a few moments after they had stopped laughing I looked to see Minnie sitting on the edge of the couch totally sucked into the Tv watching Mickey Mouse a smirked formed on my lips I slowly pulled away from Johnny then dove at Minnette causing her fall off the couch me going with her and landing on Two-bit who made a rather loud uff sound Me and Minette held each other hands back trying to flip each other off all the boy's were howling with laughter as we rolled off Two-bit we rolled around for a while the boy's laughing the entire time I had minnette pinned since she never really fought back with me she always said that she tried but I knew she didn't she was to scared she'd smack me to hard I felt exhausted and rolled off her I felt a leg at my side I looked up to See Dallas smirking I got on my hands and knees quicker then anticipated and tried to crawl away but I wasn't going anywhere Dallas had grabbed my leg he pulled me onto his lap and wrapped his arms around my waist I sat there looking straight forward not breathing eye's wide

"well hey there babydoll" he said putting his head on my shoulder I still didn't move he slowly let go of my waist thinking i would stay

"don't kill me" I yelled diving for the other couch I heard the boy's laugh harder then before

"who said i was gonna kill yah?" Dallas said I looked up at him and felt kinda dumb I pointed at my self he chuckled

"don't worry doll face I wont hurt yah" he said I let out a sigh of relief after a while the boy's deiced to put on a horror movie and I got stuck between Soda and Steve half way threw the movie I got extremely tired

"I'm tried" I yelled a little to loudly

"then go to bed" said Minnette

"I don't have a pillow" I said ashamed

"make one and hush" said Two-bit the two of them cuddled closer Johnny was right they were so going to hook up I looked around there was no free cushions I looked at Soda who had his hands on the back of the couch watching the movie I shrugged and swung my feet up on Steve lap and rested my head on Soda's I looked at Steve he didn't even seem to notice and Soda just put his arm off the back and rested it over me I slowly fell off into lala land

when I awoke everyone passed out in there same spots I looked at Minni and Two-bit there were cuddled up her head right by his ear a I tapped my finger tips together like and evil genius and slipped off the couch and crawled over to Minette she hated having her sides poked it made her scream it was the only thing that made her scream I stuck out one finger on each had and poked her sides with in seconds her eyes were wide open and she screamed right in Two-bit's ear he jumped up clutching his heart and I fell onto my ass then back from laughing so hard

"not funny Arti" snapped Minnie I couldn't stop laughing I pointed at Two-bit

"so was" I managed to breath out Minette jumped on top of me pinning me down I was laughing to hard to fight back she got the sweet spot on my neck causing me to sequel loudly

"will you three keep down" complained Steve

"yeah" mumbled Soda the rest of the boy's had woken up they were the only two asleep me and Minnie shared a look and smirk she got off of me I nodded at her to get soda we stood up and looked at each other the other boy's just sat quietly watching me and Minnie looked at each other then jumped on the boy's I was straddling Steve screaming wake up while Minette pulled Soda to the floor he was instantly awake and so was Steve he jumped eyes wide I smiled happily he wrapped and arm around my waist and jumped up spinning me around then tossed me on the couch I just smiled at him

"aint no one gonna get any sleep with you two chicks around" he said

"sleep is for the old and dead we gotta live while were young!" I said sitting up Steve and the boy's chuckled after a while I saw Minette glancing at the clock

"you wanna go Check on Pheo don't you" I said

"he's my little bro I gotta" she said I groaned and stood up

"had to back sometime" I said me and Minnie gave the boy's hugs she took about four minutes to hug Two-bit me and Johnny just gave each other a look then laughed we then headed home to west side of town as soon as we got in the door my mom was sitting on the couch

"did you two have fun?" she asked

"yes and we were safe so chill" I said my mom just laughed she was cool when it came to me and Min staying out late we went up stairs and checked on Pheo he was playing with his blocks we talked to him for while then headed to our room I laid back on the bed

"i'm going to go shower" said Minette I just lifted my hand as a response she took hours in there

"girls i'm taking Pheo out well be back later" I heard my mom yell

"okay" I yelled back my eye's closed I soon heard the bedroom door open then clothes I opened my eye's to see Robert I closed them

"get lost" I said to him flatly

"no way you little bitch" and with that he was on top of me and tied me to bed and gagging me I tried to scream he just smirked at me he pulled my dress up and pulled my panties off I tried to pull my arms away I couldn't he knelled unzipping his boxers I closed my eyes again and felt him penetrate me I screamed but it was muffled tears streaming from my eye's as he thrusted in me pain shooting threw my body I tried to struggle again he smacked me hard across the face I yelped but it sounded like nothing It felt like it went on forever but with in moments he was done he put my panties back on and pulled my dress down and knelled over me untying me I screamed as loud as I could I felt his fist hit my face tears streamed down my face more as a warm substance trickled down my cheek

