A/N: So I should be more careful about uploading after a morning of feels. There were a couple of mistakes in the first chapter, so I apologize. The most egregious of these is saying that this takes place over Memorial Day weekend, which should be Labor Day weekend, as Lizzie was not even living in SF over Memorial Day 2013 in the Unconventional timeline. For those not in the US, Labor Day is Monday September 2, 2013. If you've read An Unconventional Decision, this might help your understanding of putting together the correct timeline. Aka, this (and therefore Lydia's interrogation of Darcy, takes place before Lizzie and Darcy have sex for the first time.

Summary: Lydia knew she would have to deal with the Darcy Siblings when she went to San Francisco to visit her sister, but she didn't expect to enjoy it. "'You know who I wanna be?' Lydia asked. 'Who?' 'Scary Spice. No one fucks with Scary Spice.' 'I always preferred Sporty Spice…'"

"An Unconventional Sibling"

Chapter 2

8:34 am

Lydia didn't like being awake before noon on a Saturday. But since The Incident, the therapist she'd been forced to see had been very insistent on a regular schedule. She'd recently actually started listening.

Which brought her, rubbing sleep out of her eyes, into the Darcys' (and her sister's) kitchen that morning.

"Lydia!" her sister squeaked as a greeting. Both she and Will were already dressed, but Gigi was still in pajamas – or at least lounge-y type clothes, though she looked way more put together than Lydia ever did in the morning.

"Morning, sis."

"I didn't expect you to be awake so early."

"Yeah, my… I'm trying to be more responsible about keeping a good sleep cycle."

"But you're on vacation!"

"Yeah…" Lydia paused and gave Lizzie and Will another once over. "You're going somewhere."

"Well…" Lizzie looked at Will then back to Lydia, "Darcy has some work that he has to get done at the office, and I'm in the middle of a project so all the hours I can get… I'm sorry I really thought you'd be asleep until at least noon."

"It's cool."

"But I don't have to go. If you don't want."

"I think take care of myself for a few hours."

"If you're sure… I promise, when I get home, we'll spend the rest of the day. Just the two of us."

"Stop being so lame about it and just go."

"Ok. We're gone. And Gigi's cooking breakfast, so I'm sure she won't mind making you something."

"Of course!" Gigi said brightly. "I was thinking pancakes."

Lydia didn't trust herself to not sound sarcastic, so she just smiled. But it didn't seem to matter, Gigi had already busied herself with pulling things out of cabinets.

Lizzie gave her a quick half-hug and a kiss on the cheek; Will, meanwhile, gave Gigi a kiss on the top of the forehead, right at the hairline. And then Lizzie and Will were gone.

Lydia sucked in a breath and wondered if she could retreat back up to the guest bedroom she was sleeping in. But suddenly a cup of coffee was being thrust at her with a bright smile.

"Thanks," she whispered. Gigi smiled even brighter then turned back to the ingredients assembled – apparently Bisquick was not good enough for the Darcys.

Lydia slid onto a stool and watched the girl bounce around the kitchen, humming to herself, and all over reminding Lydia of someone who had birds help her get dressed in the morning. She didn't want to not like Gigi. But it was so hard to think of her beyond competition. It brought a flush of shame to Lydia's skin to admit to herself that she was jealous of the girl making her pancakes. But this was the other woman who had loved – or possibly still loved – George Wickham. And Lydia hated him now, but she still kinda loved him. And Gigi was there, reminding Lydia that she couldn't even be tricked into loving someone the right way. Gigi had never made a sex tape with George. Gigi hadn't been so destroyed by George leaving her that she tried to kill herself. And now Gigi was here in San Francisco being Lizzie's little sister who never embarrassed her and who Lizzie loved hanging out with.

9:03 am

Lydia had managed to not engage in conversation with Gigi since she got to San Francisco. Yesterday, Will had handed her his sister's phone number after she put on the third outfit she was trying on; she had asked for his opinion on the previous two and had complained when he gave the worst reviews ever. So he told her to take a picture of herself and send it to Gigi for advice if she needed it so badly. And Lydia did. It was much easier to text the concept of a person rather than talk to the actual person standing in front of you.

Or in this case sitting. Gigi had set the table breakfast nook and served them both pancakes and orange juice. There was even a tureen of hot syrup and a floral centerpiece between them.

And it was just them. The night before at dinner there had been their siblings, Fitz, and Brandon; they hadn't needed to talk to each other with so many other people to talk to.

Now they were awkwardly not talking. Like they were their siblings. That was an awful thought.

"Thanks. For all this."

