"We're – training together," Sasuke mentioned, before hearing himself and wanting to hit himself.

"In your bedroom? I'm sure you are." Kakashi smirked beneath his mask. He absently pondered upon all the ways Hyuuga Hiashi would torture the boy for fooling around with his eldest daughter. All Sasuke's odd behavior suddenly made sense now. The boy's having an identity crisis, Kakashi thought smugly.

Sasuke seemed alarmed by the jounin's assumption, but quickly wiped his expression clean, and replaced it with glare.

Kakashi merely chuckled to himself and pulled a handful of condoms out of his pockets. He proceeded to stuff them into Sasuke's hands before strolling off, continuing to chuckle. The Uchiha stared after him, his jaw slack.

"Sasuke-kun?" said Hinata.

Hastily stuffing the condoms into his own pockets, Sasuke turned back to her. "Let's train," he said, irritated by Kakashi's accusation. He suddenly wanted to prove him otherwise, failing to notice how the man was manipulating him.

Hinata seemed caught off. "But – I –"

"Let's go," said Sasuke, already walking off. Hinata had little choice but to follow him.

On the way to the training grounds, Sasuke was so distracted, he made the error of walking by Ichiraku. "Oi, Sasuke! Hinata-chan!" someone called out. Sasuke kept walking, but Hinata stopped dead in her tracks. Sasuke glanced back at her.

"Yo," said Sasuke noncommittally. He nodded to Naruto, and reluctantly joined him and Hinata.

Hinata had somehow regressed to sweating and fidgeting in Naruto's presence. Presently she was pressing her pointer fingers together while staring at the ground.

"What are you two up to?" said Naruto. He nodded to the Hyuuga, as he wasn't expecting much cooperation from Sasuke.

Hinata blushed at being addressed. "W-we're j-just – w-we're just g-going-"

To Sasuke's intrigue, her stuttering had considerably worsened. "Training," he said tersely, cutting the Hyuuga off.

Neither boy missed the panicked look that crossed Hinata's expression. Sasuke felt strangely contented by this.

"Y-you can c-come along, N-Naruto-kun. If you w-want to?"

Sasuke stiffened.

It was beginning to dawn on him that Hinata served him in some capacity. In fact, some might suggest that he owned her.

Okay, so maybe he was getting ahead of himself. Since those three years training under Orochimaru, his perspective on such things was a little off.

Regardless, he was Hinata's mission. What right did she have to be fraternizing with Naruto? Inviting Naruto to join them? Suggesting that Naruto impose on them with his orangeness and incompetence?

The blonde was blathering on about something- "Actually, Hinata, I wanted to know if I could speak to you about something-?"

"No time," Sasuke interrupted. "We have to train." With that, he grabbed Hinata's wrist and dragged her off, ignoring as she threw Naruto a helpless look in the meantime.

They got to the training grounds within moments. Sasuke chose ground two, which was an empty field outlined by some forestry. Standing across from the Hyuuga, he kicked off his sandals. "Strictly taijutsu," he suggested, and she consented, albeit looking miserable. Maybe she didn't anticipate he would play fair. Smart girl.

She had barely taken her fighting stance when he launched himself at her. Hinata blocked his strike with her forearm, but she stumbled back. In a flash of silver, Sasuke drew his sword. He slashed for her throat, but Hinata bent backwards to dodge.

Her long hair succeeded her and did not clear his blade in time. He would have shortened her hair by several inches had he not halted himself at the last minute. It struck him as ironic that he had aimed for her throat but had left himself unguarded for the sake of her hairstyle. There was just something about...girls with long hair... Hinata sensed her opening.

"Jyuuken," she said, slamming her palm into his chest.

As Sasuke staggered back some steps, Hinata stared in shock at her hand. Belatedly acknowledging that she had cheated, she allowed the veins on her temples to sink, and shifted her gaze back to the Uchiha. She paled at seeing his sharingan was activated now.

Sasuke held up his own palm. "Chidori Nagashi," he growled.

Hinata yelped as a surge of electricity shot through her. She crumpled to the ground, her limbs twitching, but failing to humor her commands.

