A few weeks after the fight with Malerie, all was well with the Titans. Robin and Starfire were as nauseating as usual and Cyborg spoke to Bumblebee every day. Nothing had really changed except for one thing Beast Boy and Raven were dating albeit secretly though that was about to change.

At first they'd been comfortable with keeping it to themselves, wanting to just be a couple for a little bit. Then Beast Boy realized he wanted to hold Raven's hand in public. Raven had realized she wanted to kiss Beast Boy's cheek in congratulations after he won a game against Cyborg, so they decided to tell their friends. This was them though, Beast Boy loved a prank and Raven had wicked sense of humor when she wanted to.

Telling the team wouldn't be as funny as showing them.

One morning the team had assembled for breakfast, it was all normal. Cyborg and Beast Boy cooking, Robin going over reports and Star was doing her nails.

When Raven entered the room Star stood and asked "Friend Raven would you like to venture to the mall of shopping with me?"

"Sure Star," said the empath (this got everyone's attention which was what Raven was aiming for).

As they got up to leave, Robin went to say bye to Starfire. Raven went over to where Beast Boy was and kissed him.

It took a few minutes for the team to process it, in fact by then Raven and Beas Boy had finished locking lips and Raven with Starfire (who'd she'd dragged out with her) was out the door.

Robin and Cyborg turned to BB who simply smirked at them and said

"Cy, you're burning your eggs."

Later on during the week, the Titans received something in the mail an invitation in fact:

You are cordially invited to the wedding of

Wally West


Jinx Rose

On Saturday afternoon

September the third

At two 'o' clock

Thirty-Three Charity Avenue

followed by a reception

On a bright sunny day, two people visited Jump City Cemetery. These two people weren't exactly normal either, the girl was wearing a dark blue cloak and the guy was green. Yet they made their way to one of the graves.

It was a relatively new one, the headstone not yet weathered with age. It was simple it just read:

Malerie Mackenna Night


The girl had been twenty-four when she'd died. The girl and the guy stood looking at the grave; they didn't seem like the regular type of mourners. They didn't talk or cry they just stood.

The girl reached into her cloak and pulled out a bouquet of flowers. It wasn't an ordinary bouquet of flowers, not carnations or lilies. Instead it was dozens and dozens of four leaf clovers and the girl laid them down in front of the headstone. Then, she pulled out a book with the name "Four Leaf Clover" and laid it next to the bouquet.

A few moments later, the girl began to cry, not big sobs just small tears that streamed silently down her face. The green guy wrapped her in his arms and kissed the top of her head. When she had composed herself, they left hand in hand leaving Malerie Mackenna Night, though not alone the gravestone next to hers read:

Aiden Wright


Although she was dead, the girl knew that Malerie was happy.

The girl smiled and looked at the boy next to her. The one comforting her. The one she loved.

Even though Malerie tortured her friends and caused her pain, the girl was grateful because if it weren't for Malerie, the girl would've never realized her love for the man next to her.

"Thank you, Malerie. I'll never forget you."

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