"that's what whores who hang with greasers get" he whispered in my ear he back handed me once more before Minnie got there she threw him into the desk and started kicking him in the gut cursing and swearing at him she got down and pulled him up by the collar of his jacket and started to punch his face repeatedly I just laid there balling my eye's out once he was unconscious she wiped her bloody hands off on his white shirt and ran over to me she lifted me of the bed and walked me down stairs to the kitchen she got a damp cloth and wiped the blood off my cheek and neck before going to the freezer she got some ice and put it in a baggie before wrapping it in a dish cloth

"were getting out of here" she said walking to the door she grabbed the key's and walked me to my car I got in still crying and terrified she got in driver side and drove off speeding well over the speed limit till she came to a loud screeching halt outside the Curtis home the boy's came running out confused Minnette got out and you could see the anger in face I slowly opened the passenger door holding on to the ice pack

"what the fuck happened" Two-bit said anger in his voice

"walked in on bob beating her" said Minette pissed "left him unconscious in a pool of his own blood" Two-bit wrapped his arm around her they talked quietly Johnny was the first to approach me he put his hand gently on my back the other boy's stood there watching anger growing on there faces as me and Johnny walked by them they huddled together behind us whispering Johnny laid me on the couch everyone eels walked into the kitchen and soon called Johnny in I just sat there shaking and crying after a few moments Soda came storming out in till he saw me shaking he walked over quickly and kneeled down beside me taking off his red plaid button up shirt he draped it over me and rubbed my arms

"hey now it's all right you're safe" he said softly sitting down beside me he left his arm around me rubbing my back softly he stayed there with me till the other came out including Darry

"take her to your room wont you Soda" he said Soda just nodded and gently scooped me up in his arms I held onto him gently he laid me down he sat on the bed holding my hand

"s...s..oda.." I stuttered quietly he leaned down

"yeah Arti?" he asked softly

"p...p..promise you wont tell the gang" i stuttered out still trying calm my self

"tell them what?" he asked a little confused I took another deep breath calming my self

"Promise me"I said softy I held out my pinky my childish action made a smile form on his lips he wraped his pinky around mine

"I promise Arti you can tell me anything" he said softly then stroked the side of my face that wasnt wounded

"he...he raped me... said it's what I deserved for hanging with Greaser"my voice was raspy and shaky tears welled up in my eye's I saw anger fill Soda's he pulled me up gently and hugged me close

"I'm sorry Arti im so sorry" he whispered in my ear tears flooded my eye a shape was standing in the door I whiped to see Dar his face was red with anger I pulled away from Soda Dar had herd every word Soda saw the look on my face then turned to see Dar he got up slowly

"Darry calm down.." Soda said Gently walking towards him with his hands up Darry turned around storming off

"Dallas let's go we have the shit to beat out of someone" I heard Darry say his voice filled with anger

"but you just said we weren't aloud!" complained Two-bit

"you ain't we are that son of bitch raped her" and with that everyone else went silent I heard the door slam I looked up at soda with pleading eye we heard the gang get up

"l...lock it.." I stuttered out Soda slammed the door just as two-bit appeared in the hall and locked the door they all started baning on it

"let us in now soda" demanded Two-bit

"she dosn't want to see anyone!" yelled Soda they banged on the door a longer arguing back and forth everyone expect Steve said they wanted in right now the continued arguing for a while then Soda opened the door to yell in there face and as I looked out I saw Steve his face full of concern more so then anger they all were yelling but him he just stared at me our eye's locked

"s..soda.." I said quietly he turned to look at me they all were silent

"let Steve in.." I said quietly

"what why dose he get to go in" screamed Two-bit even Minn was pissed off but as she looked at me staring at Steve she noticed something I didn't at the time she pulled on Steve's Jean vests pulling him a head of her and shoved him inside before grabbing soda shirt and pulling him out

"every body leave them alone now" she screamed in her god like voice all the boy's shut up instantly and I heard them shuffle away

- Minette's P.O.V-

we were all screaming at soda once he had opened the door we all wanted to check on her we heard her quiet voice pipe up saying soda's named he turned to look at her

"let Steve in.." I felt hurt at first and utterly pissed but as I looked at her and saw how she was looking at Steve I knew she was concerned I knew that she was falling for him with out even noticing she never noticed till it was almost to late but this time I wasn't going to let that happen I turned around grabbing Steve by his jean vest he was still in dazed state I pulled him in front of me and shoved him in the room before yanking soda out by his shirt and slamming the door I stood in front of it and demanded the boy's to leave them alone they all looked at me with defeat then headed into the living room except Two-bit he wrapped his arm around my waste

"god your hot when you mad" he said I rolled my eyes and pushed him off heading to the living room

-Artie's P.O.V-

I looked up at Steve he just stared at me I opened my arms I didn't have to say a word he ran over to me hugging me tightly

"you're never going back there I wont let him hurt you ever again" he said quietly holding me his voice shaking he pulled away slowly his eye's starting to water I touched his face

"don't cry.. please... i hate crying more then blood" I said he gave a little chuckle then pulled me into another hug we was still hugging me when he laid down beside me holding me close stroking my hair

"no one's going to hurt you.. not again not while i'm around" he whisperd I felt my eye's getting tired he kept mummbling on about protecting me as i fell asleep