Sheathing his sword, Sasuke began to walk off, in more pain than he had anticipated he would be in following a spar with Hyuuga Hinata. Just before he had exited the clearing, there was a whistle in the air. He spun, deflecting the senbon that had been aimed for his back. He threw a nod, impressed to see the disheveled-Hyuuga was back on her feet. Then he mused upon her stubborn frown.

In a flash a white, she closed their distance. A barrage of cuffs and kicks, Sasuke had the clear edge.

Idly, Sasuke deliberated on the flaws of her hand-to-hand. Her scents...though subtle...they were discernable from the forest and left traces of her movements. Sasuke sensed primrose...orange blossom... He dodged a slash of her kunai, but it left a faint scratch across his cheek.

And her hair should have been cut shorter, or tied back, or...something. Though she kept it long for – aesthetical purposes – it got in her face, and it rustled like her clothes – her clothing was another thing. It seemed baggy, and heavy, and was weighing down her movements. Konoha was warm. What was her purpose behind wearing the over-sized jacket?

Another slash of her weapon caught his shirt, and Sasuke wondered if he was going too easy on her. He kicked her away from him and shrugged off the remains of his shirt. He looked up, and was surprised that Hinata had paused. She stood a few feet away from him in her fighting stance, sweating. He followed her gaze to his chest.

Hinata swallowed. She was astonished by the definition of Sasuke's muscled torso! His long black armguards emphasized the fitness of his biceps and shoulders. Her eyes trailed along his pectorals as they glistened with sweat.

As Sasuke again unsheathed his sword, Hinata body-flickered to the forestry that surrounded the clearing. Hiding behind a tree, she pressed her back against it. She felt hot and jittery all the sudden. What was wrong with her? She lightly shook her head, trying to ward off the madness.

She yelped as Sasuke's sword shot out from behind her, clipping her shoulder. She quickly darted into a branch, but Sasuke was already there. Sasuke grabbed her jacket, and caressed her throat with his sword. Her hand, meanwhile, made contact with his chest.

Some reasoned that using one's bloodline limit was instinctive, like breathing. Maybe that was her reason.

"Jyuuken!" said Hinata.

Sasuke was thrust back into the trunk, his sword slipping from his fingers. He dropped to his knees and grasped the branch to keep himself from falling. She watched him gasp for breath as his eyes turned red again. Hinata knew he had excluded ninjutsu from the fight for her sake. She had no doubt he was going to kill her now!

Not waiting for Sasuke to recover, she darted off, back to the sunny clearing, where perhaps there would be witnesses, but there was no one. Just before she could make her escape, Sasuke tackled her from behind. They struggled on the ground.

Sasuke glared down at the Hyuuga, his body crushing hers. Holding her wrists pinned to the grass, he straddled her hips, and held her his captive. He regarded her, intending to threaten her, when something gave him pause.

From afar, Hinata was plain, almost ill-looking.

But up close... Hinata up close... She had long lashes, large eyes, hair like ink that was splayed around her. She was beautiful in an unequivocal, almost...distressing sense. There was a faint flush of her cheeks, though Naruto was nowhere in sight. Sasuke failed to notice how his sharingan had deactivated; how he'd neglected to close his mouth.

He would have remembered himself and threatened her, just as he'd intended, had something stupid not happened at that precise moment.

Some would argue that he grabbed her collar and pulled her up. Others would say that she leaned up, catching him off guard.

They kissed.

And it wasn't soft, and timid, and clumsy, and awkward.


It was hard, and passionate, and sexual, and neutral.

Like an unspoken agreement.

Just before the embrace could deepen, white eyes snapped open. Regaining her senses, Hinata squeaked and pushed Sasuke off her. She quickly climbed to her feet.

"I – have to go!" she mentioned, her face bright red. With that, she hurried off.

In her leave, Sasuke also climbed up, spitting some blades of grass out of his mouth in the process. He twitched. Scratched his head. Opened his mouth. Closed his mouth. Pocketed his hands. Alas, he stalked off.

And so ended Sasuke's screwed up, food-based relationship with the Hyuuga heiress.

The next morning Kakashi curiously watched as his grumbling roommate searched the kitchen for food.