Chapter 3


For the past couple of days, Ace had been watching Sanji; closely. He knew of every of his friend's step, every movement and every change of expressions; and he, not very pleased, found out that there was a certain kind of logic to the blonde demon's odd behavior. In the early moments of the day, Sanji had a stupid grin on his face, no matter what Ace said or did. Later on, he started moving around and complaining about various kinds of things, like that Hell is hot lately, and why the heck don't they have ice to put in their drinks. Around midday he was already quite annoyed by pretty much anything; the fact that Ace still didn't get him a cold drink, or that he couldn't go out because he looked like a sweaty pig. But then, by late afternoon, his more pleased face started to slowly return; and by eight or nine in the evening, Sanji had his stupid grin back on, was restless, usually pacing over the dark castle he shared with Ace; and what was the weirdest thing that made Ace scowl?

Sanji's mysterious disappearing.

Around ten in the night, the demon would sneak out and jump through the Hell hole. Once, Ace tried timing how long did this disappearance usually take; couple of hours, till about three or four in the morning; and then, Sanji was returning with the very same stupid grin he wore until midday.

Weird, Ace decided, wondering if there was something dangerous about this; but in the end, he thought that Sanji would be fine. He was no idiot, after all. Well, minus the fact that he was an idiot after all.

The dark haired incubus rolled over on the bed, munching what remained of a fresh human heart he achieved the other night. It tasted amazing; his prey was a young woman, in her early twenties, and after the third night he finally got to eat the treasure she had in her chest. Delicious indeed; young, untainted hearts tasted the best.

"Want some?" he called out to Sanji who laid sprawled on the floor, staring at the ceiling.

The blond demon growled. "Yeah…" he admitted in defeat, knowing well that sooner or later, he'd receive one of Ace's smartass lectures about having sex with no boundaries and eating your partner's heart after three nights.

The brunet sat up on the kind sized bed, sly grin on his face. "You know," he started, "find a lady. I know a really good brothel in the same port town that little cute boy of yours lives in. You can just get yourself a heart and then you can keep on torturing yourself over that sexy boyish ass!"

"There you go again," Sanji frowned, "why not just leave me alone in my suffering? Can you imagine how hard this is for me?"

Ace shrugged casually. "Nope. And you know why?"

Sanji rolled his eyes.

"Because I am free. In everything I do! Sure, I have some kind of a lovey-dovey relationship here in Hell, but out there, in the world of the living, I can screw whoever I want, no matter what the circumstances are; I'm adorable, so I can easily get myself a man, and I'm bloody sexy, so I can have any maiden I please. And there, my dear friend, my happiness springs from."

An exhausting monologue by Ace, the Hell Prince. Sanji never stopped frowning as he watched the demon stand up ad walk over to where the blonde was laying.

"I seriously don't get why the hell can't you get a pair of boobies. You could stick around the kid for another two months! And you'd be way stronger, way more good-looking –"

"And way more uncontrollable," Sanji cut him off bluntly. "That's one of the many reasons I struggle to do it."

Ace cocked a brow. "Ha? Whaddaya mean by that?"

Sanji grimaced at him. "You know what I mean. When you have one, you want way more. And I'm worried about Zoro's safety."

"Bullshit." The ebony-haired demon stated arrogantly. "One is to support yourself; second is because you want to try better stuff; third is because you feel your inner demon getting stronger, and you want to try more. So unless you eat three hearts in a week, you're still fine. And I doubt you'll eat more than one in a month. You've way too over-obsessed with Mr. Charming."

Sanji, as much as he didn't like it, and would never admit to it, blushed, shaking his head. "It's not just because of Zoro though; sure I don't want to sleep around and taint beautiful ladies when I know there's him, waiting for me with that precious look in his eyes, but I also remember that one time."

"Oh." Ace snapped, almost looking frozen. "That one time."


That one time was a term Ace and Sanji agreed to use whenever they were brave enough to talk about one of Sanji's crazier years; about a three of four decades ago, Sanji was, you could say, on the top of his powers. He had about three hearts every week (whichever way he did that, Ace didn't even want to know), he was horny most of the time, even tried seducing Ace; but, what was the biggest event was that he met a lady. Yes. A lady that put an end to his days of glory.

