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Sitting up with a groan, the young blonde boy held his head, fighting the urge to vomit. He'd never touched a drop of alcohol in his life, but felt that this would be what a hangover felt like. While his eyes adjusted to the light, the first thing Naruto noticed that he hadn't woken up in his bed. Rather, he found the ground under him to be somewhat more...earthy. Opening his eyes to the blinding light, he found himself laying out in a forest. But it was nothing like the forests he was used to. The trees were tiny in comparison. It was as though the world around him had shrunken.

Stumbling his way through the woods, still fighting back that vomit, he came to the edge of the trees and his eyes widened. He was on the outskirts of what looked like a city. But the city was massive. It was easily twice the size of his home, and the buildings were made of stone rather than wood. And they were tall. Boy were they tall.

Seeing what looked like a road, he moved toward that and began moving toward the enormous city. Passing a large sign along the road, he learned the city's name...Megaville.


Naruto was beginning to doze off in class, not the least bit interested in what Ms. Meryl. He probably would have fallen asleep were it not for the smack to the back of the head by the boy at the next desk.

"Gah, come on Dex," whispered the blonde, only loud enough for the orange-haired boy. "You and I both know I shouldn't be at school." Dexter shook his head.

"Try telling that one to the truant officer. All kids need to be in school in our universe," he said, and Naruto sighed.

"Speaking of, any luck figuring out a way to send me home?" he asked, absent-mindedly noticing the door opening and a man in a lab coat enter, three girls around his age entering as well. Dexter merely shook his head.

"No," he said. "Unfortunately, I haven't been able to come up with anything. I've even done some collaboration with Jimmy on this. We haven't been able to come up with anything viable." Naruto slammed his head on his desk, but the rest of the class was too focused on the girls up front to notice.

"It's been three weeks," said the ninja. "How long do things like this normally take?" Dexter shrugged, the self-proclaimed 'boy-genius' obviously stumped.

"I can't tell you with any certainty," he said, but their attention was grabbed by the girls up front before anything more could be said. Even Naruto found his gaze drawn to the three girls at the front, each striking a pose that would make Might Guy proud.

"We're the Powerpuff Girls," they said in unison. Silence permeated the room, before the rest of Naruto and Dexter's classmates began laughing hysterically. One boy in the back actually fell out of his chair.

"How cute," said Ms. Meryl, clapping her hands together. "You have your own club. The 'Flowerpuff Girls" The three girls were all highly embarrassed, to the point that the blonde-haired girl wearing the blue outfit was actually near tears.

"That's Powerpuff," she said, looking for all intents and purposes as though she were about to cry. Ms. Meryl didn't seem to notice, never once loosing her sweet, cheery attitude.

"Oh!" she said. "Alright. Powderpuff. Now why don't you girls take your seats and we'll get started. I just know you're all going to like it here." The girls dejectedly took their seats, the blonde in blue and the red-head in pink seemed a bit more-so than the black-haired girl in green, who seemed a bit miffed and threw her feet up on her desk, closing her eyes and seeming to go to sleep.

Naruto and Dexter met each others' gaze for a moment, before the teacher began teaching the lesson once again. This time, Naruto didn't sleep, instead focusing more on the three new-comers.

After class came recess, which found the Powerpuffs laying outside by a tree. Even at a slight distance, Naruto's trained ears could hear each word of their conversation as though they were speaking directly to him, and Dexter listened in using some form of device. Naruto wasn't really sure about how they worked. Just arriving in this world less than a month ago left Naruto technologically challenged as it was. With Dexter, he was being introduced to things straight out of a science-fiction novel.

As much as it confused him though, Dexter proved to be a good person, and seemed generally willing to help Naruto find out how he got there and help him get home. Granted, at first it seemed that it was more out of scientific curiosity, but Naruto liked to think he was growing on the young genius.

"What do you think?" asked Naruto, leaning against the wall of the building. "Think they're telling the truth? They're really 'superheroes?" Dexter nodded.

"Of course I'll have to test them to be certain, but strictly speaking, there is a group of three girl superheroes called the Powerpuff Girls, so they could be them," replied the boy in the lab-coat. Without another word, he began walking toward the girls, Naruto following eagerly. He knew first hand what the boy-genius was capable of, so if the girls were who they claimed to be, things were going to get really interesting.

"Greetings, new classmates," said Dexter, causing each of the girls to bring their focus towards him. "On behalf of all our friends, we would like to express our most sincere apologies concerning that little event this morning." Now their collective gaze moved toward Naruto, who smiled and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"However," continued Dexter, adjusting his glasses. "We were rather curious about that introduction you had. Is it true that you are what you claim to be...that you are 'superheroes?" The green-wearing girl scowled. Naruto tried to remember her name, but as he had been talking to Dexter during most of their intro, he never actually caught it.

"What's it to you, anyway?" she asked. Naruto merely held up his hands a bit defensively, giving a big smile and closing his eyes.

"Easy now," said the blonde. "We're just curious is all. You don't need to get all mad."

"I was actually hoping you could show me a little demonstration of your abilities," said Dexter, once more stepping forward. "I actually happen to be something of a superhero myself," That got a snort from the girl in green.

"Yeah right," she said. "I suppose you can read books faster than a speeding bullet."

"Well, yes, he can, but that's beside the point," said Naruto, placing his hands behind his head, almost in the same way one would do so while laying on the ground. Dexter merely shook his head.

"Perhaps you'd like to see a sample of my capability and to prove which of us holds true," announced Dexter, and the other girls, particularly the one in pink, Naruto noticed, seemed to become concerned.

"You wanna make something out of this, Four-eyes?" she asked, her voice full of cockiness as she cracked her knuckles. "Fine by me."

