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Set during episode 4


Jealously was not a feeling Hal experienced often. Lord Harry took whatever he wanted without a care about the consequences. Hal never allowed himself the temptation of wanting anything therefore jealously wasn't a common notion to him. He was jealous of humans living a normal life of course, but this was different. This was Alex.

When she first came into the kitchen cringing at the fact Crumb asked her on a date, Hal felt his knuckles go white as he gripped the pepper shaker tighter in his hand. He could have walked into the living room and killed Crumb right there. It would have been so easy, like swatting a fly. Instead he took a deep breath and tried to talk Alex out of it.

But Alex was stubborn and when she had an idea in her hand, it stuck. She was going on a date. With Crumb. For him, to prove to Hal that they could have a normal life. How messed up was that? Alex should have been on a date with him, why did Crumb get her company and support? Why the fuck did she have to be wearing the outfit she wore to their date?

He couldn't help it; before Hal knew it he had swapped shifts with one of the waiters at the hotel so he could keep an eye on Alex during her…meal. There was no way in hell he was calling it a date. Then Crumb insulted her and Hal felt his blood boil, the pencil in his hand close to snapping in his fierce grip. Crumb was rude, selfish and arrogant – everything Hal used to be and hated about himself. Alex deserved so much better. But Hal kept quiet letting her prove her point. Then Crumb had to try and speak French, badly. Alex looked up at Hal with her big eyes, the both of them sharing a secret smile. Hal was pleased to note that Crumb's French didn't have the same effect as his French did on Alex.

Chaos followed and before he knew it, Hal was running for his life. When Alex came to him calling his name he could have swore his heart beat for the first time in 500 years. They slumped down next to each other against the wall. His brown eyes met her green ones and Hal so wanted to kiss her. Tell her he was fighting for her; tell her how much he cared. Of course Crumb ruined the moment, shouting the odds about their relationship. Hal lied, he was good at that. But he couldn't lie to himself. Hal Yorke was falling for Alex.

Holding the glass of blood, not knowing which blood it was, that's when Hal realised he was fighting a losing battle. Lord Harry was coming back whether he liked it or not. Why bother with the lies and heartbreak? He is a vampire that was never going to change. He will hurt the people he loves most and will drink blood again; of those two things he was certain. If it was Tom's blood he would be saving so many people, Alex and Tom would never have to see that side of him; never have to fear him. If it was human blood it just meant Lord Harry had arrived; and that was always going to happen sooner or later.

Before he knew it the cup had flown out of his hand, the coveted red liquid trailing down the wall. Hal looked up sadly, he eyes meeting Alex's. She was trying not to cry but Hal could tell she was heart broken. She stood up for him, told Crumb how much she admired Hal for fighting and this was how he repaid her? What kind of fucking bastard was he?

"Were you going to drink it?" Alex asked bluntly later than night when they were sitting in the dark in the living room. Tom had long since gone to bed.

"I guess we will never know" Hal replied staring straight ahead. He refused to see the disappointment etched on her face.

"Hal?" She pressed

"Alex, we have been through this. That's what I am. It's not nice and I hate myself for it but that's what I am."

"You are better than this. You just have to keep fighting. If you give up, it will destroy Tom and kill me."

Hal looked over at her now, she was sitting closer then he realised. Her knee brushing against his.

"Alex, there are some things you can't fight"

"There are some things you can!"

"I have killed so many people, it not something you can flick on and off like a switch. I have been running from that man for 55 years, it's only a matter of time before he finds me, he always does."

"So that's it? You give up and let him win? I thought you were better than that! You're a bloody coward. Things get tough so you take the easy option?" Alex fumed; she grasped his face in her hands, forcing him to look at her. His eyes held tears he was fighting not to show. This was killing Hal as much as her.

"I'm so sorry, I am trying, I will not give up but I don't want to hurt you Alex. He doesn't care and if he does win, I want you to know that I do. I really do care about you." Hal said he brought his forehead forward so that it was resting against hers.

"I know you're scared, Hal. I swear to you if he does find you he wouldn't be staying. I will make sure of it. I won't give up on you that easily. The man you are now, that's Hal Yorke. Besides you're the only guy I know who can pull off marigolds." She smirked slightly. Hal didn't say anything, if only it was that simple. If only her and Tom stood a chance against that man. Hal brushed a bit of hair off her forehead before planting a soft kiss on her cheek, near the corner of her mouth.

"You should try and get some rest, we both should" Hal said before Alex had a chance to speak. She nodded slowly before taking his hand. Hal walked her to her room like a gentleman. He entered his own and closed the door. The next thing he knew, he was holding that black flask between his hands.

He was going to do it again. Hurt someone else he loved. He was an infection, a disease. Hal didn't deserve Alex, or Tom. But by some miracle he got them and now Lord Harry was going to destroy everything they had build together and Hal couldn't do a damn thing to stop him.


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