Naruto's nose twitched as a microscopic piece of dust entered his nostril. He held his breath before he could sneeze, because just the act of breathing was causing him considerable pain. After a moment, he sniffed the air.

It smelled like...the hospital.

Naruto opened his eyes and his suspicions were confirmed. What happened?

He would have suspected he had gotten into a fight with Sasuke, had all of his limbs not been in casts. This was clearly Sakura's handiwork. What did I do this time? Naruto wondered. He was interrupted from his thoughts by the sound of approaching footsteps in the corridor outside. He frowned when he heard them stop behind his room's door. He didn't have the energy to talk to anyone, so instead opted to close his eyes. He didn't even want to think about throwing grins and proclamations.

For the first time in his life, he was exhausted.

As Naruto pretended to be asleep, he tried to legitimately drift off, but he was suddenly aware of the presence of more than one person outside his door. He could hear the sounds of the voices, but could make out nothing that was being said.

Sasuke? Naruto almost smiled, for one of the voices was that of his friend's.

The second, though, was far quieter, making Naruto wonder who Sasuke had brought with him. Kakashi? Or maybe Sakura, to finish me off, Naruto thought bitterly.

And what were they talking about that was taking so long? Naruto was already growing impatient, for the voices were impeding his ability to fall back asleep.

After another minute or two, Naruto heard but one pair of feet enter the room. He almost opened his eyes, curious of what had happened to the second person.

He heard him, or her, soon enough, following the first person's footsteps. Naruto held his breath as he listened to both people approach his bed.

"They're still unconscious."

It was established; that was definitely Sasuke. The Uchiha's usage of the word "they're" confused Naruto. He hadn't taken account of the person in the bed across from his.

"Are you..." a short pause. "Are you...blushing?"

Naruto's eyes nearly popped open. It took all his resolve to keep them closed. Sasuke's blushing? he wondered, a sight unimaginable to him. His thoughts then turned to the second voice. Hinata-chan? He was sure that the female with Sasuke was Hinata. It took him a moment, because he was used to her constantly stuttering.

Why is Sasuke blushing? he wanted to know. And when did Hinata get so bold?

Something told Naruto to keep his eyes closed if he wanted in on what they were discussing. He didn't know how their black and white iris' didn't catch all his twitching. Seeing things was both their specialties, after all, and Sasuke and Hinata should have caught on to all of the signs that he was conscious. The two were clearly distracted.

"Hinata," Sasuke warned.

Naruto heard Hinata take a step closer – before she started to giggle. It was a beautiful, feminine giggle, but it made Naruto wonder whether she was suicidal.

The laughter was muffled. Naruto presumed she had covered her mouth.

"Stop." Again, Sasuke.

Naruto heard Hinata speak again: "You lied. What you want more than that."

What is she talking about? Naruto wondered.

A few more moments passed in complete silence. Just when Naruto was sure the pair had tip-toed out of the room-

"What ever you say, Hinata."

The unmistakable sounds of – kissing.

A gasp.

More kissing.

Naruto blushed, attempting to melt into his mattress, and suddenly regretting that he had been interested in the first place. They - should - not - be - here - they - should - not - be - here...

"Very nice," it was Sasuke again, his voice softer now.

"Sa-Sas-" Hinata practically whimpered. She moaned. "No – don't-"

So that's where her stutter went, Naruto thought, blushing and twitching.

"Come now, I know what you're hiding."


Finally, when their make out session seemed to have ended, Naruto heard Sasuke mutter, "Sorry."'ve gotta be kidding me... thought Naruto.

"It was an...accident."


Moments later, when Sasuke and Hinata had gone, Naruto rested his wide, shocked, gaze on the ceiling. Sasuke and Hinata-chan...Sasuke and Hinata-chan...Sasuke and Hinata-chan...innocent little Hinata-chan...

Naruto was, without a doubt, scarred for life.

Sasuke didn't mind that Hinata was becoming more accustomed to kissing him. She tentatively wrapped her arms around his neck, leaning into his embrace.


Sasuke and Hinata looked up to notice Kakashi standing in the doorway, eying them both like the despicable teenagers they were. They pulled away from each other, Hinata looking embarrassed, and Sasuke, aloof.

Right. Training.

Sasuke pushed past Kakashi as he walked out, Hinata following. She gave Kakashi an apologetic bow on her way out of the apartment.

"Let's spar," Sasuke mentioned when Hinata's steps had come to match his.

Within moments, she was at the training grounds desperately dodging Sasuke's attacks. She grunted in pain as the metal sheath of his sword clipped her shoulder.

Sasuke grimaced. Hinata was having difficulty dodging, though he felt he was being generous in the pace of his attacks. The Hyuuga was clearly distracted. "Tired?" he asked nonchalantly. It sounded so out of place on his tongue, he noticed he'd made his sparring partner stare.

"No," she said, before grunting as one of Sasuke's kicks connected with her abdomen. She crashed to the ground a few yards away, before sitting up with some difficulty, leaning on her hands and drawing her knees. She found herself in the muddy outskirts of training ground five, her body covered in the icky substance.

She pulled off her sandals. Sasuke had long discarded his armguards. Hinata's skin burned even the times he caught her wrist to block one of her attacks. She didn't know why he had such an affect on her. He was

She wondered if he liked her hands; enjoyed when they made contact with him.

Hinata hoped the mud on her cheeks hid her blush as she brushed these thoughts aside. When Sasuke closed their distance with another assault, she squeezed her eyes shut, neglecting to dodge or block. She slowly opened them again when Sasuke's blow never connected. Instead, he was peering at her.

"Hinata," he said.

She hated when he said her name – it did strange things to her. She felt flustered all the sudden, and began to fidget madly.

"You're distracted," Sasuke groused, causing her to cringe, because she knew it was true. "What is it?" he asked, kneeling down to her level. When he found it extremely difficult to keep his eyes level with hers, he took a deep breath, suddenly regretting that he had brought the spar to the banks of mud. He couldn't help noticing how Hinata's clothes had come to be plastered to her body.

So maybe he was distracted too.

Hinata pressed her pointer fingers as she tried to formulate an excuse, but Sasuke rose.

"Never mind," he said, suddenly stalking off in the opposite direction.

Hinata blinked, confused by his departure. Climbing back to her feet (though slipping a few times), she followed Sasuke, watching his back as he walked. Why was he suddenly so stiff? She followed him deeper into the training grounds until she realized where they were headed.

The lake wasn't far off. In fact, it was one of the training fields in itself.

It wasn't a natural lake, and had been created for the purposes of practicing gennin to better their chakra control. It was mostly shielded from view by all the brush that surrounded it. A few large trees had settled their roots beneath of the water. Dragonflies buzzed around lotus flowers and water lilies.

Sasuke found all of the nature to be disgusting. He turned to the girl behind him, then glanced down at his own muddy arms and legs.

Hinata absently stared at the lake. She was accustomed to jumping into it after hours of training alone, but never accompanied by anyone else. She absently folded her arms over her jacket, feeling her blush creep up to her cheeks. She was jerked back into reality when Sasuke grabbed her shoulder.

"Just wash off the mud so people don't think I attacked you."

Her face burning, she looked away in nervousness.

To her horror, Sasuke's fingers reached for the zipper of her jacket.

"And get rid of this. Why are you so fucking shy?"

There was the sound of a zip, a squeal, a slap, a gasp, a rip, and a splash.

A few moments later, a soaking wet Hyuuga Hinata stalked away from the training grounds alone. Clutching her ripped jacket around herself, she deactivated the byakugan and squeezed out her wet hair while wondering whether Sasuke knew how to swim.