Her name was Nami, and she came from south coast of Sweden. Sanji admired her long beautiful hair the color of young autumn leaves, her chocolate eyes and her full lips. Also her incredible figure. The problem was, he fell in love with her, and no matter how Ace protested, Sanji decided to make her a succubus – female demon – to be with her forever. However, when that happened, Nami became extremely wild, began to hate him in a way (on one hand, she was happy about her new powers, but on the other, she was pissed of about being a creature so despiteful as she was) and ran off with another female demon to other part of the Hell, planning to rob and eat the hearts of every man she encounters in the world of the living.

"So the point is, yes, I know I need hearts so I don't die again, but I also fear what would happen if… something went wrong." Sanji explained, trying to shoo Nami's devilish face away from his thoughts.

Ace nodded harshly, remembering the crazy redhead woman himself. "Y-yeah, you better be careful… though I do suggest you get yourself something to eat. I can't keep sharing hearts with you forever, although I'd have no troubles doing so." Funny fact; if demon shared a heart with another demon, it either made him weaker, or he was going to fall in love with the one he was sharing hearts with.

The blond nodded, sighing slightly. "I'm very well aware of that. Wouldn't want you falling in love with me…" he said in a sugary voice, leaning in, close to Ace's cheek.

"Oi!" the other demon defended himself, pulling away from Sanji. His face was bright pink, the demon saw.

"Hahahah~" Sanji couldn't really state he wasn't pleased with himself and the reaction he drew from the other man. "How cute of you. Don't worry though, I have a feeling Marco would most likely try to rip me apart."

"Y-yeah!" Ace shouted after the demon who was already standing up. "You bet your stupid ass! Like I'd ever let you near me! Hah!"

The blonde demon turned around by the balcony door. He gave Ace a seductive grin. "You did, once, if I remember correctly…" he purred sensually, purposely teasing the poor brunet.

"Hey!" Ace jumped up to his feet, running towards his friend. "You agreed to never ever talk about that again! I was drunk on blood, okay?!" he yelled, reaching out to catch the other demon by his silky vest; but the second before that would happen, Sanji pulled out his enormous black leathery wings and flew into the hot air.

"See you later, lover boy!" he shouted, still making fun of the man.

"I will make sure you die screaming!"


The old doctor sat on a luxurious Victorian styled chair, his form bent and crouched next to the oversized bed made of a cherry wood; to keep the evil spirits away, like the legends said. If it actually worked, he couldn't be anywhere nearby though, so the legends were once again wrong. The doctor smirked slightly, looking to his side, checking on the boy laying under the covers.

The doctor could tell that the young lord wasn't asleep; just pretending. After all, it was a little past ten; the time his concerned parents informed the doctor the boy was usually starting to act strange. Of course he wasn't asleep. Soon, the reason to his strange behavior was going to come for a visit.

As assumed, this thoughts weren't far away from the truth. Within a couple of minutes, the balcony door opened, and the old man centered his sight to the boy's 'sleeping' form; it jerked, excitement crawling up his skin. The doctor was even convinced that there was a bulge hidden in the covers. He wouldn't be very surprised though; humans were extremely simple creatures. Once they felt what it's like to be held by an incubus, it was hard for them to stay calm and unexcited.

The old man turned around, his tired grey eyes meeting with blue sparkling ones.

"What the hell are you doing here, Law?" the visitor asked in a low voice.

The doctor chuckled quietly. He decided to let go of his 'mask', his old man's shape fixing itself back to normal; short bony fingers stretching to their usual elegance, bent back narrowing with ease, grey hair coming back to life and once again shining coal black in the moon light. Trafalgar Law, the so called demon doctor, grinned widely and stretched his back and arms like a lazy cat. "I had been asked by the good Lord and Lady Roronoa to take care of this little one." He responded calmly.

Sanji frowned. "By which you mean…?"

Law sighed, shifting from his sitting spot. "I've been to this place with Ace the night after you hypnotized him," he whispered, walking across the room to where Sanji stood, by the large balcony door. "He wasn't well, so they called a doctor. But that's not the problem."

"What is, then?" Sanji pushed, eager to have the other demon out of the way so he could be with his little obsession.

Law shook his head. "You might be in trouble if you keep this up. Or, if you at least don't manage to keep silent."

Sanji made an annoyed grin. "And what do you mean my that, good doctor?"

