Hal; the one who is sadistic and cruel; the one who couldn't stop staring at my neck in the bar that night. He is the monster, not you." Alex stood up slowly and crossed the room, sitting in the chair next to him.

"Alex, you don't understand. All the things I have done…" Hal started but Alex interrupted him.

"Done. Past tense. Hal, I'm not gonna lie and say you're perfect but you are not a monster. You helped me, saved Tom. You were going to blow yourself into a million pieces to save us."

"But I drank your blood."

"Isn't that normally my line?" Alex teased "I get it now, the energy it must take you not to become that person again. Tom is only a monster one night a month but you, you can't hide can you?"

"I don't want to hide; I need to remember the pain and destruction I am capable of. It's the only way to fight this…disease." Hal replied.

Alex brought her hand up to rest it on Hal's folded ones, lightly. At first she thought he was going to pull away. Instead he grabbed her hand and squeezed it gently. Alex squeezed back. Both taking comfort in the coolness of their fingers.

"No one said you have to fight it alone. Me and Tom are with you, every step of the way. You just have to remember that." Alex said gently, tilting her head to the side.

"Thank you, Alex" It sounded like he wanted to say more but then a loud crash, a few choice swear words and a cry of "Hal!" caused the pair to break apart. Hal gave her a brief smile before rushing towards the attic to help the young werewolf.

Alex reclined in the chair, wondering if being a ghost meant she could rent a film without paying for it. One thing was very clear though; whatever Hal said or thought, no matter how many walls he put up. Hal Yorke was definitely not a monster. Weird and sexually repressed, maybe but not a monster.


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