"Buttercup," said the girl in pink with the big, red bow in her hair. Her voice was laced with a bit of worry. "We're gonna get in trouble if the Professor finds out about this..." She trailed off, leaving her words hanging, hoping beyond hope her sister would take the hint...No such luck.

"Don't worry," announced Buttercup. "I'll go easy on the bookworm. Just need to knock some sense about who he's messing with." By this time, the rest of the kids on in the school-yard had formed around the area to watch everything go down.

"You're about to get a big kick out of this, Four-eyes," announced Buttercup, but Dexter didn't seem intimidated in the least.

"Bring it on, Sister," replied Dexter, his hands folded behind his back and Naruto groaned. His friend had seen one too many action movies.

"Oh, you asked for it!" shouted Buttercup, before she quite literally flew across the gap between the two groups, with speed that made Naruto take a step back. Were it not for his training, he would have been hard pressed to even be able to see the girl in motion. He whistled. Dexter had his work cut out for him.

"Here's foot in your mouth!" yelled Buttercup, rearing her leg back and sending a power-house kick to Dexter's head. In the time it took most to Blink, Dexter's backpack shot out and began to change. The transformation was near instantaneous. "What the...?!"

The once tiny backpack had expanded to some sort of metal exo-skeleton, which blocked Buttercup's kick without even denting. "What are you, Mojo's fan?" she asked, her teeth clenched and giving Dexter an angry scowl.

"You will refer to me as none other than Dexter, Boy Genius," replied Dexter with a smirk, the light from the sun reflecting off his glasses, giving him a very creepy look.

"You've got to be kidding me," said the girl in pink, Blossom, while her blue-wearing sister, Bubbles, hid behind her. "Wait til the Professor sees this."

"Prepare yourself," announced Dexter, adopting the same cocky tone Buttercup had been sporting not moments earlier.

"Science, Smience," replied the girl, and Naruto couldn't tell if she was annoyed, or excited. "Just let me kick your butt so we can finish this."

"This isn't gonna end well," predicted Naruto, as Dexter reared back his giant metal fist and delivered a punishing blow to the concrete walk below, Buttercup having managed to leap over the tech-user.

You're better than I expected," announced Dexter, smirking as he saw the girl in mid air. "Impressive..." Using mechanically enhanced speed, his hand shot up and grabbed her ankle, beginning to swing her around. "But futile."

"Hey!" she shouted. "Let go!"

"I can't look," said Bubbles, hiding her face in her hands as the other students began cheering, getting into the fight.

"Alright, that does it," said Blossom, adopting a look of determination as she leapt into the fray. Seeing this, Naruto quickly used the shunshin to appear in her path, arms crossed, shaking his head.

"Ah, ah, ah," he chided. "Two on one is hardly fair. If you wanna join in, I'll be your opponent."

"Get out of my WAY!" she shouted, and before Naruto could react, a jaw-breaking uppercut blasted him into the air. As she was about to get on her way again, Blossom found herself restrained by the blonde...scratch that, by three of the blondes. Looking up, she saw only some dissipating smoke.

"By the looks of things, your sister is capable of handling herself," said Naruto. "No sense in us getting in trouble if a teacher finds out." While she didn't like it, Blossom begrudgingly had to agree, stopping her struggling to break the blonde's surprisingly strong grip. "My name's Naruto by the way," he said, his voice losing the serious tone. "I apologize, but I didn't really get to see your intro to the class, so could I please get the name of the girl who nearly busted my teeth out?"

"It's Blossom," she said, and Naruto had to suppress a laugh, and the girl blushed a bit in embarrassment.

"What's so funny?" she asked in a huff.

"Nothing, nothing," said Naruto. "I just used to have a friend. She had pink hair and her name was Sakura. It means Cherry Blossom." Blossom just nodded her head, feeling a little better that he wasn't laughing at her. "Hey Dex!" The self-proclaimed 'Boy Genius' looked at him oddly, at this point locked in a contest of strength with the more aggressive Powerpuff, and it looked like neither side was gaining any ground, even with Dexter's focus drawn elsewhere.

However, Buttercup used his distraction to her advantage, breaking out of the power-struggle and landing a solid lick to his unprotected stomach, knocking the wind out of him.

"I feel better now," said Buttercup as Dexter dropped to his knees, before walking casually back over to her sisters.

"What exactly was so important that you had to distract me?" asked Dexter, managing to regain his voice.

"I was gonna say we're gonna need to finish this some other time," he replied, pointing off to the side. The gaze of the Dexter and the Powerpuffs became focused on the man in the blue sweat-suit, a wooden sword strapped to his back and a whistle around his neck. He had long black hair tied upward in a knot, and had calculating, but generally kind eyes.

"Hey Sensei Jack," said Naruto, smiling brightly at the man, his clones dispersing, freeing Blossom. Up on the rooftop, unseen to even Naruto's trained eyes, a figure shrouded in shadow looked down at the events with interest, stroking the white hair of a young girl, dressed in a dress to match her locks.

"He acts like a hero..." said the large figure, more to himself than anything else. "But how long will it be before he loses control? Not long I hope, or I will have brought him here for nothing...And Townsville's mightiest heroes...we'll see how well they live up to that reputation. Each day they become stronger, more powerful than I had ever dreamed them to be." Looking down at the girl, he patted her head.

"Bell, my dear," he said, "I believe it's time you get acquainted with some new friends...I'm sure they wouldn't mind letting you into their group. After all, you are a Powerpuff Girl yourself."

"Powerpuff Girl..." whispered the white-haired Bell.

"Soon," thought the cloaked figure. "Everything is falling into place."

Chapter end.

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