Law stared at his comrade, not very impressed. "I don't want to know what the two of you do in here," he warned before continuing, "but if you don't learn to keep your voices down, he will end up on torturing machines for being friends with the Devil himself. Some servant heard this kid moan 'from his sleep', and to your greatest luck, they had called me, thinking I'm the kind family doctor, to watch him tonight to see if there was anything wrong."

Sanji's face was like frozen; and so was his brain and undead heart. "T-they… know…?"

Law fought the urge to hit his palm against his forehead. "For Hell's sake, Sanji," he mumbled, "if they knew, Zoro would be long dead. They'd let him burn, or maybe they'd hang him so everybody could throw eggs and spit on him. Of course they don't know what's actually going on in here."

The blonde demon's nervous eyes flicked to Zoro's body, laying on the bed. The young lord had his back to them, and seemed to be shivering in the dark. "So they suspect something…" he deduced from what the demon with sun-kissed skin had told him.

The other nodded. "They do; although they don't even know what exactly do they suspect. That's why they called me." He explained, sighing deeply before letting Sanji pass towards the bed. He watched the demon sit down on it and let his hand caress the naked skin of the young lord's shoulder. "Sanji."

"Hm?" he barely spared Law any of his attention.

"It's not safe for you."

The blonde shrugged. "I don't want to leave him here, all alone. He told me once that when I'm here, he's experiencing the only moments of his life through which he's actually alive." Sanji smiled at the memory; it was the first time he dared to lay in bed with Zoro, first time they had their legs tangled together and were so close that Sanji feared that their slow and passionate kisses wouldn't be enough.

"He's young," Law stated, "he's never had anyone love his body like this. He enjoys the attention."

Sanji didn't stop smiling idiotically. "Who cares," he mumbled, "who the Hell cares…"

The demon doctor shook his head in dismissal. "You'd be surprised how many of us care."

The blonde turned his head to Law. "Thanks for telling me. I'll try to… be more careful."

"Do be more careful." Law frowned. "If something happens to you, I am lumbered with Ace and his weird needs for special silk sheets and nice treatment when it's his bad or bed time."

Sanji chuckled. "Yeah, right. And not many people can tend to Ace like I do."

"Indeed. So watch what you do or we're all in trouble. Not mentioning that if you were caught, you'd have to take little mister here as far away as possible. Preferably out of Spain."

"Inquisitors are fucking bitches, I swear." Sanji murmured to himself, getting an amused laugh from the dark-haired man. "Well, thanks for watching over him, I suppose."

Law shrugged. "Whatever. I was here to check on some albino kids, anyway… another of Ace's whimsies, in case you're wondering… so I thought I should do more nice things in one day."

At that Sanji cocked his visible brow. "Albino kids? And Ace's whimsies?"

The doctor nodded. "Yeah, the last time we were here, we walked to the church through one of the poorer streets. It was down by the river, and there was this skinny albino girl and her dying brother… well, you know Ace."

Sanji felt like laughing. Yes, that sounded like a case the freckled demon would like to solve. "So are they getting married now or later?" he joked.

"Let's hope for the latter; anyway, I was doing nice things today so… yeah."

"Keh. Doesn't sound like you at all," Sanji teased.

"Indeed. I will be telling the Lord and the Lady that he went down with some unusual sickness that gives him pains especially during night, when there's not enough light. But still. Try to not get him killed."

Law opened the balcony door, once more looking over his shoulder. "Thanks," Sanji said quietly, his gaze returning to the boy.

The doctor shrugged again. "Sure." He mumbled before disappearing into the night.

Three seconds.

Nothing but three seconds.

That was all it took for Zoro whip around like a flash, eyes wide and very much awake, and smash his lips on Sanji's.

In all actuality, it wasn't too much of a surprise; it would be no surprise at all if Sanji knew Zoro was awake. This had become a kind of a ritual for the boy who knew nothing of physical love, and, if he did knew something, it was because he read it somewhere. But in fact, he didn't really understand these needs of his; the feeling he got when Sanji came through his balcony door, the sudden rush of blood and blushing. No, Zoro didn't know why it was happening. All he knew was that Sanji didn't mind doing the things they did. And that he downright couldn't last very long without doing them.

