Raven always woke up early, earlier then Robin even when he was in his fanatical stage; she loved visiting her favorite 24 hour book shop. The kindly old man who sat behind the counter didn't mind her nocturnal visits. Sometimes he had a pot of herbal tea and they would sit discussing the books for hours on end.

This morning however the man was nowhere to be found only a note the read

On vacation, sorry my dear

As Raven walked through the familiar shelves of worn novels she couldn't help be drawn to the Horror Section, this particular section was filled with worn hard covers that always whispered and rustled to Raven.

This time she didn't stop and roam the aisles for a bit, instead she was to the back corner to this one book.

It was an old hard cover originally bound in dark green but the spine seemed to have been redone in a dark blue.

A compulsion came over Raven and she quickly grabbed the book left money on the counter and ran from the store.

When reason returned to her she quickly teleported her way back to the Tower, as she walked through the halls, she thought about her departure from the book store and the odd feeling of compulsion she had.

When she returned to her room only then did she notice the cover of her book.

The title was written in a glossy black print in a semi-cursive font it wrote "Four Leaf Clover."

And for a moment just a single moment Raven could've sworn that when she had inspected the book before there had been no title.