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"The Council has made no objection to our… manner of delivery, milord. They have decided to pay us ten thousand for the job. That is the good news," the minion said. Her voice had returned to normal, it was good. Now there was no need for Trancy to ever manifest through her again.

"Sounds like there is some bad news as well? Let's hear it, then." Sebastian sounded jaded, as if he already knew what she was about to say. How boring it must be, really, for someone to be that perceptive and insightful?

"Indeed, master – I'm afraid that the Undertaker's bill alone is twelve thousand and-"

"Ah, yes, the Undertaker…" he interrupted, predictably. "Now that he's made the mistake to come clean about being your father in some unlikely fit of sincerity, I suppose you could pass by his parlor later, make him some pancakes with cream, you know, be a good daughter… Maybe he'll give us a discount?"

"I shall try, milord… but it seems that either way this business too will prove an onerous affair, most unfortunately. One could say that Claude Faustus has fucked us from beyond the grave, however temporary that grave may be"

"Ugh!" The demon shifted between the sheets, hauling himself to sit upright in bed. "You are wrong, Espiritus. It is the Council who has fucked us, just like they always do. And here you thought they'd be grateful for the free entertainment we've provided them with… Well, Hell forbid that they show any appreciation for all our work," he said dryly.

"Actually, milord, Consul Grimme did mention that it would have been a great game indeed, had we not cheated so blatantly at the last move… "the minion replied in a low voice. A blatant cheat indeed, yet nothing less was to be expected from a demon…

Sebastian snorted. "I disagree. All is fair in love and war, therefore I do not, I refuse to acknowledge their view on fairness. In fact, had I been as concerned as they seem to be of ethical issues, I most likely would have proven just as helpless as they have in handling the matter of Claude Faustus and bringing him to whatever justice they think they are doing here. And they can all kiss my ass, especially Consul Grimme!"

There was a long pause, while neither the demon nor his servant said anything.

"Come on, say it, Es. I know you think it, so you might as well let it out"

"Say what, master?"

"That I've really done it this time. And I have, haven't I?" Sebastian asked thoughtfully. It did seem to be more of a rhetorical question on his behalf though.

"Your suitors will be furious, if that's what you have in mind, milord. He's just a boy, how could you? Feeding him to the wolves like that…" Grell is of no importance and he's screwed up in the game anyway, but Lady Ophelia's father is the Consul - this might lead to some unfortunate and even more onerous developments…

"I have fed him to none but myself, I believe. As for my suitors, they can all go die in a hole, for all I care. I shall hear no more of this exhausting topic and if anyone asks, tell them just that – I am utterly exhausted by the recent events and no, they cannot visit! That being said, please bring us some light dinner and then see to the Undertaker business right away"

"Yes, milord"

"And please do something about those two idiots below, they have been arguing since this morning! Honestly, do married people ever tire of fighting? It is a mystery which will forever elude me…"

Espiritus walked away, laughing and muttering something about how that particular mystery was good to be left that way, the door closing behind her with a light thud.

"Ciel, you must wake up… You've slept long enough," Sebastian said gently, his large palm resting onto the delicate shoulder of his petite butler, who lay curled up next to him under the sheets, facing the wall.

But the young earl had been awake for quite some time, acutely aware of everything going on around him. He could still hear Mrs. Jones mumbling below in the kitchen, even the disgusting ripple of the stew she was currently stirring into, he could hear Will outside feeding the innumerable crows and swearing at them with a passion. He could tell that Es had put a drop of perfume in her hair today, how her skin was so warm, the rush of her blood so incredibly alluring all the sudden, how her heart bore the relief of Faustus' death and the chagrin of her father's confession. It was so weird…

He wouldn't move, it was so much simpler to just lie there in a heap, analyzing all those new things, some frightening and others delightful, ignoring his body which now had as much consistency as a rag doll. But he was pulled from his tranquility, the other demon's strong yet very gentle hands lifting him into a sitting position against the soft pillows propped on the headboard. The boy's hands rested limply in his lap, over the silk nightshirt he was currently wearing and Sebastian lightly picked up one of them, running his thumb over the smooth, shiny nails which were now as black as his, humming approvingly.

"Did you enjoy it? Was it as good as you thought it would be?" Ciel murmured, now that they were alone at last, his gaze following his master's fingers. "My soul?"