The blonde demon parted their lips and took a sharp breath. "Zoro!" he hissed in a surprise, eyes slightly widened. "Didn't you –"

But before he had the chance to finish whatever he was saying, the eager lord sucked himself up to his soft lips again, kissing him deeply and passionately. Sanji found it almost unbelievable; never had he witnessed someone learn how to kiss properly this fast. And damn, night by night, kiss by kiss, Zoro seemed to get better at this.

"Zoro –" Sanji insisted on separating again, failing when the boy wrapped his arms around the demon's neck, pulling him close enough for the demon to feel the stiffened nipples. "Mmmf… okay that's nice but…" he was still trying though, and still, was met with nothing but stubborn resistance and wet kisses.

"I'll be silent." The young lord whispered against the moist lips, quickly getting up to his knees to press himself into Sanji's body; yes, it was cold, but what really mattered was that he, during the few days, got used to physical contact. Well, in fact, not that he got used to it, he simply got addicted to his night visitor.

The blonde gently pushed him away. "Zoro, calm down a bit. They'll hear –"

"You haven't been here for two days." The greenhead complained, scowling like a little child. "I had nothing to think about during days, and nothing to do during nights."

"Ah…" the demon smiled gently, his young prey's words making his undead heart flutter. As the younger boy's hands reached down to rub against his crotch – it was surprising how much a total virgin could learn in just a couple of days – Sanji snapped back to reality, deciding quickly that he probably should pay attention to Trafalgar's warnings. "Zoro, dear – w-we should really – I mean, we shouldn't really –"

Most of what the demon meant to say was caught up in his throat, half way through as Zoro first pressed his deliciously warm body against Sanji's, then darted his tongue out to poke his lips with the wet muscle, and then playfully bit on Sanji's lower lip. Simply said, Sanji didn't have much chance. In the last couple of days Zoro had gained lots of new information on how to make a man lust for him, even if he wasn't really doing anything. There was this one time that Sanji came in and found Zoro sensually laid out on the bed with no clothes on; no clothes whatsoever, at all. Not even a blanket. Sanji didn't take long to join him in there, not wearing many clothes himself.

"Zoro wait –"

Too late; Zoro obviously felt somewhat funny that night. Maybe because it was after two days pause, maybe because Sanji seemed almost powerless at that moment, which the young lord liked since most of the time the blonde was the one in control, or maybe it was way simpler, like the fact that Zoro happened to like doing what he was banned to do. Yes, Sanji supposed it was because he heard Law speak to him about being more cautious while together, about keeping quiet and so. Zoro might have liked the risk of every little movement he did. That would be it, Sanji figured.

The greenhead's lips found Sanji's jaw and started to kiss down, making their sweet way down the blonde's neck, nibbling and licking as much as he pleased. And, truth be told, Zoro didn't hesitate a single second to take a bite of his night visitor; not today, not after so long. Or, well, as long as it seemed to a hormones-crazed adolescent and highly bored lord. It was merely two days, but Zoro felt hungry. In fact, he ached with hunger, a hunger that only Sanji could ease. The demon was the answer to all of Zoro's questions at that very moment.

The not-so-gentle hands demandingly played with the button of Sanji's leather pants; and there, the blonde knew he was done for. He was going to die.

"Zoro-!" all he could do was try; try to save his coil black soul, try to stop the boy.

But everything, all his attempts at stopping the greenhead, were rapidly washed away as he succeeded at opening the fly and unzipping the black piece of clothing. Zoro thought it was nice to touch, and decided he liked leather. But, honestly, Sanji's bare skin felt way better.

He looked up into that mysterious blue eyes, noticing Sanji had his hair all messed up, which was precisely why he could see both of his beautiful eyes. Once he demanded Sanji brushed his hair back; didn't have it his way back then, but working hard for something wasn't so bad, Zoro thought, smirking up at the night visitor of his.

"Don't forget to keep quiet…" Zoro whispered sensually, a little tasteful piece of sarcasm in his tone.

And before Sanji realized what was happening, his pants got yanked open, and the cold night air touched the hot skin of his hardened manhood. All the blonde remembered was the silly shame he felt alter realizing he got excited quicker than an inexperienced kid, but that got splashed away all too fast as his eyes met the two emeralds glowing with greed and sensuality. Zoro was hypnotizing him as if he was going to do something like this for the millionth time, when in reality, he supposed this was Zoro's first time doing this stuff; supposing Sanji guessed right what was about to happen.

