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Still, Later That Same Night...

I can barely form an articulate thought and meaningful speech is also beyond my capabilities at this moment. I surmised when Jane decided to consummate our relationship she would pursue it with passion. But nothing I've ever experienced in my sexual past could have prepared me for this. I simply cannot move and Jane's body pressed against mine is the only reason I am still standing. The feeling of her hands lightly caressing my sides and her hot breath blowing across my cheek is refueling my desire for her again. Then, as if she can read my thoughts, I feel her hands drift to my lower back.

Oh my she's pulling the zipper down on my dress; I never realized that sound could be so erotic! I blindly reach for the straps on my dress but Jane's hands move to them instead. As she lowers the straps, she slowly leaves lingering kisses to each inch of my shoulder as it's bared. Her kisses travel over my collarbone until they finally make contact on the tops of my breasts. My hands lose themselves in Jane's silky black tresses. I don't think we are going to make it to the bedroom again. Then I feel Jane's warm hands on my bare breasts, her skilled fingers grazing over my nipples. Her actions draw out more small sounds from me, as my dress pools to the floor.

When I purchased this dress weeks ago I was thinking of a moment like this.

I feel Jane shift her positon against me and then almost without my knowledge she lowers us to the floor. I watch as Jane unbuttons her blouse; not that she had many buttoned tonight. I could see her bra every time she moved-such a tease. She somewhat fumbles with removing her pants but her very sexy black underwear goes with them. What a vision. A divinely naked olive skinned sex goddess! My eyes close as the feeling of Jane's hands on my body force every molecule in my body to ignite once more. The sensations of her hands caressing and parting my thighs speeds up my pulse even more while stealing my breath away.

But my voice calls out to her regardless, "Jane." I open my eyes to watch her hands slide up to cover my breasts again and suddenly her hot mouth replaces one of her hands.

My back arches and I no longer care how loud my moans have become. Forcing my eyes to focus I lift my head up to look at Jane. The mere sight of Jane kneeling between my legs very nearly makes me orgasm. I reach for her face to pull her close enough for a kiss. The sensuality of her bare breasts skimming against mine causes another spike of arousal to course through me and I moan into her mouth as our eyes meet. Her warm brown eyes are now black as onyx; she smiles before she presses her mouth to mine. Kissing Jane feels like she's pushing fire into my mouth and her flame is racing through my body at this moment.

I break our kiss and breathe, "Close." At my one word, Jane begins her descent down my body. At first I feel her tongue brush between my breasts and then over my stomach. Her dexterous hands caress down my sides and over my thighs once more. Without much warning, I feel her mouth on my drenched core with as much ferocity as earlier. I emit a loud moan and my eyes slam shut from the sheer intensity. This woman has the most wicked tongue!

My body is beyond enflamed; it's gone supernova. Jane is holding down my hips while I involuntarily thrust against her mouth. Her silky hair is causing the most pleasurable tickle on my thighs. Swiftly, my body starts spasming and I cannot tell whether I'm about to have just one big orgasm. Because it feels as if her tongue is also bringing several smaller ones that are blurring into one another. Her scorching mouth has not left my sensitive part since she began her oral fixation on me. No other lover I've ever had has wanted to do this to me with as much relish as Jane has already shown me. My hands have replaced Jane's on my breasts, kneading, caressing. I can't hold out much longer and then I feel Jane's tongue buried deep inside me.

"Oh God, Jane!" I cry out, and I hardly recognize my own voice. My climax washes over me and I feel Jane moan out her own climax against my thoroughly wet sex.

Behind Closed Doors...

Jane all but carried me to my bedroom; depositing me on my bed gently. Such tenderness, masked behind her fierce exterior. She's everything I fantasized about at night after our very heated exchanges. She has kindled something inside me that I cannot label just yet. Insatiable will suffice for now though, since I seem to be unable to stop being absolutely saturated for her. I even already ache for her. I am not usually this submissive but Jane seems to need me this way for her tonight. Not to say that I do not love what she's doing to me. So I shall be that for her since it's her first time with another woman. Hopefully, I'll be not only her first but her last.

Wait, it's too soon to conclude that! I'm sitting up in the middle of my bed, watching a deliciously naked Jane flit about my bedroom. This scenic pause has given me the time to recuperate. She asked me if I wanted the lights on or off, I said off, but a bit of candlelight would be appreciated. I can't fully deprive myself of the vision that is Jane. After she lights the last candle on my nightstand, I watch the match flicker before her breath extinguishes its flame. It won't take much for my next orgasm to crest, my body has stayed on full burn.

As I watch Jane crawl towards me on the bed I cannot stifle the sound that erupts from me. I already feel the building weight of pleasure. She stops to hover over me and kisses me completely; her tongue in my mouth. I moan at our combined taste mingling together. Through the kiss Jane has managed to pull me into her lap. Her touch isn't possessive but it is very intense...Growl! I open my eyes look into the dark depths of her eyes, before I cup her cheeks in my hands and kiss her deeply. I can feel Jane's arms move around my waist, holding me close, while I begin to slowly grind against her lap. I don't want this feeling to ever cease. She moves one of her warm hands from my waist to cover one of my breasts. Jane breaks our kiss and with another sudden move she has me on my back again. Our bodies perfectly adjoined; we fit so well together. She hesitates briefly before sweeping the hair off my forehead.

"Jane please..." I manage to squeak out but I am hushed by a finger on my lips.

Jane flips her hair over her shoulder and then cradles my face with her hand.

"I didn't stop, because I want you to beg. I just wanted to ask you how you want me...to finish you?" Her voice is even deeper and raspier, that alone is almost enough to make me climax.

Despite her intensity the tenderness she's showing me now makes my eyes mist over. With the welling emotion her touches has awakened and the churning orgasm laying just beneath my surface, I have no qualms asking to be sated in an uncouth way.

"I want you inside me...and just...just fuck me." My voice is a low whisper. I refuse to be ashamed for using that type of language. Because in this setting with Jane I know she will not judge me, or think less of me in the aftermath.

I watch as an almost predatory gleam passes through her eyes and then her mouth is on mine. I feel her hand covering my most intimate part before I feel Jane's fingers slip inside me. She halts our kiss, holding herself up with one arm, as she begins to thrust slowly, using her hips and thigh for leverage. My eyes close automatically due to the extreme sensations I'm experiencing. I meet her thrust for thrust all the while asking Jane for my reprieve.

"Harder...d..don't stop!"

Again at my urging she changes the rhythm of her fingers; applying more force with her hips to thrust them even deeper inside me. The sound of flesh hitting flesh is filling up my bedroom and its making me even wetter for her. I can't hold it off any longer, the fervor of Jane's fingers curling inside and the pressure of her palm against me, our breasts undulating together to our rhythm. It almost feels like too much at once, so with an eager almost whimpering sound my climax shatters through me. I feel like there's no end in sight and I'm more than happy about that; I've never felt this good before.

I end up holding onto Jane as if she's the last of the frayed ends of my consciousness. Then I hear Jane cry out as she collapses on top of me, burying her face in my neck. Incredible! I'm officially ruined no one but her will ever be enough now. Not that I want anyone else. I listen to our combined labored breathing thundering in my ears and our rapidly thumping hearts seemed to be synchronized. I feel Jane gradually ease her fingers out of my incredibly sensitive core. My chance to reciprocate will have to wait until later and I will have Jane later.

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