"You said it would hurt… but there was nothing. I felt nothing." The boy used his free hand to paw at the places where his wounds had been and found nothing but healthy flesh, unmarred by as much as a bruise under the light, almost see-through fabric. The whiteness of it bothered him to some extent, black would have been much more comfortable under the circumstances.

Sebastian smiled. "You sound rather disappointed, my little lord. Indeed, there was magic at work and you were too weak at that point to feel anything, to even be aware of when I tore your chest open and ripped out that exquisite drop of divine essence which was your soul, but then again, it was never my purpose to inflict any pain. I only sought to collect my reward."

The mention of the gruesome treatment his body had been subjected to failed to impress the young earl altogether, for he had given up on himself a long time ago, but the demon's words did stir a certain curiosity in him. "If you have collected your reward, then why am I still alive?"

"It is because you belong to me, beyond the provisions of our contract. It appears things have just become complicated that way, for some reason. Are you disappointed in that also? Being still alive? Could it be that you finally loathe me now?"

The earl shook his head, a sad smile on his lips. "Even if you sucked my bones clean of flesh and licked the last drop of my blood I still could not get myself to loathe you. And I know you left a piece of my soul inside of me, it is but the tiniest crumble, but it is throbbing."

And you wanted me to live and loathe you, because that's all you ever known, Sebastian, it is all you've ever learned to expect…I suppose it is rather sad. The blue orbs looked up to search the dark crimson of his master's eyes, but they remained unreadable.

"I have never wanted anything but you and this is my punishment, this is my hell," the earl went on, his gaze dropping once more, "I have nurtured nothing but hatred, nothing but malice in my heart – I have been a horrible person, Sebastian. I could understand why you wouldn't put an end to my torment, but why have you done this, why make me this gift I don't deserve?"

Sebastian pulled at the hand he'd previously held so lightly, drawing the boy closer as he pressed it against his own chest. "Ciel, you and I are horribly alike, if you will. You should have never felt yourself unworthy of me and it was never my intent to make you feel this way… But this was meant to happen, yet before that you had to see me for what I truly am, before you could be even remotely prepared to see what you would become. I wanted nothing but you too and I want nothing but you still, my little lord!"

The large, warm hand rose up to cup the boy's cheek tenderly. "But in this matter not even I would have been allowed to be deceitful. To be a demon is to be an abomination and I had failed to make that point clear enough before."

Sebastian slid out of bed and stood up, his tall, lean frame against the fading light pouring in through the bedroom window and pulled his own nightshirt over his head, shedding his usual human appearance along with the smooth silk of his garment. There was beauty and there was terror in his true form, naked but invulnerable, so naturally revealed before him, Ciel thought, like in the sudden realization of something one had been intuiting all along and which can only cause a peculiar sort of unsurprised awe. It made him feel weak and small, that form embodying everything he'd fiercely craved and terribly feared in the same time, yet his gaze did not shy away from it, no, it was glorious to behold.

"Will I still be your butler then?" the boy asked, a shy smile tugging at his lips this time.

"I am afraid not," came the reply as Sebastian mysteriously wiggled his fingers and seemed to produce a tiny velvet box out of nowhere. "Now lay back and relax…" His long fingers reached up and removed the skull shaped earring bud Ciel was wearing, before making the small box open with a soft pop. Inside, on white silk bedding, rested a single, tiny, dark shaded sapphire.

"With this I appoint you steward of my household, Ciel Phantomhive," he stated, replacing it in the boy's ear. "The demon steward of my household"

The young earl's eyebrow shot up, questioningly. "What now? Promotion?" he asked, his grin widening visibly.

"It is for your achievements in the chess game," Sebastian explained solemnly. "And also because you were being the worst butler I've ever seen and I believe I have seen quite a few… This job should suit you better"

"Thank you, master." If Ciel could, he certainly would have blushed now.

"Come in!" the older demon said, as there was a light knock on the door, the gracious curves of his marvelous body now leaning onto the window frame remaining relaxed, doing nothing to shield themselves from view.

Espiritus walked in, carrying a tray with two cups, which she carefully placed onto the table near the bed without a word, entirely unfazed by her master's appearance, then bowed and made herself scarce just as quickly as she'd come.