"You're welcome!"

"And thanks for… letting me stay."

"Of course. You're always welcome. I hope you like your room."

"I do. It's really… good. Great."

"Oh good! I was worried, but Lizzie helped me pick it all out for you, so…"

"Wait, you… you decorated that for me?"

"Well, yeah. It's no big deal. I've redecorated this whole house twice in the past year and a half… it's… a thing that I do."


They were silent again. Gigi kept looking like she wanted to say something. But she never actually did. Lydia did her best to focus on her pancakes.

Suddenly Gigi leapt up and ran to the kitchen. There was a loud pop and Gigi reappeared with a wine bottle in her hand and quickly poured a liberal dose into both of their orange juice glasses.

"Is that champagne?"

"I felt like this is a good morning for mimosas." She sat back down. "I want us to be friends. I think in we have a lot in common."

"What gives you that impression?"

"Let's say George has a type…? We were both in love with the same guy. We both have overbearing older siblings who tell us how to live our lives. We've both been called 'energetic' by William. We probably would find we have a lot more if we just talked. And even if we don't; I think that's quite a lot."

Lydia stared at the other girl in shock. No one had spoken to her so frankly since The Incident, always trying to protect her. She raised her glass of orange juice and champagne. "To having things in common."

Gigi smiled and clinked their glasses together.

10:14 am

The empty champagne bottle was still next to Lydia, who sat crossed legged on the floor of the den across from Gigi, who was polishing off their second bottle of wine. Another was between them, waiting to be opened.

"So then he said, 'I can't even find the words to describe a moment like this. I don't think I knew what happiness could feel like until now.'"

"Oh my god," Gigi half-said, half-giggled. "I have one better though. 'Peach…I could look at all the sunrises for the rest of my life, but none of them will compare to seeing you just like that.'"

Lydia stuck her tongue in her mouth and made a gagging noise.

10:57 am

Yoshi was pulling ahead of Baby Peach, so Lydia rammed her shoulder into Gigi's, pulling her steering wheel and Wii remote with her.

"So what did you do? Like, first thing… you know… after?" Lydia asked as the two jockeyed for first place.

"Destroyed everything in William's room," she replied without questioning what Lydia meant or a hint of embarrassment.

"Wait. Did Will just leave after it went down?"

"Oh no. He was there. He was right there. Just standing in the doorway, watching me destroying his things. I think I threw some pieces of bookshelf at him."


"The condo-wide redecorating was… sort of necessary…"

11:32 am

Lydia's hands were folded over her stomach as she lie on the floor, her head next to Gigi, who was lying in the opposite direction.

"You know who I wanna be?" Lydia asked.


"Scary Spice. No one fucks with Scary Spice."

"I always preferred Sporty Spice…"

11:39 am

Lydia and Gigi stood on the coffee table and singing into air-microphones.

"If you wannabe my lover, you gotta get with my friends. Make it last forever, friendship never ends. If you wannabe my lover, you have got to give. Taking is too easy, but that's the way it is. If you wannabe my lover, you gotta, you gotta, you gotta – Stop! Make it last forever! Slam your body down and wind it all around. Slam your body down and wind it all around…"

11:54 am

"I don't wanna be a fool for you, just another player in your game for two. You may hate me, but it ain't no lie…"

One after the other Gigi then Lydia slid into the kitchen, their socks regaining traction before they could hit anything, just in time for the iconic dance move.

"Baby, bye bye bye."

12:14 pm

"Ok, Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle or Tom Hanks in You've Got Mail?" Lydia asked as she uncorked the next bottle of wine and Gigi poured the popcorn into a bowl.

"Sleepless in Seattle."

"Even if he came with the kid." Gigi blushed bright red. "Oh my god," Lydia grabbed her arm, "Tell me everything."

Gigi looked so embarrassed she was practically in tears. "You can't tell Lizzie."

"What does my sister have to do with anything?"

"It's kind've her boss," Gigi laughed, "… his name is Roger."

1:04 pm

Lydia didn't remember falling asleep until her sister calling her name penetrated the haze and she slowly returned to consciousness.

"I can get her, Lizzie," Will's voice brought her into focus, but she couldn't summon the will to open her eyes.

Then, she was being picked up and carried somewhere, the world rocking gently under her. She could feel herself going up the stairs. Then, she was being laid down in bed. She could tell Will was being as gentle as possible to not wake her up. The blankets beneath her were peeled back then covering her. At last, Lydia felt Will press a kiss to the top of her forehead, right at the hairline. The door closed behind him, and Lydia once again drifted off to sleep.