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Part 1: Beetee, Genius or Cat keeper?

"You stupid cat!"

That is what I shout at Buttercup when he jumps up at my desk and eats a pill. How can a cat walk in to the most supervised place in all of Panem and then eat a experimental pill that contain enough calories to make a soldier going for about 2 weeks!

Well I think it started when Gale had to go and feed Buttercup (because Prim made him) and I thought that we would test the pill in a version with a smaller amount of calories. Gale thought that this was a stupid Idea from the beginning but I stood up and told him that we don't need to tell Katniss. But after a long and painful argument that led to Gale lost a tooth, he finally agreed to feed the cat with the pill. When he came back after an hour, he looked like someone had dropt a carnivorous squirrel on him. I assumed everything had gone well and went back to work. After another hour or two Gale left to do some hunting with Katniss, and precisely when he left the cat sneaked in and jumped up on my desk and eat the pill.

And now you know my situation, I got a cat that probably will not be needed to eat in a month and Prim is probably upset about me giving that pill in the beginning. I look at Buttercup and say:

"Why did you have to eat that pill?"

I get a smug "meow" in response and the cat starts to purr. Why are cats so stupid? Well I don't know, but I'm sure with some alone time with Buttercup I think I can find the answer. I then remember that I have developed a toy mouse for Buttercup so I go and get it. The cat seams pleased to see the mouse and as soon as I drop it at the floor the cat goes bananas and in the same moment he is about to rip the tail of Prim storms in and shouts:

"Why is my cat in your lab?"

"I have tested a new pill on Buttercup…" I say calmingly.

"You Did WHAT with my cat!"

"I tested a new pill on Buttercup…"

"Without my permission! Shame on you Beetee!"

Then she picks up Buttercup and carries him away. I don't know why, but if Buttercup became addicted to that pill, so… oh no, I think I will have regular visits of that cat. But I at least know that Prim is pretty cute when she is angry…

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please note: Beetee thought Prim was cute in a daughterly way, not in a sexual way!