"You must drink this, your body is still weak," Sebastian said, picking up one of the cups and returning to the bedside. Ciel glanced at the contents of the cup the demon was pushing towards his lips and instantly grimaced. Blood. "You must, little one. And it is rather enjoyable after the first sip"

The young earl was quite reluctant when the drink first touched his lips, but only a moment later he was clutching at the cup with both hands, gulping down the thick liquid greedily.

"Good, is it not?" Sebastian asked innocently, leaning down to lick a stray drop off the boy's lips after he'd emptied his own cup.

"More," Ciel murmured against his lips. "I need more"

"Yes… I believe you do," the older demon agreed, pushing himself up on the bed, away from the boy. His long sharp nail drew a cut into the pale column of his exposed throat, deep enough to let a few alluring crimson droplets ooze from it and begin to slide down onto the smooth skin. He let his head fall back with an elated sigh as Ciel's lips were instantly pressed onto the wound, with an obvious will to devour.

The taste of Sebastian's soul… how could he even begin to describe it? Spicy with passion, wickedly sweet, vaguely bitter with loneliness, a tad sour with perversity maybe, but none the less addictive. He was only allowed a furtive mouthful of that ultimate flavor though, yet the older demon already knew what it had done to him. What little will the earl had retained until now was utterly done for, he was now completely subdued to his master and maker.

Mouth capturing the boy's without warning, Sebastian's hand reached down, finding Ciel's foot and teasingly tickling the soft sole before running a thumb over the curled toes. His nimble fingers then advanced further up, drawing an appreciative caress along the slender leg, coming to rest just beneath the hem of the earl's nightshirt, onto his knee.

"Do you remember that dream I sent you, a little while ago?" he purred in his lover's ear. "I think now would be a good time to-"

"No!" Ciel pulled away, trying to free himself from his master's embrace, with a look of horror and disappointment on his face. "I- I thought… that you were finally going to… be gentle with me"

Sebastian let out a deep sigh, burying his nose in the boy's hair. "Ciel, you are a demon now, your body is stronger and more resilient than you think… And I have been as gentle as I could until now, but there really is no more need for it"

"If you do that to me I'll die!"

"That's just ridiculous. Of course you won't die!" The older demon pushed Ciel back onto the mattress, then used the sharp claw of his index finger to slit through the silk of his nightshirt, exposing his milky white body entirely.

"I'll have you know that I don't agree to it, master!" the young earl objected, but failing to resist when his hips were being pulled at, his body ending up beneath the naked demon, who couldn't have been more amused by his words.

"Perhaps…" Sebastian replied, leaning down to graze his sharp teeth over the boy's sensitive nipples, "you should communicate this disagreement of yours to the rest of your body as well, because it appears to be 'thinking' otherwise…" But quite the opposite happened as that hot, devouring mouth steadily traveled south onto the earl's body, leaving a trail of small bites and bruising kisses. The softest, most sensual moan escaped the young earl's lips as his most vulnerable part was eventually engulfed in his lover's sharpest part, the dainty black nailed fingers now clawing impatiently at the older demon's shoulder blades, very nearly drawing blood. "Ahhhnnn…more! Please… more!"

Sebastian released his throbbing member with a soft pop and crawled upwards on top of him, lifting one of the boy's slender legs over his shoulder. "Like I said, gentle is not for us…" he stated as he sheathed himself fully in one thrust, eliciting a small cry of pain from Ciel. But the earl's expression very soon turned into one of absolute bliss as he was pounded into, his eyes closed and deliciously biting his plump lower lip with small, needle sharp canines. His mouth found the boy's once more and Ciel bit into the kiss, eager to be fed some more of his master's essence.

"My, you have become quite a beast, my little lord," Sebastian complimented, pulling away teasingly from the other's mouth. "But am I supposed to be gentle while I am being torn to shreds? I don't think so…" he chuckled, reaching and digging the tips of his own claws into the young earl's lower back, making the small body arch further into him, meeting his powerful thrusts.

"Mmmmrowwww!" A deep throated, feline growl escaped Ciel's lips as he was sent over the edge, soon mixed with the other demon's own growls of release, as he dropped on top of the boy, panting hard. For a while after they both simply relished in the afterglow of their orgasm, silent, the little one's fingers ghosting over his master's muscular arm absentmindedly.

"You are forever mine, Ciel Phantomhive," Sebastian murmured, intertwining their fingers and placing a peck on the back of his steward's delicate hand.

Ciel sighed softly, nuzzling his nose into the crook of his lover's neck. Never again would his heart feel untouched.