Since it was Valentine's Day when this was published this is a Valentine special about Beetee who don't know what the feeling love is named. Enjoy!

Part 4: Valentine's Day in 13

Since yesterday when Prims mother kept me under surveillance I have started to feel a little bit, you know strange. And I have not had that feeling since I was with Wiress back in 3, so you might guess that that was a long time ago. But I cannot put a name on that feeling, and when I'm telling Gale he cracks up. Since he is probably dying of laughter and rolls around on the floor I think I should ask someone else. I go to ask my fellow victor Finnick about it, but he is not too much help either and he says in a seductive voice,

"Use your imagination Tee and you shall be gloriousā€¦"

"How is that going to help me?" I ask him

"I don't know but do you want a sugar cube?"

"Eh, no thanks Finnickā€¦"

"So sad, it might just bring you in to mood."

Then I leave Finnick with his sugar cubes and goes to Haymitch, were the response is the same as with Gale. After have needed to do CPR on Haymitch I go to Katniss, and guess what she slaps me in the face and shouts,

"Shame on you Beetee!"

Were have I heard that response before, Ah it was Prim that shouted that on me when Buttercup came down the first time. I guess you can say like sister like sister, but I still have not received a name on that feeling! Then I go and meet Katniss prep team but they give the same response as Gale and Haymitch. I wonder why everybody is making fun of me today; well it's maybe the air? When I have asked nearly everybody except Prim and her mother, and always the response has been the same. A slap in the face or are they cracking up! But when I talk to Prim she is not doing anything but hug me and says,

"Please marry mom, I need a new dad!"

"What do you mean with that?" I ask her.

"Beetee, you might be a genius but when it comes to feeling you really are an idiot! You're in love with my mom! And it's Valentine's Day today, so I think you should get a rose and give it to her. But do not show it to Katniss, she hates roses of an unexplainable cause!"

"Maybe I will do just that!"

Two Hours later I stands at the Everdeen residence with a bouquet of red roses and Prim takes me to her mother. Just when I should open the door Buttercup comes and wants a pill. But to Prims despair I slip him a pill and then goes in to Prims mother and say,

"Mrs Everdeen, I just wanted to ask you if you had any plans for tonight?"

"Well I do not have any plans for the night, why do you wonder?

"Would you go with me to the valentine's dance with me?"

"Yes, Beetee I will!"

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