He had imagined all these things; bloody Hell forgive him, but yes, he had. Sanji had lots of fantasies about Zoro, and him taking the control over what they were going to do every once in a while was one of those fantasies. He imagined Zoro would tease, seduce and cheat dirtily in every way possible. He imagined Zoro would be louder than usual, and more selfish – and, although not so usually, he imagined Zoro would let him sink into the bed sheets and just enjoy the boy's attention.

Basically, this was a very nice way of saying that Sanji secretly dreamed of having Zoro pleasure him like some luxurious prostitute. Hell forgive him, but he's dreamt of that too. He'd love for Zoro to take control.

But he never thought it would happen – he wouldn't even imagine it would actually happen. And now that it was happening, he had no idea how to deal with it.

Zoro obviously decided this night belonged to him, and he was going to have Sanji suffer for all the moans he drew from the boy in the past couple of days they had spent together in bed. Maybe it was a mere revenge, maybe Zoro felt like playing and trying new things, either way, Sanji just knew he was screwed.

So, nearly getting lost in Zoro's erotic eyes, he barely noticed the young lord's hands move; which was a mistake, a silly mistake, because otherwise, he would have stopped him of course. But being as excited as he was, he didn't pay enough attention to things going on around him.

He didn't even see Zoro's daring hands move to grip him until it actually happened.

He hissed, inhaled sharply and held his breath for as long as Zoro held him in his hand. Only when he could feel the grip loosen a bit, he exhaled slowly; just a millisecond before Zoro's hand started to stroke up and down, mimicking what Sanji used to bring him to the edge with.

"Aaah fuck fuck fuuuck Zoro – y-you have t-to – shit! –" One particularly cocky and harsh stroke and the demon was losing his mind, his head spinning and his vision getting blurry from what was happening to him. He's had lots of good times, both with humans and other demons, but never ever he had felt something like this. It was probably because he's yearned after Zoro for so long; or so he'd tell himself any time this would pop up in his mind.

Zoro's eyes shone brightly in the dark room, his hand getting faster and faster, working Sanji into absolute oblivion. He loved this power he held over the blonde; because usually, it would be Zoro getting lost in the pleasurable feelings he was given. This felt perfect though. Being in charge for the night was good. A good change indeed. Sanji once mentioned he liked changes, and Zoro fully understood why.

The boy leaned in to whisper into Sanji's ear: "Too noisy, Stranger…" he purred, biting on the earlobe Sanji said was super sensitive; and, gaining a moan, Zoro supposed it was right. Well, after all, he liked his earlobe played with as well.

"Mmmhh shit… Zoro s-stop aaah –"

"Why though?" the young lord asked, sarcastically innocent; sin played in his eyes as he spoke. "Don't you like it, Stranger? Don't you like what I do?" he cooed like a lazy feline, his hand jerking up and down, more hectic with every firm stroke.

Sanji's face was a big pained grimace; his hips helplessly buckled into the welcoming hand. "Fuck this s-shit, Zoro, you know all too well that I want you to do it, want you to continue till I can't take it – FUCK!"

"Mmmff.. mmhm…"

Sanji thought he was going to explode, then and there – and not explode like reach the peak, like climax and feel like on top of the world; no. He thought like his body was actually going to be torn into million tiny pieces. His eyes were wide with shock, his cheeks red with shame and enjoyment at the same time, his chest sweaty more and more with every heavy breath he let out. He helplessly stared at Zoro's equally blushing face, the boy's mouth around Sanji's painfully hard shaft.

"Oh no. No no no no no. No Zoro you can't –"

It didn't take very long; it didn't even require much effort. All that happened was that Zoro moaned slightly, licked the demon's large organ up and down and then swallowed and sucked harder than he guessed he could; and with a choked cry, and a helpless writhing caused by that blissful feeling, Sanji came hard in Zoro's hot cavern, painting the back of his neck with his thick, creamy semen.

And then he didn't really remember much; just the satisfied grin on the young lord's face as he laid next to him, cuddling up to Sanji's warm body.

Also he remembered Zoro mumbled something like "Well that was fun", just before he dozed off after such shocking experience.



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